Các mẹo dân gian mang thai, sinh con, nuôi con từ A

Great tips or folklore for pregnant mothers before, during and after giving birth to a healthy, beautiful, pink and white baby. This is the experience drawn from the practice shared by the mothers, hopefully they will apply it successfully.

Here is a summary of folk tips for pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing from A-Z for your reference.

1. Folk tips during pregnancy:

Tips for a clean and easy birth:

– From the 5th month, pregnant mothers drink sugarcane juice regularly when giving birth to a clean, plump baby. If you eat a lot of sugarcane in the last month of pregnancy, your baby will gain weight quickly and won’t have snake skin at birth.

– Drink coconut water, eat yeast rice Alcohol Glutinous rice helps to easily give birth and give birth to a clean baby. Coconut water can be drunk from the third month so that the pregnant mother has a lot of amniotic fluid, the baby is born white, the skin is beautiful and rosy.

32-33 weeks of pregnancy:

– The mother eats the stomach of a steamed pig with pepper so that the baby is not born wet when teething, the intestines are good. This method is used by many mothers and it is very effective. I apply the following formula.

– How to make the stomach absorb:

Prepare 1 small stomach, 1 ounce of peppercorns (or a bunch of green pepper that is very fragrant and has a moderate pungent taste)

Clean the stomach, stuffing pepper and temporary stitching with thread to prevent the pepper from bursting out, put it in the steamer about 30 minutes.

– When eating, only eat the stomach, eat the whole thing at exactly 32 weeks and 1 week later (week 33) eat 1 more time. Ensure that the mother and child are born healthy, without using digestive enzymes or drugs, antibiotics at all.

Foods that pregnant women should not eat:

– The sprouted tubers and fruits contain many toxins that are harmful to the fetus.

– Vegetables that cause pregnancy: laksa leaves, green papaya, apple catnip, ginger, chili, hot vegetables….

– Absolutely do not drink alcohol, smoke.

– Eat a lot of baby snails produce a lot of slime.

– Fresh bamboo shoots, dried bamboo shoots: poisonous blood

Nutritious and good foods for pregnant women to eat:

– Chicken eggs, goose eggs: I was born with white skin, pink lips, and intelligence.

– Carp: Carp porridge helps in pregnancy, nutrition, intelligence, bright eyes.

– Early pregnancy: Drinking a lot of orange juice, eating spinach, okra helps the baby to develop comprehensively and smarter.

– Soy milk: good for the health of both mother and baby, helping the baby have smooth skin.

– Warm water mixed with honey every morning adds nutrients to the fetus, helping the mother with constipation.

5 folk tips to help mothers squeeze dimples for their children from the womb:

Every mother likes that her child is born with a charming and lovely dimple. Therefore, mothers often pass on these tips to each other without losing any effort to make their children beautiful and lovely!

– Pampering a child’s cheeks with dimples: During pregnancy, a pregnant mother pinches or rubs her two hands on the dimples of the baby with dimples and then uses those two hands to rub her belly, boys rub 7 times, girls rub 9 times. When you do it, don’t let others see it.

– Ask the child with dimples: This can make it public that the mother comes and asks for the baby with a dimple: “Give me this dimple”. If the baby nods in agreement, the baby will be born with the same dimple.

– Eat pomegranate: Mothers just need to eat a lot of pomegranate during pregnancy, the baby will be beautiful and have lovely dimples.

– Stealing pomegranates: Instead of eating, sneakily pick pomegranates at some house, the child will be born with dimples as desired.

– Hanging 2 pomegranates in front of the house: Mothers whisper to each other to buy 2 pomegranates, tie pomegranates to balance in front of the house, only do it silently when no one sees.

2. Summary of folk tips when giving birth, giving birth easily and quickly:

For mothers-to-be – quick birth tips:

– At the age of 35 weeks, the mother pees in the middle of the fork in the road to help give birth easily. Although this tip is a bit odd, many mothers apply this method and succeed. Mother should go for a walk in the evening with her husband, then choose a deserted place to do it, giving birth quickly and easily.

– When nearing birth, keep a handful of perilla leaves ready, when there are signs of preparing to give birth, the mother cooks a bowl of perilla juice and then drinks it also helps to give birth easily and quickly.

– Before giving birth, remember to hold the seahorse (used to soak medicinal wine) in your hand, giving birth easier and faster.

– When there is a sign of about to give birth, ask the family member to grind 1 cup of water spinach to drink raw, helping to push the product out faster and cleaner, avoiding leftover vegetables.

