Cúng rằm tháng 7 vào ngày nào, giờ nào tốt nhất? Cách cúng ra sao?

The 7th lunar month is approaching with a lot of events being held. In which, it is impossible not to mention the full moon day of July. So what is the full moon of July and what is its origin? On what day do you offer the full moon in July?, what time in 2021 is the most beautiful and best? All will be answered right in this article.

What is the full moon of July?

Why is July called ghost month?

According to folk beliefs, the full moon of the seventh month is the pardon for the dead: it is the day when the prison door is opened, amnesty for the dead, so there is a ceremony to worship the soul (in the afternoon) for the homeless and homeless. Having relatives on Earth to worship, and the day every prisoner in Hell has the opportunity to have their sins forgiven, to be freed from being born in a peaceful realm.

In “the month of the soul” (July of the lunar calendar), folk custom believes that the month is unlucky and contains taboos, as well as to encourage vegetarianism and charity work. However, there are many traders who believe that the lunar 7th month is also the month to start buying goods to stock up and sell during the Lunar New Year.

The full moon of July is Vu Lan (filial piety ceremony)

Vu Lan (Chinese: 盂蘭, pinyin: Zhōngyuán Jie; sa. ullambana), also understood as the ceremony of filial piety, is one of the main holidays of Buddhism (Northern Mahayana).

Derived from the story of the great filial Bodhisattva Muc Kien Lien who saved his mother from the life of a hungry ghost. Vu Lan is an annual holiday to remember the merits of parents (and ancestors in general) – the parents of this life and of previous lives.

According to the Vu Lan Sutra, in the past, Muc Kien Lien successfully practiced many miracles. His mother, Mrs. Thanh De, has passed away, he remembers and wants to know how she is now, so he uses his magic eyes to look around the world to find. Seeing that his mother, because of many bad karma, had to be born as a hungry ghost, tormented by hunger and thirst, he brought rice down to the ghost realm to offer her. However, due to hunger for a long time, his mother used one hand to cover her rice bowl while eating to prevent other ghosts from coming to rob, so when the food was brought to her mouth, it turned into red fire.

Also according to the Vu Lan-ban Sutra, Muc Lien returned to find Buddha to ask how to save his mother, Buddha taught that: “No matter how generous you are, you will not be able to save your mother. There is only one way through synergy. Only the full moon day of the seventh month is an appropriate day to invite the monks, so make arrangements for offerings on that day.”

Following the Buddha’s words, Muc Lien’s mother was liberated. Buddha also taught that: sentient beings who want to pay filial piety to their parents also in this way (Vu-Lan-Phan Dharma). From there, Vulan festival was born.

The full moon of July is Trung Nguyen New Year (Chinese culture)

In Chinese culture, the full moon day of the seventh lunar month belongs to Xue Zhongyuan and is called Ghost Day (the spirit of the dead) and the seventh month in general is considered the Ma Month (鬼月, Demon Moon), in which ghosts and spirits, including those of deceased ancestors, come from the underworld. Along with Qingming Festival (in spring) and Chong Cuu (in autumn), living descendants pay respects to their deceased ancestors, during Ghost Festival, the dead are said to visit living people.

On the fifteenth day, the realms of heaven and hell and the realm of the living open their doors, and both Taoists and Buddhists perform rituals to transform and relieve the suffering of the deceased.

The meaning of ghosting the full moon of July

According to the Vietnamese folk tradition of ancestor worship. This day is the day “Apologize for the Dead” So many houses have a tray of rice offerings right in front of the house. To worship the helpless souls without family, also called according to folklore. As “offering to the soul, “offering food” (giving food).

On this day, every family offers two trays of rice. Worshiping ancestors at the ancestral altar and making offerings to living beings (offering food or worshiping spirits). In the front yard or on the sidewalk (if the road is wide)

In the North, people often worship before the full moon day of July. Because the Buddha will pardon the dead within 1 day on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month (the full moon of the 7th month), all souls including sinful and evil yaksha are free. So if we worship the elders on this day, we are afraid that these spirits will destroy us, bring more evil soldiers and ghosts into our house even though we have offered porridge for them, so they may not receive anything. sacrificed grandchildren.

