Cách gói bánh chưng chuẩn vị truyền thống đơn giản

Buns of banh chung It is an opportunity for the whole family to get together during Tet. Don’t know how to pack traditional standard banh chung? This article will help you!

One thing is for sure, it is undeniable that banh chung is an indispensable traditional dish of Vietnamese people despite many generations, through many changes and even if life is full here. And now, you can completely show off your skills in wrapping banh chung with a few tips to make the most delicious and beautiful cake through this article.

Chung cake pack

Chung cake is a traditional dish of Vietnamese people all year round

1. Ingredients for making banh chung

Packaged delicious banh chung, boiled banh chung on Tet also need to have its own secrets to bring bold flavor and traditional flavor. And certainly, among them, the ingredients are also one of the first secrets to deciding whether banh chung will be delicious or not.

1.1. Choose green dong leaves

Green dong leaves are the materials used to wrap the outside of the cake, which has the effect of sealing the outside to protect the clean inside and keep the flavor and quality of the cake longer.

Green dong leaves are used to Chung cake pack Should choose the type that is not too big but not too small. It is best to choose the type with a width that is about 5cm larger than the Chung cake pan.

Next, the dong leaves wrapped in Tet cakes should not be too young but also should not be too old. Dong leaves should look glossy, have a characteristic dark green color to create the most beautiful cake color after ripening. And should choose leaves with only small stalks, making wrapping and tying cakes easier.

After you have chosen the right dong leaves for the pot of banh chung, you wash them and dry them in a cool, dry place. Do not dry the green leaves too dry and not too dry.

Chung cake pack

Ingredients for wrapping banh chung

1.2. Choose sticky rice

Sticky rice to pack a delicious pot of banh chung must use shiny sticky rice and have the same size of rice grains. After washing the sticky rice, put it in a basin to soak for about 10-12 hours with cold water. Next, you wash the rice and let it drain. Then, you add white salt, mix well with the rice to give the rice a richer flavor. The amount of salt added should be just enough for rice, but also enough for green beans and pork.

1.3. Choose green beans

The shelled green beans are the filling located near the center of each banh chung, creating a beautiful and characteristic yellow color when cutting banh chung. You can easily find shelled beans or you can also buy unshelled ones. If you buy the peeled variety, just soak the beans in cold water overnight. As for the unshelled type, you need to soak the peas until the skin is peeled and then sift to clean the pods.

1.4. Lace tie

This is the yellow wire used for Chung cake pack. We should choose the length 70 – 90 cm. At night, shave the outer skin and then cut it into even pieces. It is recommended to soak the pipe first in water so that when it is split, it becomes soft.

In addition, when the split is finished, you should dry it so that when wrapping the cake, it will be firmer and easier to tie.

1.5. Dried onions and meat

You need to make sure to choose pork with both lean and fat. Fat will make banh chung have a characteristic delicious greasy taste and make the whole cake more delicious. Seasoning just enough, sprinkle a little more pepper for a passionate aroma. If the family loves spicy food, they can add more pepper to make the cake have a mild spicy taste.

Chung cake pack

Bunch of banh chung is a beauty in Vietnamese culture

2. Preliminary preparation of ingredients for making traditional banh chung

2.1. Dong leaves

Dong leaves when wrapping banh chung should be wiped dry. The more clean the cake, the less moldy it will be later. Before wrapping, sharpen the knife very sharp to remove the spine so that the leaves are less hard and drain.

2.2. Preliminary processing of bamboo slices

The lats are soaked in water for 8 hours to soften, then thinly sliced ​​about 0.5 cm.

2.3. Sticky rice

Pick up all other grains mixed in rice such as grit, gravel, etc. Then wash them and soak them in water. Season with 4 grams of salt for 8 hours. Remove and let dry.

2.4. Green beans

The beans, after being peeled, will be peeled, pounded, and soaked in water for about 4 hours to soften and expand. Serve again to clean the skin and remove to drain. We should not forget the seasoning part. Use 4 grams of salt and mix well.

2.5. Bacon and dried onions

Wash the meat thoroughly and dry. Cut the meat into pieces about 4 cm, then marinate with 4 grams of seasoning meat and 1 gram of pepper to give the meat aroma. Pepper will also help the cooked cake to have a mild aroma and spicy taste.

Onions are dried, peeled and finely chopped.

One thing to note is that you should not add fish sauce to marinate meat Chung cake pack. Because adding fish sauce will make banh chung used not for a long time.

Chung cake pack

Preliminarily clean the dong leaves to make the cake beautiful

3. How to pack traditional banh chung

Now comes the most important stage. Refer to the following simple steps to wrap cakes and become a professional baker.

