Bột Mì Bao Nhiêu Calo? Ăn 100g Mỗi Tuần Có Béo Không?

Wheat flour is increasingly popular in Vietnamese kitchens because of its versatility and convenience, which can be combined with many ingredients to create delicious recipes. Because of the exponential increase in demand, flour is increasingly being processed into many types with the use of making bread, making cakes,… Corresponding to each type, there will be different nutritional content. together, let’s find out How many calories in flour? and how to eat healthy flour.

How many calories in flour? Take a look at the information below

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1. What is flour made from? The most popular types of flour today

1.1. What is flour made from?

Wheat flour is the finished product after milling wheat. During the milling of the wheat kernel, the bran as well as the embryo are separated, the flour is the endosperm inside, which is ground until it becomes a fine powder. Whole wheat flour is white, fine and smooth, often used in recipes for bread, pizza, cooky, noodle soup, …

It can be said that wheat flour is one of the important ingredients and ingredients in many delicious Vietnamese meals, so how much is flour for 1kg? Prices range from 15,000 – 60,000 / 1kg depending on the type of product is all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, … or according to the promotions of department stores, supermarkets.

Wheat flour is derived from wheat – A very popular ingredient in Vietnam

1.2. The most popular types of flour today

To meet the needs of the market, flour is divided into many types such as:

  • Flour No. 8: This is a suitable flour to make many types of cakes such as sponge cake, cupcake, cream puff, muffin,… because flour No. 8 is used to stabilize the spongy – soft structure of the cake. . Besides baking, flour 8 is also useful to create some sauces with thick properties such as worcestershire, making flour, non-stick baking molds, …
  • Flour No. 11: different from flour No. 8, flour No. 11 will help the chef make hard, crispy crusts as desired. Flour No. 11 is also considered the flour containing the highest protein and gluten content, can adhere to the yeast, contribute to the toughness and rise of the baked bread.
  • Wheat flour number 13: has the same texture as flour number 11, only with a higher protein content (13%) and the ability to absorb water up to 67%, flour 13 is the ideal choice for making cake soles pizzas or crusts that need a crunchy firmness.
  • All-Purpose Flour: Free of yeast and closest in properties to original flour, all-purpose flour is widely used for a variety of purposes and recipes.
  • Self-rising flour: is a multi-purpose flour recipe mixed with baking soda, specialized for batches of cookies, sponge cakes, pies, etc., helping chefs save time and ensure the ratio standard powder preparation rate. Although convenient, the shelf life of this flour is not long, because pre-mixed baking powder can reduce the porosity and crispiness of the finished cake.
  • Cake flour: if you want to make cakes with perfect porosity and softness, you should try cake flour. With a high amount of starch, protein in the dough 7 – 8.5%, this is an extremely good liquid binding flour.
  • Pastry flour: specialized flour for making muffins, cookies,… and deep-fried dough for chips, fried fish balls,… Don’t ignore pastry flour when making these dishes, you will easily It’s easy to get a firm crust and a delicious crispy crust.

There are many types of flour for you to choose from for your menu

2. How many calories in flour? Content of essential nutrients in wheat flour

2.1. How many calories in flour?

100g How many calories in flour?? The answer is verified from the nutritionist’s research that 100g of whole wheat flour is equivalent to 340 calories. So compared to a cup of white rice, this number of calories is slightly higher. Of course, depending on the type of flour, namely black flour, white flour, flour mixed with baking soda, etc., the calorie content will increase or decrease more than 340 calories.

Do you know a dish that you often enjoy with the main ingredient made from flour? Flour-based dishes that are popular and used regularly in Vietnam every day include pasta, bread, fiber-rich whole-wheat bread, and even packaged products like instant noodles. So have you ever wondered about the calories in these flour-based dishes? Understanding and obtaining information about the energy content of foods and dishes not only helps to establish a weight control diet, but also helps to find the right nutrition source to improve health.

Wheat flour is an ingredient that is used a lot in dishes

How many calories in flour?” has been explained as above, so let’s see how many calories the dishes with the main ingredient are flour contain!

  • Ingredients for many delicious dishes in Vietnamese kitchens – how many calories is the all-purpose flour? The answer is that 100g of unprocessed all-purpose flour has 364 kcal.
  • 100g whole wheat flour how many calories? Typical whole-wheat items such as sandwiches and whole-grain breads have a calorie count of 247.
  • Bread loaf is a convenient and quick – compact dish to start the day of many people. But not everyone knows how many calories in a loaf of bread? Excluding the filling (meat, sausage, pate, sausage, etc.), the crust and the inside of the cake contain about 265 calories.
  • An extremely popular fast food in both urban and rural areas today – shrimp noodles, also made from the recipe with flour. Because of the convenience and ease of storage, it is undeniable that the coverage and quantity of instant noodles are consumed. So how many calories in 1 squeeze of noodles? How many calories are in popular noodles like Hao Hao, Omachi or 3-domain noodles? If you only cook instant noodles without adding eggs, meat, shrimp, etc., a basic bowl of noodles has from 260 – 280 kcal.
  • Wheat flour is also an important ingredient for the very western dish, spaghetti. Thanks to its delicious taste with tomato sauce and minced meat, spaghetti has a large fan base. Many people who regularly eat spaghetti also wonder “how many calories are in spaghetti”, does eating a lot cause obesity? Compared to other dishes made from wheat flour, the amount of kcal in each cup of spaghetti without sauce is only about 131 calories, this is a moderate level of energy, users do not need to worry too much when they accidentally eat spaghetti.

