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Every woman wants to have smooth and attractive hair. That’s why the girls race to find hair care products, as well as ways to use hair cream at home to be most effective. But why does it take so much effort, please with Shynh Beauty refer to 7 golden steps for how to use hair cream at home Please!

The benefits of using the right hair cream

Incubated cream hair It is a hair care product that provides essential nutrients to the hair, protects the hair from harmful external agents, and helps to strengthen the hair. more shiny and long hair fast than. Using hair cream properly helps to prevent your hair from harmful agents such as polluted air, dust, etc.

In particular, for girls who often change their hairstyle or have applied beauty by curling, straightening, dyeing, they should use hair cream. Your hair would get even more uses if I knew how to use hair cream to be most correct.

Notes when using hair cream at home you need to know

incubated cream hair
Hair conditioner is an essential hair care product that every girl should own (source: Internet)

Do not think that your hair can be incubated or maintained at will without having to follow any rules. Incubating hair properly can achieve maximum effect. Remember to note some of these things for the how to use hair cream hi girls!

  • Choose a hair conditioner: Avoid choosing products with too strong a fragrance, the hotter the fragrance, the more chemicals it has, which is not good for your hair.
  • How to use hair conditioner properly: You should only incubate your hair 1-2 times a week, avoid overuse, causing the scalp to lose its natural protective oil layer and be the cause Why does hair fall out a lot?. In particular, do not mistake the use of hair cream and hair conditioner daily. Hair conditioner only works optimally in a closed environment.
  • How to use hair cream depending on each hair type: For curled hair, you should choose a hair cream that contains a lot of protein. For hair and scalp with active sebaceous glands, you should choose a hair cream with a light cream texture and with oil-control ingredients such as green tea, ginger or rose, etc. For dry and frizzy hair, you should choose a cream with moisturizing ingredients as the main ingredient and containing nutrients such as coconut, avocado, and olive. how to reduce frizzy hair effective.

How to use hair cream properly and effectively at home

How to use hair cream #Step 1: Prepare

On the market today, there are many types of hair conditioners specifically for each different hair condition such as: dry hair, broken hair, split ends or those for dyed hair, permed hair, straightened hair, etc.

Besides, there are also incubation creams with incubation time of 3-5 minutes or deep cream of 15-20 minutes. Therefore, the first step before doing a cold brew for your hair at home is to choose the right product for the cream to work best. This is how to use hair cream Simple but also extremely important that you should not ignore.

How to use hair cream #Step 2: Wash your hair

Clean hair
Clean the hair to remove all dirt and excess oil on the hair so that the incubation process goes as desired (source: Internet)

Washing your hair regularly will remove the dirt on the oily skin. However, you should choose shampoos that are suitable for the scalp, to avoid losing the natural protective layer of the scalp, causing dry hair, weak hair roots. This is one of the hair loss causes that many people don’t know. If there is a lot of hair loss, you should use it together hair loss shampoo or Anti-hair loss shampoo with slight shedding.

Absolutely do not use incubation cream in a state of oily skin full of dirt, nutrients will not be absorbed maximally, but the scalp must also absorb the amount of dirt that has not been washed. Better yet, in order for the nutrients in the incubation cream to be most effective, you should proceed to step 2. After washing, use an absorbent towel to dry your hair.

How to use hair cream #Step 3: Apply hair conditioner

In the hair incubation step, you should divide your hair into 3 to 4 parts depending on the thickness of your hair. Take an appropriate amount of cream for each divided curl, apply the hair cream evenly from the body to the compact, avoiding to stick to the oily skin. Apply how to use hair cream this with the rest of the hair.

Then, gently massage the oily skin with your hands to slowly absorb the nutrients into your hair, and at the same time help you relax. However, this case is only suitable for dry oily skin, not suitable for oily skin. In case of oily skin, you need to avoid letting the hair cream come into direct contact with the scalp, which will clog the hair follicles. This is one of the steps to help how to use hair cream become more efficient.

How to use hair cream #Step 4: Fix the hair

Wrap a towel to fix your hair
Don’t think that the step of wrapping a towel to fix your hair is superfluous (source: Internet)

After completing step 3, using hair cream, then fix your hair with a shower cap or clean cotton towel. Wrapping a towel after washing and incubating hair helps hair dry quickly and has more time for the cream to penetrate deeper into the hair.

How to use hair cream #Step 5: Incubate your hair

As mentioned in step 1, there are many different types of incubation creams and incubation times depending on the type of hair. With quick hair conditioners, it only takes 2-5 minutes for you to rinse. As for the deep conditioning creams, it takes longer than 20-30 minutes.

If your hair is dry and damaged hair, you should choose to leave it in for a long time because this will enhance moisture and restore hair comprehensively. If you own an oily hair, you should choose a short-term incubation cream, because if you keep it for a long time, it will make your hair greasy and sticky.

This is one of the how to use hair cream achieve absolute efficiency and safety.

How to use hair cream #Step 6: Rinse your hair

The last step in the cold hair treatment process at home is to rinse your hair. Remove the towel or shower cap and rinse your hair thoroughly with cool water. Water that is too hot or too cold is not good. Cool water helps to rinse off the cream but also makes the cuticles close slowly, not as suddenly as too cold water, helping to retain nutrients stored in each hair. You do not need to use extra conditioner or hair spray, nor do you need to thoroughly rinse and shave your scalp because it will wash away the nutrients in the cream.

How to use hair cream #Step 7: Dry your hair

how to use hair cream
Blow-drying makes hair stronger (Source: Internet)

Please note the appropriate temperature adjustment in washing and drying not only with the washing and incubation steps but also in her daily shampooing procedures. You should not use a dryer with a temperature that is too hot, just adjust the cooling mode to let the hair dry. Leaving the temperature too high when drying will make the hair weak and easily damaged, worse, it will cause burning.

This is one of the how to use hair cream so that the hair can receive the maximum benefits that the hair cream brings..

S-White Peach Ginseng Hair Cream for bouncy, smooth hair

S-White hair cream
S-White hair cream is receiving a lot of attention from women who are wishing for beautiful hair (source: Internet)

When it comes to hair cream, how can you ignore this popular S-White hair cream product line? This is a high-class hair conditioner specifically for hair that will give you a Salon-like hair care experience without waiting time, making your hair smooth and soft according to Salon standards with nutrient-rich ingredients and technology. The most advanced recovery method. The product is suitable for all hair types, especially dry, damaged, and broken hair. They will be extremely helpful for the how to use hair cream at your house.

Special uses of Ginseng Hair Incubator

  • Strengthens hair and scalp, increases vitality and prevents hair loss, stimulate hair growth
  • Makes hair shiny and smooth
  • Reconstruction of hair structure should be suitable for both weak hair and scalp.
  • Rich in argan oil and pro vitamin B5 to help strengthen hair. It also regenerates the hair structure damaged by chemical styling processes.
  • The product delivers essential proteins and collagen deep into weak hair fibers to make hair stronger and more beautiful.

In addition to choosing ways to use hair cream, don’t forget to invest in a shampoo to care for your rattan hair. Products hair loss shampoo, hair serum, nice hair growth oil are essential products for strong hair, come to Shynh Beauty to experience it right away!

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