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Corn is one of the important grains, which is processed into many different dishes. However, many people do not know exactly how many calories in a boiled corn or eat corn to lose weight, the nutritional composition of corn cobs how to use them effectively. In the article below, sanrong.vn will give you specific information about this type of food.


Can eating corn lose weight?

How many calories in 1 boiled corn?

Corn (also known as corn) is a favorite food of many people. Maize is grown in tropical areas with mild climates. In Vietnam, corn is grown all over the country, not only having culinary significance but also being used a lot in livestock.

Results from expert studies, the calorie content in 1 boiled corn is 177 Kcal / 100 grams of corn kernels. Accordingly, the calories and starch in corn are not much inferior to 1 bowl of white rice.

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Because of the high calorie content, many people love to eat corn but are afraid of gaining weight. However, the amount of fat in corn is mainly omega 3 and omega 6 which are very beneficial for health, do not cause weight gain if you use it properly.

Besides, corn is processed into many different dishes, depending on the processing method, the calories in corn will be different:

Boiled corn: 177 calories Baked corn: 220 calories Sticky corn, plain corn: 177 calories100g sweet corn how many calories? According to research is about 85.6 calories

So does eating corn lose weight? Please stay tuned!

American corn how many calories?

Along with white rice, corn is considered a very popular source of nutrition in Vietnam. Corn is often used by many people for breakfast to provide energy for the day’s activities.

So in fact, how many calories are American corn, how are the calories compared to white rice? Many studies have shown:

100g of corn kernels will provide about 177 calories. About 3 medium-sized corns will give 100g of kernels, so 1 cob will provide ~ 60 calories. In addition to providing calories, 100g of American corn also contains about 1.2g of fat, 2.7g fiber, 3.2g sugar. Corn is also rich in vitamin A, calcium, vitamin C, and magnesium.

Thus, the calories in 100g of corn will be equivalent to the calories in 1 bowl of white rice. Calorie content in corn is also superior to sweet potatoes, potatoes and many other grains. So is eating corn fat?

Can eating corn lose weight?

Corn has an extremely rich amount of fiber and up to 114g of the total weight of a cob is water. The fats in corn are mainly omega 3 and omega 6, which are very beneficial to human health.


The fiber in a corn kernel helps users feel full for a long time, reducing hunger and cravings for snacks. Worth mentioning, if you eat boiled corn, this will bring you a lot of different uses, boiled corn is quite frugal and preserves nutrients and vitamins will not be lost, no sodium. or salt.

So is eating corn fat?

If you eat corn in a moderate amount, there is no need to worry about the problem of gaining weight, fat, and ugly! In addition, according to the above calorie calculation, 100g of corn is mentioned but it is only the meat, and if calculated by the amount of 1 corn, there will be 30g of meat with only 50 to 70 calories (Very little)

As for the news of eating corn for weight loss, according to the analysis, the nutrient content in corn supports weight loss. You can eat a boiled corn in the morning instead of a bowl of rice to limit weight.

In addition, eating corn with fat no longer depends on the combination of foods that support weight loss with high fiber, low calories, high protein, low fat along with daily exercise and sleep.

Is eating sweet corn fat?

1 large sweet corn will provide about 123 calories. Meanwhile, every day an adult needs to consume about 2000 calories for the body to maintain activity. If you eat 3 meals a day, the amount of calories you need to supplement your body at each meal is 667 calories.

Calories provided from a full meal with sweet corn: To eat a full meal of sweet corn (without eating any other food), you need 3 corn or up to 500g of corn. The equivalent of the amount of calories you take in at this time is from 369 to 428 calories.

Thus, answering the question of eating sweet corn with fat, the calories provided from a full meal with sweet corn are much lower than the calories that the body needs for a meal. Therefore, it can be concluded that eating sweet corn is not fat.

How about eating corn at night?

Eat corn to lose weight, you already know. However, it needs to be used correctly to be effective. In the evening, you should absolutely limit foods derived from white starches such as rice, noodles, vermicelli and should not eat a lot of corn.

It is known that corn contains a large amount of fiber, but if you eat too much, the content of corn starch can make you gain weight. Typically if you eat in the evening, close to bedtime, your body can’t use all the calories from corn.

It will make you more likely to accumulate excess fat and cause overweight. Any dish is the same, not just corn. So for those who lose weight after 7 pm, if they are hungry, they only drink water and then sleep.

The best advice for you is to eat corn in the morning or at a snack. If you want to eat them in the evening, you should prepare the corn with the salad in a ratio of 1/3.

Eating spicy corn is fat?

Here is the fertilizer by processing:

Boiled dishes still retain the nutritional composition of ingredients, so according to the above analysis, they will not cause you fat. calories and fat, processing also creates more cravings, so eat more than boiled. If you eat in moderation at 1/3 of a plate or 1/3 of a packet of spicy corn, there is absolutely no risk of weight gain. Dried corn (no butter, no fat) after processing will reduce the amount of ingredients, less calories more so the risk of making you fat is not there

How to eat corn properly?

