Đừng vội thuê xe máy Đà Nẵng khi chưa đọc bài viết này.

Renting a motorbike in Da Nang will save you a lot of money. Not to mention traveling by motorbike will help you discover more, check in and take photos more interesting. However, do not rush to rent a car without reading this article.

The air in Da Nang is very airy, the air is fresh and dust-free like in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and the roads are wide and less congested. Therefore, many people choose motorbikes as a means of transportation during their travels in Da Nang. To meet this demand, there are many addresses, units and motorbike rental companies opened. But not all Da Nang motorbike rental addresses are good. So I have summarized my experience in detail and shared it with you

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Experience of renting motorbikes in Da Nang you need to know

Is the road in Da Nang difficult to go?

The roads in Da Nang city are wide, open and beautiful. They plan according to foreign architecture more than houses, so you can rest assured to move without worrying about traffic jams. Not to mention the air in Da Nang is very clean and fresh. Don’t worry about getting pimples if you go without wearing a mask ^^

If you intend to go to Hai Van pass or go to Son Tra peninsula, you need to pay attention that the driver needs to have a hard steering wheel because the road is a steep pass. In particular, you should rent a car with a number and carefully check the car before leaving.

Why should you rent a motorbike in Da Nang?

There are 4 reasons for you to rent a motorbike in Da Nang:

1. Tourist sites in Da Nang are suitable for traveling by motorbike

Fun places around Da Nang such as Ba Na, Hoi An ancient town or Hai Van pass are quite close at just under 30km. Traveling by motorbike is not only active and economical, but also enjoys many more views.

There are a few remote spots such as Vinper Nam Hoi An or My Son Sanctuary, which are more than 60km away, so you should choose to buy a tour, it will be better than going on your own – See the tours here

Personally, when I go to Da Nang for 4 days and 3 nights, I stay in the center of Da Nang for 2 nights, the room price is about 700k. I only have 1 night left to book at Cocobay 550k, the purpose is to play in Hoi An late at night 🙂


2. Cost saving

Compared to choosing to travel by taxi or rent a tourist car in Da Nang, the motorbike rental price is super cheap.

A motorbike a day you only pay about 100k to 120k and petrol is only 50k, you can run around the city to eat at restaurants or go to Ba Na, Hoi An…all ok. 2 friends 1 car divided for less than 100k 1 person 1 day.

Meanwhile, renting a 4-seater car for 3 hours, you have to pay nearly 800k already, and going to Ba Na is 460k for 1 trip, not even returning. Not to mention they follow the route you set, if you want to go to Hai Van pass, you will not be able to move or cars cannot stop at the places you like.

Therefore, renting a motorbike in Da Nang is not only popular with young people, but in the summer, when my parents go to travel, they still choose to ride that motorbike 🙂


3. Freedom, more comfortable

Renting a car you will have to time or many places that cars cannot move to. So renting a motorbike you will be free to go anywhere you want. As I rent a car, I just like to go see the sunrise on the sea, or the sunset at Hai Van pass, Da Nang city at night on the top of Son Tra. This is also the reason why I come back from a trip to Da Nang and always have a lot of beautiful and unique photos.

Rent a car for example Ban Co peak in Son Tra they will not take you up. But renting a taxi is very expensive. Hai Van Pass is the same, the places with beautiful scenery are places where cars cannot go up…..

4. There are many public parking spots in Da Nang

One thing I really like when traveling to Da Nang is that the beaches, sightseeing areas or hotels all have very large parking spaces. Even free parking. Security also ensures freshness, even when unattended.

car rental

How much does it cost to rent a motorbike in Da Nang?

The average price of motorbike rental in Da Nang is 100k/day (scooters will be more expensive than digital cars), renting for many days will be cheaper.

In addition to the car rental service by day, they also rent cars by the hour, but I have never rented in that form, so I do not know the price. So you can call the information below to inquire.

Car rental service in Da Nang is very convenient, they deliver the car anywhere you want (free of course). There are many parties that also offer bonus raincoats, maps, drinking water, and are generally very friendly and enthusiastic.

Prestigious motorbike rental address in Da Nang

Here are reputable Da Nang motorbike rental addresses that I personally and my friends have used, such as:

1. Da Nang motorbike rental in Divui: This is an online car booking, a big name company, so it’s very professional. The car booking price is a bit higher than outside, but the car is new and guaranteed – View details

  • Car rental price: 124k/day
  • Scooter rental price: 176k/day

2. Binh Minh motorbike rental by Mr. Khoa, a Quang Nam native living in Da Nang: 0986.862.986 – 0938.00.68.43.

Address of Binh Minh car rental company: 36 Ta My Duat, Son Tra, Da Nang (convenient for you to rent motorbikes near Dragon Bridge, My Khe beach, Son Tra district)

Car rental price:

  • 1 day 120k/day
  • 2 days is 110k/day
  • 3 days is 100k/day
  • 4 days is 90k/day
  • From 5 days or more is 80k/day (Sirius, Wave S, Wave RSX)

For Air Blade vehicles:

  • 1 day is 180k/day
  • Rent for 2 days is 160k
  • 3 days is 150k
  • 4 days is 140k
  • From 5 days or more is 130k / day.

3. Dat Phat motorbike rental company of Mr and Mrs. Cuong 0947.080.083, Ms. Oanh 0988.60.30.20. Your family supports free car delivery at the airport, bus station, train station and hotels in Da Nang city regardless of day or night. Same service as other car hirers

Address: 75 Huynh Tan Phat (right near the airport, convenient to rent and return a car, you should call before going to the airport for Mr. Cuong to deliver it to your place!)

The price of the car is from 80 to 120k / day.