3.1. Arrange leaves to wrap banh chung

  • First you have to fold it into a rectangle and then put the mold on top. The mold has been cleaned and waited to dry early. There are people who are more skillful than they will wrap banh chung without using a mold, folk or call it “pack vo”.
  • Arrange the folded dong leaves squarely into rectangular sides inside the mold. When folding dong leaves, the sides will be dark green inside and light green outside so that it is easy to see the lightness and spread for a more beautiful color cake.

3.2. Put the filling in the banh chung

  • Take a cup of about 200 grams of pre-processed glutinous rice into the mold, press and spread it evenly so that the rice fills the bottom of the mold.

Chung cake pack

Put the filling in the cake mold

  • Then came the green bean class. Continue to spread 100 grams of green beans evenly on top. We add a piece of meat and then continue to add 100 grams of green beans to cover the meat. We should not spread the green beans to the edge of the mold, but should leave about 1.5 cm.
  • Continue to take glutinous rice and spread it around. Especially we have to cover the whole green beans. Use your hands to gently press the rice at the corners and sides of the cake so that the rice presses down.

3.3. Buns of banh chung

  • Fold the edges of the leaves, the excess is cut away with scissors.
  • The left hand keeps the leaf from spreading, the right hand will take the mold out and put it on the left wrist.
  • Switch your right hand to hold the leaf and then remove the mold from your hand. Pull the ends of the cake back to tie the cake. Note that in this seemingly simple tying stage, you must pay close attention. Because if you tie it too tight, then after Chung cake pack will be concave, lack of aesthetics when decorating as well as when peeling off to eat. Tie the cake too loosely, the cake will easily be released after wrapping and when cooking, it can cause the cake to fall out of the banh chung shell. Therefore, it is very difficult to tie the cake so that it fits the rice, the inside is cooked evenly but still beautiful. The trick for you is to tie the string so that after tying it, you can put a little finger into the string, neither wider nor tighter.
  • After tying the cake, cut off the excess to make the cake look more beautiful and compact.

4. How to cook banh chung

4.1. Boiled banh chung

Who said it is very difficult to pack banh chung, but actually boiling banh chung is the most important step because boiling banh chung will take a lot of time. Must do so that the cake is not pinched, must make sure that the cake does not burn too much, …

Usually banh chung boiled with firewood will be more delicious than usual.

Banh chung to put in the boiling pot needs to be arranged vertically, filled with water and boiled continuously for 8 hours. Before stacking, put the remaining dong leaves under the pot to avoid burning the bottom of the pot when boiling.

Chung cake pack

Put banh chung into the steamer so that you can put the most

When the pot is finished boiling, reduce the heat immediately. We often see in movies in the past there will be images of people sitting watching cakes. It is necessary because the firewood has to fit properly, until the water runs out, it must be added.

When boiling the cake and see that the water is dry, we have to add more boiling water to cover the surface of the cake so that the cake is cooked evenly. The pot of banh chung must also have enough fire to ensure that the water is always boiling and there is no shortage of water. The water to be poured in must be boiling water because cold water will cause the cake to be half cooked and half raw and the rice will be mixed.

4.2. Take the cooked banh chung out of the pot

After boiling, take out the banh chung, wash it with cold water to remove the plastic and drain the water in a dry place, or dry it in the sun. Arrange the cooked banh chung into several layers and find a heavy object to press on, the purpose is to squeeze the cake out and flatten it evenly.

Be careful not to press too hard, it will make the effort of wrapping banh chung wasted. Then hang the cake on a high or dry place in the house to use it longer.

Chung cake pack

The finished product of banh chung if done correctly

Nowadays, we can count how many people have the opportunity to do it themselves Chung cake pack Or sit with my mother and talk about the fire. Today’s more modern and development has also made us gradually forget how to pack banh chung, which has gradually been serviced by the precious traditions of the past. For Vietnamese people, Tet is something very sacred and Tet dishes also play a big role. Banh chung is a dish that always leaves an indelible impression and is a characteristic of the traditional Tet holiday. Therefore, the packaging of banh chung is one of the important things to be handed down. Hope you will be successful with the above package and produce delicious banh chung with hometown flavor!

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Frequently asked questions

Wrapping banh chung is a job that requires patience, meticulousness, and skill. Therefore, it is quite difficult for beginners. You should refer to the simplest way of wrapping in this article.

Tying the cake with a flatbread too tightly, or too loosely, is very easy to damage the cake, resulting in unsatisfactory finished products. The trick for you is to tie the string so that after tying it, you can put a little finger into the string, neither wider nor tighter.

H. During 10-12 hours of cooking, if the temperature is not stable, the cake will be unevenly cooked, easy to be cooked. Therefore, it is necessary to always watch the stove to add fire to the pot of banh chung.

In the preliminary processing stage, soak glutinous rice with juices from green leaves such as glutinous rice or galangal leaves.

You have to take the cake out from the pot, dry it, stack the cake on top of each other and then use a wooden board or other heavy objects to press it, let it sit for about 3-4 hours to let the water run out of the cake, to prevent the cake from becoming mushy.

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