– Prepare wine yeast, mother after giving birth, mix it with alcohol / water to make a paste, apply it on the chest for 20-30 minutes and then wash it off, helping the milk come back faster. In the first few days, if the milk has not come or the baby refuses to feed, the mother tries to express colostrum to feed her baby, this colostrum contains many antibodies, very precious, the new born baby must drink breast milk first.

For new moms:

– Immediately after discharge from the hospital after giving birth, go home for lunch – dinner, roast 1kg of salt, put it in a newspaper or rolled up cloth towel, lie on your stomach until it cools down, this way helps to quickly reduce the abdomen, compact abdomen, flat stomach like a girl.

– If you have a normal birth with an episiotomy, when you come home from the hospital, wash with warm salt water diluted 1-2 times a day, the swelling will be gone, the feeling is clean, comfortable, the wound usually heals quickly.

– Mothers who breastfeed absolutely after giving birth should not drink oranges or fruits containing a lot of vitamin C, which will cause the baby to have diarrhea. Newborn babies often have lilac lilac schizophrenia, the mother subjectively does not know the difference.

3. Folk tips for raising children after giving birth, healthy mothers and good children:

Teething without fever

Put bean sprouts in your child’s mouth when he is 3 months and 10 days old, remember to read the sentence “teeth grows like sprouts, teething without fever”. My son and the children of many friends I know grow 4 teeth at a time without any pain, fever, just a little anorexia.

When the baby is born, let the milk smell and come back quickly:

– Boil a little water with 7 jackfruit leaves (sons), use a comb dipped in the juice of jackfruit leaves to stroke the breasts at birth.

Want milk to come back quickly after giving birth:

Method 1: Mix white wine and yeast until soft, apply around the chest for 20 minutes. Yeast and hot wine will quickly attract milk rays, the milk will be more ripe and delicious. Guaranteed to be effective because many mothers apply it successfully, there is a lot of milk, the right baby has to stop the left or it will flow luxuriantly. Or massage for 15 minutes on each side to clear the milk, then wipe with a warm towel.

Option 2: Eating dog meat, pork leg or cilantro cooked with some vegetables will bring back the full breast milk.

When the baby’s umbilical cord falls off:

When the baby has just fallen off the umbilical cord, the mother takes coconut oil and adds a little crushed alum, takes a cotton ball to cut into squares, soaks the mixture and applies it to the baby’s navel until the gauze is dry, then throw it away, just do 1 wash. That’s okay, I don’t get any stomach upset even if I eat old or cold food, I still don’t have stomachache, even if I drink as much as a packet of probio, I’ll be fine. These are some of the experiences I have applied and found true with my children.

Crying baby:

– Heat betel leaves on the stove to warm, then cover the baby’s navel, cradle the baby’s belly in the mother’s womb so that the mother’s warmth is transmitted to the baby, after a while the baby will sleep peacefully and won’t cry anymore, especially those who cry at night in the form of spleen solder damage.

– Seeds of morning glory 7-9 are crushed, mixed with warm water into a paste. Before the baby sleeps, put the powder on the navel, using tape to fix it. You can buy morning glory seeds at Oriental medicine stores.

– If there are natural silkworms, pick up those that are dead hard (due to infection with a type of bacteria), curled, white or speckled with white, dried, stored in jars for use gradually. Folk call this “lime silkworm”, traditional medicine calls it Bach Cuong Tam, Cuong Tam, Cuong Dung, Thien Dung… When a child suffers from night crying, before going to sleep, take a few silkworms and crush them, mix with a little wine. , warm it up, cover it with the soles of the baby’s feet, fix it with adhesive tape. Suitable for all types of babies crying.

Clean baby’s tongue

Grind the juice to get the juice, add a little honey, put this water in the baby’s mouth with a cotton swab, before using it, you must steam the honey first to clean it.

You can use physiological saline to rub the baby’s tongue, which is also very clean.

Cure baby vomiting

Find bamboo shoots (spiky young leaves at the tip of the bamboo leaves) and boil water for the baby to drink when he vomits. Boys have 7 buds, girls have 9 buds..

My nephew vomited terribly, even when he ate porridge, he still vomited, sometimes a dozen times a day, the whole family panicked, took him to the hospital to see the cause and couldn’t find the cause, sent Chinese medicine to no cure, hired a maid to return When the maid came to see me eating, I immediately took a break, but for some reason, fortunately, I was suitable for this remedy.