According to folklore, on the full moon day of July, many souls will be “released” to roam, so if we turn votive paper on this day, we will be robbed and snatched away loved ones. Therefore, on clothes and furniture, the recipient’s name will usually be clearly marked, when worshiping, also read the name and ask the permission of the local gods to allow the deceased to receive the goods, make offerings first and transform them in advance so that relatives can easily receive them. .

Full moon in July

What is the best day and time to offer the full moon in July?

Offering the full moon of the 7th month will take place from the 2nd to the 14th day of the lunar calendar without regard to good or bad because the ancients often think that from the 2nd to the 14th day of the 7th lunar month will be the time when Pluto is born. to open the Devil Gate, so that the spirits can return to the Yangtze and enjoy the offerings that the people sacrifice. You can choose any date according to your reasonable time arrangement as long as it is before the 15th day of the lunar calendar.

July 15 will be the cut-off date of that “opening” period, so it will be difficult for the negative people to “return” or not be able to receive worship items. Or there is also the notion that on the full moon day of July, many souls will be “released” to roam, the elderly may not receive anything from their descendants. Therefore, people often have the habit of worshiping the full moon in the previous July, and this habit is formed from generation to generation. In many places, it is common to worship the full moon of July on the 13th or 14th

Many people also have the question that at what time is the appropriate time to worship the full moon of the month of July, the answer will be l.Vu Lan prays for help and pays filial piety to the ancestors, so it should be done during the day worship around noon, around 11am to 12pm so that ancestors can better receive the offerings of their descendants. Still The worshiping ceremony should be done in the evening. The special thing to note is that the tray of offerings to the soul should be placed in the yard, not outside the door and must end before 12pm.

What is included in the offering of the full moon in July, how to prepare it properly?

Buddha’s table is the altar of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, usually worshiped in each house. The full moon of July is a big holiday for Buddhists, also Vu Lan festival, which comes from the virtue of Muc Kien Lien who sacrificed his life to save his mother.

For worshiping the Buddha’s table, you only need to prepare a tray of vegetarian rice or a simple tray of five fruits to worship the Buddha, and should usually be offered during the day. After making offerings, the Buddha offering tray will usually be enjoyed by the family at home.

How to make offerings to Buddha for the full moon of the month of July

Offering in the house, also known as worshiping gods and ancestors, will usually include a tray of salty offerings. Should prepare a decent offering tray, diverse dishes with nutritious, fresh and clean foods, showing respect and gratitude to ancestors.

Savory offerings usually include dishes such as sticky rice, boiled chicken, soup, rice, braised fish, stir-fried dishes, mannequins, etc. Accompanied by fruits, flowers, water, wine, incense, candles, votive papers and other dishes. Items for the underworld made of symbolic paper such as clothes, shoes,…

How to worship the ancestors for the full moon of the month of July

Outdoor offerings, also known as offerings to sentient beings or offerings to spirits, are for the purpose of giving alms to lost souls who have lost their fortunes and have no home or shelter.

If you are still wondering on which day to worship the full moon of the seventh month, spiritual experts recommend that you worship in the evening from the 2nd of July to the 14th of the 7th lunar month due to the notion that this is the time of the spirits. are on their way back to hell so it’s the best time to make offerings.

The tray of offerings to sentient beings usually includes the following offerings:

  • Rice salt (1 dish will be sprinkled on the sidewalk or yard of the house in four directions and eight directions after the offering is complete).
  • Thinly cooked white porridge (12 small cups).
  • Fruit (5 kinds of 5 colors).
  • All kinds of popcorn, cake, candy.
  • 12 sugar cards.
  • Clothes of sentient beings with many colors (blue, green, yellow, pink…).
  • Bare money (real money, usually change) and votive.
  • 3 water (or 3 small glasses), incense and candles.

How to worship outdoors on the full moon of July

An important note of the worshiping ceremony should be vegetarian. According to folk beliefs, offering salty food will arouse greed, hatred, and delusion of spirits.

The offering tray is usually placed outdoors, when offering gold coins, it will be spread evenly on the tray, besides, it is indispensable for all kinds of incense and agarwood used in the offerings to each direction East, West, South, North 3-5. or 7 incense sticks.

At the end of the worshiping ceremony, rice and salt are scattered on the yard or on the street, followed by burning of votive paper.

