Có nên sử dụng bàn chải điện colgate cho bé hay không

Colgate electric toothbrush has been present in Vietnam market for a long time. With its longstanding outstanding advantages, it always stands on par with other leading brands. The product is suitable for oral care for both adults and children.

Currently, the different lines of Colgate brand electric toothbrushes are still chosen by many people today.

Should I buy a Colgate electric toothbrush?

Electric toothbrushes are always rated as having many good advantages

Using an electric toothbrush helps us clean the entire area of ​​​​the teeth and oral cavity.

It will be able to clean much more than a regular toothbrush.

Moreover, the use of an electric toothbrush also helps you minimize the damage to the gum area, the phenomenon of bleeding gums due to often rubbing the surface of the ordinary brush on the surface of your teeth. me.

Electric toothbrushes get the rating, slightly preferable to regular toothbrushes.

But to be ready to have the best health for your teeth, it is absolutely worth it for you to invest and trust in using an electric toothbrush for both adults and children in the family.

Review of the top 4 best Colgate electric toothbrushes today

If you want to own an electric toothbrush from Colgate, do not ignore the products suggested below.

Colgate Hum electric toothbrush



If you have used other smart electric toothbrushes before, and now use the Colgate Hum electric toothbrush, you will see a complete difference.

The Colgate Hum brush is lighter and feels much more comfortable than other electric toothbrushes.

The Hum brush is more like an incredibly compact manual toothbrush that’s easier to hold and use than a bulky, unwieldy smart electric model.

The hair part of the Hum product is a plus point of this product.

It is very soft and also smaller than other types, which helps users to use the product without root pain and can clean the bottom of the teeth.

The battery of the product when fully charged can be used for about 10 days with regular use.

That’s also quite a long time and is very good, although its use time after fully charged is less than some other smart electric toothbrushes equipped.

Colgate Pro Clinical B150 . electric toothbrush


The Colgate Pro Clinical B150 electric toothbrush confidently brings consumers the most excellent and professional oral care experience.

That’s thanks to the super-soft bristles at the top of the brush that can clean all the way to the roots without pain.

In addition, the product’s compact design with elegant style is also a big plus that helps this brush model become more and more popular and receive a lot of attention from people.

Colgate Smart Electronic Toothbrush E1


This is a version of the first smart electric toothbrush that the manufacturer puts on sale on the Apple Store.

This new version is very smart and can connect remotely with smartphones to help take care of your teeth more effectively.

This toothbrush is designed with modern technology Colgate Smart Electric Toothbrush can clean 5 times more than normal.

In addition, the brush also has a combination of a timer to help you during the brushing process.

In addition, the product is designed with a long battery life, with a full charge of the battery, you can use it for 2 weeks continuously without additional charging.

Colgate Smart Electronic Toothbrush B1 smart electric toothbrush has the following advantages:

  • Can clean up to 5 times more tooth decay
  • With a combination of a smart timer and quad-pacer, the product can also connect very sensitively with a mobile phone.
  • Designed with a very compact appearance, it is easy for users to hold and can be carried anywhere conveniently.
  • The time to use the brush is very long and durable

Colgate Omron ProClinical electric toothbrush

Colgate Omron ProClinical is one of the indispensable Colgate electric toothbrush models on the market in 2020.

The product that can be said to be the best-selling product in 2020 is designed with a slim handle, quite light weight, it brings a very light and pleasant feeling to consumers.

In addition, it also has battery-powered technology, with just one charge, you can use it many times.

This product will be the perfect choice to carry on picnics or even long-distance business trips without worrying about being bulky.

How you choose the best electric toothbrushes

Consumers should prioritize choosing a brush with the American Dental Association (ADA) certification when choosing a brush.

A brush that is ADA-certified must meet all of the following requirements:

Electric brush head parts

You need to pay attention to choose an electric toothbrush with a brush head size that is suitable for your palate, gums and teeth.

It will create comfort and enjoyment for users when using.

Electric toothbrush design

Regarding their designs and colors, feel free to choose the most suitable products for yourself.

It will help you increase the enjoyment of the experience and increase the effectiveness of oral hygiene.

How long do electric toothbrushes last?

In the period of 3-4 months after use, you must replace the brush head with a new one.

As for the body, it depends on the time of use stated on the label (usually 2 years).

Choose a reputable brand electric toothbrush

In order for you to own a good quality product, you should give preference to a reputable brand electric toothbrush like the Colgate electric toothbrush.

Products that are always of clear origin will be guaranteed for quality, warranty and effectiveness for oral hygiene.

You must absolutely not be cheap but choose extremely low-priced products that are not appreciated for high quality, it can have a great impact on your oral health.

Where to buy Colgate electric toothbrush?

Currently, there are many places where you can buy a Colgate electric toothbrush. It can be at the supermarket, convenience store or buy genuine hand-carried goods. For shopping convenience, you can also order on e-commerce platforms such as tiki, Lazada, Shopee…

With the information about the Colgate electric toothbrush I provided above, surely you can understand more about this product, right? Please consider to choose for yourself the right product to protect and care for your teeth.

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