According to research, 100g of flour contains about 340 calories

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2.2. Content of essential nutrients in wheat flour

With the main ingredient is natural wheat, in addition to starch, wheat flour contains a lot of protein, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6 and essential minerals for the body such as manganese, phosphorus, copper, etc. …

There is a difference in the protein content of some common flours:

  • Wheat flour number 8: 8 – 9%
  • All-purpose flour: 12.5 – 14%
  • Wheat flour number 11: 11%
  • Wheat flour number 13: 13%

Nutritional content Vitamin Mineral
Type of vitamins Amount Demand (1 day) Mineral Amount Demand (1 day)
Calories 340 A 0 μg ~ Calcium 34 mg 3%
Country 11% OLD 0 mg ~ Iron 3.6 mg 45%
The protein 13.2g EASY 0 μg ~ Magnesium 137 mg 34%
Carbohydrates 72g E 0.71 mg 5% Phosphorus 357 mg 51%
Street 0.4g KY 1.9>μg 2% Potassium 363 mg 8%
Fiber 10.7g B1 0.5 mg 42% Sodium 2 mg 0%
Fat 2.5g B2 0.17 mg 13% Zinc 2.6 mg 24%
Saturation 0.43g B3 4.96 mg thirty first% Copper 0.41 mg forty six%
Single saturation 0.28g B5 0.6 mg twelfth% Manganese 4.07 mg

Information sheet about the nutritional content in 100g of flour

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3. Delicious dishes from flour

The use of flour not only stops at making cakes but also makes an important contribution to creating the consistency and consistency of soups, the gel in some types of gum, and the crispy shine for nuts and fried foods. More and more delicious recipes are born thanks to variations, combined with flour, a few popular and delicious dishes suitable for most regions can be mentioned:

  • Wheat flour soup: cooked with bones or bone broth, snakehead fish are very delicious.
  • Pillow cake: flour brings crispy crispy crust, fried until golden brown, combined with hot minced meat, quail eggs and hot wood ear is a nutritious dish, stimulating the taste.
  • Doremon donuts: sweet filling of green beans, purple sweet potatoes, red beans depending on each person’s preferences and taste, sandwiched between 2 layers of soft flour bread, this is the favorite appetizer and snack of many children. small.
  • Pasta: a dish originating from Italy that is extremely popular, suitable for the taste of Vietnamese people. The standard, soft, and chewy spaghetti is also thanks to the flour ingredients.
  • Cake: Dessert can not do without using the main ingredient is flour. Usually to make sponge cake, the chef will choose to buy flour number 8 so that the texture of the cake is soft and the cake after baking still ensures enough moisture inside.

How many calories in flour?

There are many dishes made from wheat flour

4. Is eating flour fat?

According to the information on the nutrient content in the flour the article has provided above, every 100g will have about 340 kcal. This calorie count is not inferior to 1 cup of instant noodles, moreover, the carbohydrates of wheat flour can be converted into sugar faster than normal carbohydrates, which will make the fat burning process take place more slowly. .

A study from a famous hospital in the United States, Johns Hopkins also said that wheat flour products are not beneficial for weight loss and overeating will cause overweight and obesity. Health and nutrition experts at Harvard University also observed experiments in mice eating a lot of starch and found their glycemic levels increased significantly, affecting a decrease in metabolism. substances, causing more fat accumulation. These studies all identified the problem that wheat flour is clearly a cause of fat if eaten out of control and balance.

How many calories in flour?

Wheat flour is one of the ingredients that cause fat in many people

5. How to lose weight with flour

The general rule of thumb for weight loss is to limit fat and carbohydrates, so even if it’s not clear how many calories in flour, you can still understand that this is not an option for those who need to lose weight. However, it cannot be denied that flour is still an essential food needed for the normal development of the body, so you can set up a suitable diet, limit fast starches and increase fiber. vitamins, minerals good for health. In addition to the “clean eating” diet, don’t forget to combine exercise, jogging every day or cycling to help keep fit and increase body resistance. You can contact ABCSport for sample consultation Electrical treadmill, exercise bike, multi-function gym equipment if you are lazy or have limited outdoor sports conditions.

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The above article hopes to answer the question How many calories in flour?, providing more information so that you can adjust your diet and exercise according to your condition. Immediately contact ABCSport via fanpage or call center 1800 6852 To be heard, consulted about the need to buy sports products and even questions how to lose weight and keep fit!

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