This remedy happened to be my husband sitting happily telling a story about his niece’s daughter’s vomiting, in the tray there was a brother who also had the same problem and was cured. After that, every baby who spits or spits, I tell him and it’s fine. Dull.

Baby has heat rash

Take bitter gourd and crush it to get baby bath water or pureed marjoram leaves to get bath water. Personally, I find marjoram more effective than bitter melon.

Cure cough, flu, sneezing:

– Give the baby to eat grilled garlic as soon as the baby shows signs of runny nose. Grilled garlic is fragrant and sweet, so children love to eat it. When they are young, they eat 1 clove, when they are large, 2-3 cloves, 203 times a day depending on the weight and light, ensuring that the next day will stop runny nose and sneeze. Note that this article is only for the first symptoms such as sneezing, clear white nose, but if you stick your green nose out, you can still eat it but it takes longer.

– Baby cough: steamed kumquat (clogged) + alum sugar (under 1 year old should not use honey) for children to drink will help, help with phlegm.

Children with constipation:

Break the tops of the nettle, stripping the outer skin of the vegetable stalks, slowly push the nettle buds into the baby’s anus, take it out and push it many times, you will see the baby go out right away. Do not use a pump that is easy to hurt because the baby’s anus is still young, the thick mucus will not harm the baby.

Baby has diarrhea:

– If the baby has diarrhea all day, the mother buys a second bottle of lime water, gives her a few drops twice a day, only 2 days is cured.

Baby wet: There is a little trick at 1 week of birth, buy 1 pig bile, soak it in hot water for a bit, then give it to the mother to drink, dab a little on the baby’s mouth with a cotton swab. Drink about 3-4 times, the baby will not get wet, later teething will not hurt.

Baby diarrhea: If the baby is breastfed, the mother eats carrots, green bananas, and brews guava buds as tea to drink – The child has diarrhea, the mother eats carrots, green bananas, and brews guava buds as tea. If you already know how to eat, let me eat.

Baby comes back from vaccination without fever:

– Before the day when the child was vaccinated, the mother bought perilla vegetables, washed them, ate about a dozen tops, ate as much as possible, and then fed her baby as much as possible. After the injection, you also have to give the baby a lot of nipples to avoid dehydration, the antibiotic in perilla helps the baby not to have a fever.

– If the baby uses formula milk, the mother pounded perilla leaves with warm water and then gave it to the baby to drink.

– After injection, use cotton injector to rub until dry, then apply cold with a cold towel stored in a milk storage bag to keep cold.

– Stick the antipyretic patch on the injection site, the baby is painless and reduces fever, does not cry.

– When the baby has a fever, the mother crushes the leaves of the pot (squid grass) to cover the soles of the feet, hands, and forehead. Or pounding lettuce leaves for babies to drink, mothers eating perilla leaves to breastfeed their babies also help reduce fever.

Baby with birthmarks/eczema:

– Every time the mother breastfeeds at night, apply her saliva on the birthmark, the eczema will go away. Or use the back of the shrimp to beat the eczema, less when the baby sleeps, it will also go away.

Some other parenting tips:

– When the mother takes the baby out, bring a garlic bulb, a knife or scissors. Someone brought a chopstick to wipe the pot.

– Put the baby’s bedside with an iron object such as a knife or scissors to prevent the baby from being startled. Southerners often let their children wear bracelets made of mulberry trees.

– When the child was 3 or 4 months old, sometimes the mother pretended to put a spoon and chopsticks in her mouth to eat so that later on, it would be easier for her to eat solids, the grandparents said, “quick to eat”.

– When the child is slow to walk, my mother buys banana fish (fruit fish / snakehead fish) and lightly taps her son’s 7 and 9 girls’ feet, the child will learn to walk faster.

– When I was babbling and talking, when I cooked soup, my mother let me taste it and asked, “Is it okay? Is it delicious?” I can also speak quickly.

– I unfortunately have a distorted head, my mother picked me up and lightly touched the wall while touching and saying “put my head on the wall”, boys 7, girls 9 times, your head will gradually round. When my baby was 1 month old, I didn’t pay attention to turn her head, so now we put her on one side, she refuses to lie down and turn her head to her side, so now 5 months have not passed. I also just tried this test. These days, I see that I often lie on the other side, my head is also a little better.

If you have a quadriplegic disease, please save these folk tips to know when to use them. Maybe the folk tips are outdated, but there are many good and true experiences. Wishing all mothers a healthy, beautiful and smart baby care with these folk tips for pregnancy, childbirth, and good child rearing from A – Z!


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