Note: Remember to tell Cuong to choose the new and best car


4. Da Nang motorbike rental service – Nguyen Hoang. Phone number 0975,048,408 – 0986,520,065 (call, zalo, viber are okay).

Mr. Hoang rents digital cars and scooters such as: Jupiter, Sirius, Wave, RSX, Airblade, Honda Vision, Lead, Nouvo…

The company’s address is near the Dragon Bridge, so it’s free to deliver cars at the airport, train station, hotels in the city, along the coast… Give a raincoat, map, 1 liter of petrol and water for you guys! This is cool 🙂

  • Car rental price from 80-120k/day.
  • Scooter rental price is from 120-150k/day.

5. Motorbike rental service in Da Nang, Mr. Hung’s garage. Free delivery at the airport, bus station, train station. Hotline 0903 40 60 39 – 0915 922 439

Address: 21 Le Quang Dao

  • Car rental price from 80-120k/day.
  • Scooter rental price is from 120-150k/day.

6. Indigenous Travel Service Company. Contact: 0935.139,979 (phone, Zalo, Viber) Ms. Van. Ms. Van also offers free advice on travel schedules, places to visit, and cheap meals for guests here. Suitable for those who go for the first time

Address: Tran Khanh Du, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang.

Da Nang car rental price is also from 80k/day (counting 1 day is 24 hours guys)

7. Huu Long motorbike rental service: Contact: 0962.200.179 Mr. Khoi.

This facility is also very reputable, cheap, good car, free delivery to the airport, train station, hotel. The car here is very new, climbing the pass, climbing the slope is very strong. Especially, Mr. Khoi is very young, so he is very dedicated to guiding customers when renting a car and enthusiastically supporting when there is an incident (especially for girls, discounts too). When renting a car with Mr. Khoi, you also get 1 liter of petrol, a raincoat, and a tourist map from him.

Address: Nguyen Van Thoai Street, close to My Khe beach.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/chothuexemayDaNangHuuLong/

Instructions for motorbike rental procedures and troubleshooting

To rent a motorbike in Da Nang, you need a ID card, a driver’s license and cash to order (usually 500k/car or better when you choose a good car). These are the basic factors you must prepare fully before they rent a car. So don’t forget it.

The experience of booking a car is that you should call them in advance so they can prepare, for example, before boarding the plane, you text the time you get off so they can bring the car out for you. Remember to clearly state where you need to deliver the car and ask what car you want to rent. This will avoid long waiting times or improper delivery.

car rental

Note: You should choose a digital car instead of a scooter because high tourist attractions like Ba Na, Linh Ung Pagoda, Son Tra… are mostly steep passes. So driving a car will be safer and save more gas.

How to choose the best Da Nang motorbike rental

Although car rental companies all support when you have problems while you rent a car. However, it is better to check first to ensure your safety than to go and fix the problem, right? The points you need to check are the front and rear brakes, lights, turn signals, locking collar, trunk, especially the tires.

Therefore, it is better that you go directly to the car rental place to rent, otherwise it will be a waste of time to go back and change the car.

Check the car before renting a motorbike

When your car has a problem, please call the unit you rent the car immediately. They will guide you to solve it in time. Staff is always on call so you can call anytime. DO NOT arbitrarily bring their car to repair or else it will be troublesome.

Do not enter the outermost lane (car lane)

In Da Nang, you should pay attention that the road usually has 3 lanes, you should not take the leftmost lane (because it is a dedicated lane for cars).

You should stay in your lane and obey the traffic laws. If you have committed a violation, calmly handle it, on the one hand, immediately call the Da Nang motorbike rental company to notify them so they can have a solution, on the other hand tell the traffic police you are a tourist. This is the first time coming to Da Nang and renting a motorbike to visit Da Nang, so if you are not familiar with the road, please show your contract with the car rental company to the traffic police to see if they understand. Da Nang traffic police are very cute, so maybe they will sympathize, just remind and let you go, guide you on the right path.


Stay calm when meeting the traffic police

If the police insist on sanctioning the violation, you should urgently call the motorbike rental company (the company you rent the car), the company will send someone to bring the vehicle documents to solve together with you. (However, before that, you should ask them to forgive you first.)

You should notice in Da Nang there are several one-way streets: Bach Dang, Tran Phu, Phan Chau Trinh, Nguyen Chi Thanh. However, you should learn carefully about Da Nang traffic before joining to ensure safety.

Notes when renting a motorbike in Da Nang

Ask carefully about the pick-up and drop-off locations: Take the initiative to make an appointment at the airport or bus station / pier. Where is the most convenient place for you, you tell the car rental unit

Check the car before receiving: whether the steering wheel is easy to control (old cars will be hard to control), the brakes are fine, the lights and incense burners are on, does the car have mirrors, are the tires damaged? worn out, does the horn sound, does the car lock still work well (many cars have broken locks that are easy to lose keys)…

Call the motorbike rental company in Da Nang as soon as you arrive at the airport / pier so you don’t have to wait for a long delivery. Usually the delivery time will be 30 minutes.

Bring full identification: ID card (or passport), driver’s license, and ~500k deposit to complete car rental procedures. Regarding the deposit and procedures, you should also call to ask in advance to prepare documents.

Remind the car rental unit to bring a quality helmet. Often they will lend you a raincoat and give you a tourist map.

If you are stopped by the traffic police in Da Nang (because of a wrong lane error, or a red light) you can show the car contract and say you are a tourist, please ignore it. Da Nang police are known for being kind, so usually you’ll just be reminded and given away. If the worst case scenario, you are still fined (usually the error is too serious) you call the car hirer to have them bring the original documents to solve!

The article about sharing my experience of renting a motorbike in Da Nang ends here. Hope this information will be useful for your trip.

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