Eat just right

Get information on how many calories in US corn? How much should be eaten in a day, how much a week will be reasonable. Corn is very good for health, but should only add 1-2 corn / time / day. You should only eat 3-4 times a week and should eat every other day. Do not eat continuously every day of the week.


For the elderly and young children, they should not eat too much corn, should only eat 1 corn / time, not more than 2 times a week. Because if you do not have more activities, you will have excess calories, easy to store fat, causing obesity in children and diabetes in the elderly.

Choose the right replenishment time

Corn should be eaten corn preferably in the morning. It just provides an energy source for the day’s activities, limiting excess calories, better for the digestive system, and effectively supports fat loss.

Do not eat corn before going to bed. Because the amount of calories, sugar, and fat after a night is not consumed will be redundant and cause fat accumulation in the abdomen, biceps …, making you accidentally carry extra weight very quickly.

Scientific processing

Do not eat fried, fried corn if you are on a fat loss plan. Because frying, stir-frying with fat will be completely not good for weight loss, but on the contrary, it will also make your weight increase dizzy.

To make the menu less boring, in addition to boiled corn, you can process it into chicken breast corn soup, corn salad and vegetables, both fresh and delicious, and very good for weight loss and keeping in shape.


Super fast weight loss menu with corn in 1 week

From US corn information how many calories you can gain weight loss menu in 1 week. Below is the Bodybuilding Milk menu that I would like to share with you. However, it will be more effective if combined with sports and gym training:


Breakfast: 1 boiled glutinous corn + corn broth (no sugar) Lunch: 1 bowl of brown rice + 100g chicken breast + 50g green vegetables Dinner: 1 corn + 100g filet mignon + green vegetables


Breakfast: oats + 1 cup of honey lemon Lunch: 1 bowl of brown rice + 100g salmon + green vegetables Dinner: Salad + green vegetables + shrimp


Breakfast: corn soup Lunch: Sweet potato + 100g chicken breast + green vegetables Dinner: 1 corn cob + 100g pork loin + green vegetables

Thursday: 3rd breed


Morning: 1 cup of corn syrup + fresh milk Lunch: Brown rice + 2 eggs + green vegetables Dinner: 1 corn + 100g salmon + green vegetables


Morning: 2 slices of bread + sausage Lunch: 1 boiled glutinous corn + 150g beef + green vegetables Dinner: brown rice + 100g duck meat + green vegetables


Breakfast: 2 eggs + fruit smoothie Lunch: Sweet potato + bitter melon soup Dinner: brown rice + 100g chicken breast + green vegetables

The information surrounding the issue of how many calories in American corn will hopefully help you gain more nutritional knowledge and give yourself a most suitable weight loss menu.


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The effect of corn on our health

Nutritional supplements

Corn is a very rich source of energy and nutrients, including protein, vitamins B, C, and carbohydrates. Corn also contains high amounts of fiber, potassium, and antioxidants. 100 g of corn kernels provides up to 342 calories for the body. Therefore, corn is considered an excellent source of energy for your body.


One cup of corn provides up to 18.4% of the daily fiber needs of the body. It helps to support and reduce the risk of digestive diseases such as constipation, hemorrhoids, cancer and colon.

In addition, the abundant amount of folate in corn is very beneficial for the formation of new cells in the body. They are thought to be helpful in preventing birth defects, colon cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Good for people with diabetes

In addition to eating corn to lose weight, corn has an additional GI of 69, which is higher than the average of 56-69). GI (Glycaemic Index) is an index that shows the rate at which blood sugar rises after eating foods rich in carbohydrates (the lower the better).

If you only eat corn alone, your blood sugar will increase quickly. Corn should be eaten with meals, along with other foods rich in fiber and protein.

Prevention of arthritis and skin diseases

Patients with arthritis, dermatitis should not eat corn. The elimination of corn from the daily diet for patients with polymyalgia rheumatica. This is a recommendation from doctors and experts so you should take it seriously. In the type of corn it will contain many ingredients that have a great risk of causing allergies and also damaging the joints.

Improve anemia


In addition to eating corn to lose weight, it also fights anemia. If you have a deficiency of vitamin B12 and folic acid, it will cause anemia. Iron deficiency also causes anemia. Corn contains a significant amount of iron, one of the minerals essential for the formation of new red blood cells.

Keeps eyes bright and healthy

If you want to have healthy eyes, first of all, people need to practice living, studying and working habits in a scientific and moderate manner. In your daily meals, you should also add foods rich in omega 3, zinc, and vitamin C to help protect your eyes and improve your soul.

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Corn is rich in beta-carotene and folate. These are two substances that help you slow down age-related macular degeneration. Eating corn on a regular basis helps to reduce the risk of cataracts and helps prevent the destruction of yellow pigment in the eyes.

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