Cần Thơ gây thương nhớ với 9 món đặc sản ngon chính hiệu 2022

Although it is just a snack for Can Tho people, this cake is loved by many people, especially for tourists who are interested in discovering local and natural specialties. Type Cong cake This is usually eaten at 4pm onwards is suitable.

Can Tho causes memories with 10 authentic delicious specialties - Cong cake
Enjoy Cong cake with sliced ​​mango, lettuce and sweet and sour fish sauce

The reason it’s called Cong cake Because of the shape of the mold, the cake is formed, like a drain or easier to imagine than you can think of a coffee filter. With flour ingredients including 3 parts rice flour and 1 part glutinous rice flour, a little flour, green beans, shrimp and pork.

Mix flours with water to make a paste, peeled shrimp along with minced meat. Then heat the oil pan, reduce the heat to medium and put the drain in the pan. Then pour the flour into the drain, add 1 tablespoon of meat and shrimp in, let it rest in the pan until the cake is golden and crispy, then take it out, let the oil drain. Enjoy Cong cake along with sliced ​​mango, lettuce, fish and sweet and sour fish sauce is perfect.

You can find and enjoy the food Cong cake This is everywhere at snack shops in Can Tho.

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