Cách làm trắng da toàn thân cấp tốc bật tone trong 1 tuần

Shynh Beauty is proud to be a brand that provides effective beauty and skin care cosmetics that are highly appreciated by Vietnamese women. Especially skin whitening cream products have never disappointed any girl. With the quick way to whiten the whole body skin with the following set of 3 S-White products, flawless white skin is not far away. Let’s refer to Shynh how to quickly whiten the skin of the whole body and turn on the tone in just 1 week right here.

How to quickly whiten whole body skin in just 1 week with S-White Cosmetics set

S-White Cafe White Bath

You wish to own smooth white skin, attract many eyes and be confident when communicating. You have learned many skin whitening bath products such as white bath powder, Daily whitening shower gel, skin whitening shower gel, … and what is the fastest, safe and effective skin whitening product for you.

Using white bath cream is how to whiten body skin fast Fast, effective and can be done at home easily.

S-White cafe white bath
Using S-White cafe white bath is the first step required in skin whitening (Source: Shynh Beauty)

As everyone knows, White cosmetics stands out with safe skin whitening products, and Cafe S-White white bath cream is one of the bestsellers favored and trusted. Coffee bath with ingredients from pure natural coffee and benign herbal ingredients with whitening effect, selected and produced according to closed technology. Cafe S-White white bath is milky, soft, easily penetrates into the skin epidermis, removes dead skin, fades dark spots, brown and regenerates a new layer of skin to make skin white and smooth.

The use of white bath Cafe S-White

  • S-White coffee white bath is extracted 100% from natural ingredients that are pure coffee, so it is completely benign and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Pure coffee has a deep cleansing effect on the skin, removing dead cells on the skin, creating new cells
  • White bath cream also helps to stimulate the production of anti-aging collagen and elastin support lifting, smoothing wrinkles.
  • Contains AHA Acid as outstanding ingredient has the effect of promoting skin whitening from deep in the epidermis
  • The product is honored to receive a safety certificate from the Korean FDA. In particular, the product is certified by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam to announce product quality.

Own it now S-White cafe white bath as a companion in her beauty process.

With this safe and effective skin whitening effect, the main S-White coffee whitening bath Is one How to whiten body skin fast naturally ear Home for those who want to own naturally smooth white skin. Coffee white bath removes dead skin, stimulates new cells to be produced, now is the golden time to use Body Whitening Cream.

Premium S-White buttermilk body cream

S-White buttermilk body cream
If you want skin as white as milk, smooth as butter, you can’t ignore S-White buttermilk body cream (Source: Shynh Beauty)

When it comes to SWhite ice cream, you can’t help but mention white body cream S-White Buttermilk makes the girls fall in love. Body White Cream Contains main extracts from butter, milk, almond oil combined with honey. These are essential nutrients in any skin care product.

Uses of S-White Butter Body Cream

  • Body cream is extracted from 100% natural butter, suitable for all skin types
  • Your skin will be provided with vitamin E, minerals, and comprehensive moisture
  • The product has a body lotion formula combined with 24-hour moisturizing ability
  • With these advantages, Body Whitening Cream This helps her own bright white skin tone after only 2 weeks of use.

Are you looking for a product that both whitens your skin and has outstanding anti-aging capabilities? S-White Butter Body Cream is the first choice for you.

Body S-White whitening serum

Whiten skin
Your skin will improve quickly thanks to S-White serum (Source: Shynh Beauty)

S-White body whitening serum It is an indispensable product in the skin whitening process. The whitening serum contains whitening nutrients and vitamins that penetrate deep into the skin, helping the skin tone up quickly.

Uses of S-White body whitening serum

  • S-white body whitening serum contains vitamin ingredients such as Vitamins B, B5, C, E, … to help whiten skin and increase moisture absorption
  • Intensive skin care product without stickiness or greasiness
  • In particular, when using Swhite Body Whitening Serum, your skin will have a cool, pleasant scent that is naturally attractive
  • After only a short time of use, you will feel the skin significantly improved, the dark spots will fade and disappear, the skin becomes softer.

Take care of your skin today with Body S-White whitening serum girl!

How to quickly whiten whole body skin at home with natural ingredients

How to whiten body skin quickly naturally with fresh milk

Full body whitening bath with fresh milk helps whiten and soft skin after just one week. Milk contains many essential nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants and effective skin whitening ingredients. You can combine fresh milk with rice bran formula for a full body whitening bath to help whiten skin right after the first bath

  whitening body skin at home fast
Mixture of fresh milk rice bran to whiten skin at home quickly (Source: Internet)


  • Exfoliate dead cells, clean skin
  • Mix 20-30 grams of rice bran with 2 bags of fresh milk
  • Apply the mixture of fresh milk rice bran to the whole body, massage the areas where the skin is uneven
  • Leave for about 10-15 minutes and wash off with clean water
  • Apply whitening body cream to instantly smooth skin
  • Use twice a week to maintain desired results

How to whiten whole body without sunburn with beer

You do not hear wrong, beer is an extremely effective and “hot” skin whitening bath ingredient in recent times that has been reviewed by many beauty bloggers on beauty websites. Beer contains high levels of minerals, vitamins and bleaches fermented from barley to ensure safety, just be patient and you will get the desired results.

how to whiten skin with beer
Skin whitening with beer is a method that is popular with many women (Source: Internet)

It’s very simple to do:

  • Prepare 0.5 liters of draft beer and 2 pureed aspirin tablets (can be purchased at drugstores)
  • Clean the body with warm water, open the pores
  • Mix aspirin powder with beer and apply evenly on the body
  • Massage evenly to help nutrients penetrate evenly into the skin, promoting its effects
  • Take a shower with clean water after 15 minutes and apply whitening cream for the whole body
  • You should do it every 2-3 weeks to see visible results

Things to note when whitening the whole body quickly

  • Do not use chemical peels: You should not because you are too impatient to have white skin quickly, but abuse chemical peeling products. The use of peels not only affects the skin, but also increases the risk of skin cancer.
  • Do not use skin care products of unknown origin: Body lotion helps you quickly get pink and white skin, but you need to choose products of clear origin and quality that have been tested to ensure health. Set of 3 quick skin whitening products Shynh Beauty will be a perfect choice to protect your skin as well as improve beautiful white skin easily.
  • Should exfoliate before white bath
  • Use sunscreen when going out, avoid exposing the skin after white bath to direct sunlight

Shynh Beauty is famous for its safe and effective skin whitening products that will help you quickly own the skin you want. Combined with the above 3 quick skin whitening products, you can apply natural body whitening tips to maintain beautiful, flawless skin. The product not only supports whitening but also a surprisingly effective way to treat dark spots. Shynh Beauty will accompany you on the beauty journey every day.

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