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Lazada’s 7th birthday 2019 brings customers a lot of interesting things, including the super HOT cupcake hunting game. To help you master this game and hunt for many cupcakes, you can exchange for many great discount codes. Then here I will guide you to play this cupcale hunting game. Hint with experience how to hunt more cakes. Find out now!

Instructions to play the cupcake hunting game to redeem a huge discount code

The cupcake hunting game after you watch this tutorial will find it very easy. Lazada lets you choose one of these three games to play, including popping the ball, breaking the cake and slashing the fruit. It’s just a strange name, but it’s all the familiar games we often play :)) Come on, get ready.

Step 1: You need a phone connected to wifi or 3G, the Lazada app is available, if you don’t have one, then Download Lazada app here

Step 2: You open Lazada’s app and then press the button to register an account (with new customers), or log in to an account with old customers

Step 3: You select the item “Lazada Game”, the screen will display 3 games for you to choose.

Step 4: Click on the game you want to try and play, the longer you don’t “die” in each game, the more cupcakes you will receive. But at most 1 time, no matter how good you play, you can only get 3 cupcakes.

Step 5: After collecting enough cupcakes, you can stop by to redeem the discount code, there’s a hot code, 200 cupcakes can be exchanged for a discount code of 7 million!


Instructions to play the ball game on lazada app

You move left and right so that the bullets hit the ball. For example, the ball has the number 2, after the first shot will drop 2 more number 1 balls. You will have to shoot 1 more time and do not let any balls fall.

If you let the ball fall, you lose your turn. I rate this game as the fastest and most difficult to play. As I play, I lose all turns in this game, especially when I can’t hunt any cupcakes, I’m sad, so you should consider choosing this game.


Instructions for playing cupcake hunting game on lazada

After the game loads, click on the start button to play

Your task is to shoot to break the cake in front of you

If you shoot at the other blocks, the game will end and you will lose 1 turn

TIP: This cake-breaking game is easy to play, play forever without seeing death 1 turn, but at most no matter how you play, you can only have 3 cupcakes at a time. And to collect these 3 cupcakes also takes a lot of time. There are even friends who play forever but still can’t get any cake. VOTE 8 points because it’s easy to play but it takes a long time to get 3 cupcakes


Instructions to play the game of cutting fruit to hunt cupcakes on lazada

This game is super familiar to everyone, you have to aim and slash accurately, otherwise after about 3 k slashes, you will lose that turn.

But in return, the advantage of this game is that it’s super fast, it takes less time, and the cupcakes are also a lot. I recommend you to play this game. :))


Game schedule to hunt cupcakes on Lazada

The cupcake hunting game takes place from March 21 to 29. But the discount code can only be used for 3 days March 27 – March 29 only.

The experience is that the earlier you play, the easier the game will be to collect this many cupcakes. Also, if you have the code as early as the 27th, you can use it right away without waiting or missing out on hot deals

Time and conditions to play Lazada cupcake hunting game

The secret and experience of playing the Lazada cupcake hunting game is that you must understand the following points.

The law: Every day Lazada will give you 5 plays, you will have to wait 1 hour after playing all these 5 turns to get 1 extra turn. The number of turns will not increase by 1 turn every hour, so you should time it to play.

This time, Lazada exchanged a lot of hot codes, a variety of codes applied to many products to make everyone happy. I really like this game, it’s easy to play, but I can also change many codes like that

The secret to buying good prices on Lazada’s birthday 2019.

Lazada will open for sale by the hour a lot of Hot products, so you should remember to watch it on time or put the items you want to buy in this cart first. When it’s time to sell, just buy. But not hot goods, the price is still good, it’s just a little slow, but it’s gone.

About the shipping fee, you don’t need to worry, it’s a big game once you play, Lazada applies free shipping for a lot of products priced under 77k too. So we just need to collect rice and wait until Lazada’s birthday party to have fun.

Results of my cupcaake hunting game:

This is the only way to play this ball game

How to redeem gifts after hunting cupcakes

If you can hunt a lot of cupcakes, then go back to lazada’s app => select LazGame and click on the gift exchange as shown in the photo

Here will show details of discount code items along with the number of cupcakes required to redeem. You click on the button “CHANGE POINTS” to see the detailed conditions of that Lazada voucher code

If it makes sense, then press the change button immediately, otherwise, back out to choose again


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