Worshiping songs, how to do the full moon ceremony in July for all types of families

1. Praying to the gods on the full moon of the month of July

Namo Amitabha Buddha (3 times)

I bow to the nine heavens, to the buddhas of the ten directions, to the buddhas of the ten directions.

I respectfully bow to Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, Reverend Muc Kien Lien.

Today is the full moon day of July…….

Our trustee is….

Reside at…….

Sincerely arrange flowers, offerings and offerings, and display them in front of the court.

We sincerely pay respects to the new Venerable Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, Reverend Muc Kien Lien.

We sincerely invite Mr. Kim Nien in charge of Thai Tue Chi Duc Ton Than, Mr. Canh Canh Thanh, Emperor of Great Kings, Mr. Indigenous Spirit of the Earth Land, Mr. Ban Gia Tao Quan and all the governing gods. in this area.

I beg you to come down to sit on the throne, examine and testify.

Now meet Vu Lan, the day the deceased is pardoned. We are grateful to the Three Jewels, the protection of Buddha and the gods, the great merits, and now we do not know how to repay.

Therefore, we respectfully offer silver offerings, express our sincerity, and wish to receive them. Bless us and keep us and the whole family healthy, young and old at peace, with one heart towards the righteous path, prosperity and prosperity, family religion.

Open your heart sincerely, bow to witness!

Namo Amitabha Buddha (3 times).

2. Ancestor’s vows on the full moon of the seventh month

Namo Amitabha Buddha (3 times).

I bow to the nine heavens, to the buddhas of the ten directions, to the buddhas of the ten directions.

I pay respects to my ancestors and the spirits of the incense.

Our trustee is….

Reside at….

Today is the full moon day of the seventh month of the year…. On the occasion of meeting Vu Lan on the occasion of Trung Nguyen, we remember our ancestors who gave birth to us, built an inheritance, built a foundation for humanity, so that we now enjoy the yin virtue.

We feel grateful for the virtue of the wise isle, thanks to the hard work of heaven and the sea, so our faithful will fix the offerings, incense, flowers, tea, fruit, honeysuckle, gold and silver, light incense sticks, and pay respects to the Cao Tang ancestors. Cao Cao, Cao Tang To Ty, Ba Thuc De Huynh, Co Di, Ty Muoi and all the spirits in their clans, outsiders….

I pray that you have mercy on your children and grandchildren, appear sacred, witness your sincerity, enjoy the offerings, bless your children and grandchildren with health and peace, good fortune, prosperity, all good things, family religion, Hung Long, direction. about orthodox.

We worship sincerely, before the ceremony, bow to be protected and maintained.

Namo Amitabha Buddha (3 times)

3. Vows to sentient beings on the full moon of the seventh month

Namo Amitabha Buddha (3 times).

I bow to the nine heavens, to the buddhas of the ten directions, to the buddhas of the ten directions.

I bow to Amitabha Buddha

I bow to Bodhisattva Guanyin.

I bow to the God of the Gods of the Gods of the Conquerors.

July period is about to fall

Full moon day of pardoning the dead of the sea

Yin bow opens the prison door

The spirit has no door and no home

Great Holy Teaching – Ananda Venerable

Receiving sentient beings without graves, without graves in the four directions

The tree stump at the top of the street

No refuge, night and day wandering

Hungry and cold all year round

Do not wear thin clothes – cover the pig’s face

The spirit of the north east west

Young and old, boys and girls come here to join the union

Now listen to the invitation of the faithful

Lai Lam received all the words before and after

Rice soup with betel nut and betel nut

Gold coins, clothes, red and blue

Salted rice is really a flower

Bring some for tomorrow

Blessing the owner of fortune

Peace, prosperity, harmony

Remember the day of pardon of the dead

Returning to the faithful, sincerely inviting

Now enjoy it

Take each other old and young to the negative part

Believers burn honeysuckle

Along with the divided clothes

Regards to the god

Proof of merit

For my trustee

Name is:………………………………




Residing at: ……………………..

Here’s everything you need to know about What is the full moon day of July, what is the best time to worship the full moon in July, how to prepare the full moon worshiping tray in July and the most standard offering. Hopefully you can apply this useful information in your life to get good things.

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