Ga chống thấm loại nào tốt? Gợi ý Top 10+ drap chống thấm tốt nhất

waterproof gas is now commonly used because it is more convenient than ordinary gas and drapes. This is a new trend of modern families today, especially families with young children. If you want to find out what type of waterproof bed sheet is good before buying, this article can help you. Stay tuned to learn more about this gas!

Waterproof sheets

What is waterproof ga?

This is a bed sheet with a very special structure, with good waterproof features. When you eat and drink on the bed sheet and accidentally spill it, the sheet will not get wet. You just need to use a clean cloth to clean the product as before.

This type of sheet also overcomes the situation of children wetting the bed in bed. Cleaning will become easy, it will not penetrate the mattress. You won’t need to do heavy laundry every time the gas gets wet. The product is suitable for people with busy lives.

Criteria for choosing waterproof sheets and sheets

Material, substance out waterproof

Currently on the market waterproof bed sheets are made from 4 types of materials below:

  • Synthetic fiber: made from polyester fabric, coated with a thin rubber layer to prevent liquid from seeping into the mattress. This gas line is easy to clean and maintain
  • Cotton material: Made from 100% natural cotton, soft and smooth, suitable for the body of Vietnamese people. The underside of the product is often covered with young rubber to best protect mattresses, beds, cribs, cribs, etc. As a result, users will feel comfortable and comfortable throughout 4 seasons compared to synthetic materials. . Although the price is slightly higher, it is still at a reasonable level in line with the average income of the vast majority of Vietnamese consumers.
  • Soft silk: Various fabric designs, many delicate textures. This mattress line is dustproof, breathable, so when you use it, you will feel comfortable. However, the cost will be quite high
  • Cotton mixed with silk: This product line is a combination of cotton and silk with good elasticity, suitable thickness, cool, soft, does not cause hot tunnel, especially does not make noise when turning. Fabric has a long life, no plastic smell causing dizziness, headache, nausea. You can choose between hand washing, machine washing, dry cleaning, so it’s easy to clean and maintain. However, this line of gas is not really waterproof, more resistant to dirt and parasites.

Waterproof throttle design

This type of gas consists of 2 main types of designs: patterned gas and non-textured smooth gas. If you are someone who likes a simple layout, a monochromatic station without texture is suitable. And the products have cumbersome designs, colorful colors suitable for children.

Waterproof sheets

Brand of waterproof sheets

The most popular brands specializing in producing waterproof sheets today are goodmama, Everon, LIDACO,… These names are all extremely close to consumers. The quality of the products is also guaranteed because they have been trusted by many buyers for many years.

Purchase address waterproof bed sheet

Currently, there are many addresses providing fake waterproof bed sheet products. To prevent this, you should choose a reputable address to ensure that you are buying genuine products. The tiki, shopee Mall, Lazada Mall, … are the shopping addresses that are highly appreciated for their reputation.

Price of waterproof bed sheet

Waterproof gas products are sold with prices ranging from 200,000 VND – 400,000 VND depending on the brand. Monochrome gas products are cheaper than patterned products. You should carefully consider products that are too cheap before buying because they may be fake.

Rate the top 10+ of the best waterproofing stations today

1. High-grade waterproof PT Drap

High-quality Vietnamese-made PT waterproofing station is receiving the trust of most families today. Applying modern technology, using dual technology Nano silver and primary TPU, PT station is especially safe for babies and children. Using PT waterproof Drap, you will no longer worry about the strong smell of plastic, or the rustling sound



  • Soft and airy cotton elastic sheet does not cause back pain
  • The surface of the fabric is coated with Nano silver, which is waterproof and antibacterial, so stains are quickly wiped clean and dry
  • Tested and certified for quality and safety by Vinacontrol
  • Materials meet European green standards (Bluesign).


  • Products are easily counterfeited, so you need to be careful to find the right genuine dealer to buy
  • Price ranges: 300,000 VND -> 500,000 VND depending on the size of the mattress.

2. LoveMama . Waterproofing Station

This is a product made from Cotton fabric, the bottom of the Cotton fabric is coated with an absolute waterproof TPU film of 99%, the TPU film is used in medicine, so it is extremely safe for babies and children, the top side is protected. coated with a layer of Nano, Nano inhibits bacterial respiration, kills bacteria, prevents bacteria from nesting on the mattress to protect the mattress even if you don’t sleep, thanks to the Nano layer that helps dirt not stick to the fabric. Cleaning the gas is very easy.

Size 1m, 1m2, 1m4, 1m6, 1m8, 2m, 2m2, … sew according to the required size.


  • No bad smell, no rustling sound when moving, diverse textures, many designs, staffs are professionally trained, so the advice is very enthusiastic and thoughtful, advantages for after-sales and maintenance. product implementation.
  • Material from soft cotton fabric, cool, does not cause heat or secret when lying down.
  • Nano prevents and does not allow dirt to stick to the gas surface, even though it is difficult to clean and easy to clean.
  • Comfortable, carefree washing machine, high product durability from 3-5 years.
  • There is a certificate of safety for children and relevant documents about a reputable company.
  • Self-manufacturing factory should have all sizes according to your mattress measurements.
  • 6 months warranty.


Price from 200,000 VND to 380,000 VND (depending on mattress size)

3. WOODa waterproof Goodmama

Goodmama waterproof bed sheet is the leading famous product in the market. The product has a lovely design, suitable for children from 4 to 15 years old. Don’t miss this good quality Vietnamese product.

Waterproof sheets

Different size have different price


  • Using TPU filter membrane imported from Germany, the waterproofing ability is high up to 99.99%. Whether you spill soft drinks or alcohol, just wipe it off with a towel.
  • The main material is cotton fabric to bring comfort when sleeping
  • Although the fabric is soft, it does not cause mold and good antibacterial. Does not affect the quality of the mattress below.
  • The product is safe for children, even for babies’ delicate skin
  • Has a high durability of 2-3 years

Defect: The price of the product is not cheap.

4. Waterproof bed sheet Lidaco

Lidaco is a popular waterproof gas line today. The product is water resistant and easy to maintain. Just fold it compactly and store it in a drawer, taking up no space. The product is also suitable for travel for easy use.

Waterproof sheets


  • Crafted from polyester fabric makes the product more durable. The top of the throttle is covered with a thin layer of high-grade plastic. This makes the product more water resistant.
  • Equipped with modern technology to control the odor of water on bed sheets. When cleaned carefully, it will not leave an unpleasant odor.
  • No wrinkle after repeated use.

Defect: Man-made fiber material is water resistant but not soft.

5. WOODa waterproof Viet Hung

Viet Hung makes the bottom surface made of soft cotton yarn when lying down. The top is a layer of young rubber with high waterproofing ability. This combination brings comfort and quality to the product.

Waterproof sheets

Price varies by size


  • The young rubber layer has thousands of tiny holes to make the gas have good ventilation.
  • Do not let dust and dirt contaminate the bottom mattress.
  • Very fast drying, the water on the gas surface will be easily removed when wiping.
  • Has a simple plaid design, suitable for everyone’s room.

Defect: Do not dry the product to quickly dry it because it will damage the product.

6. Muso Waterproof Drap

Muso waterproofing station is a high-end product of Vietnam. The products of this brand are all created from high quality imported raw materials. Along with that is the use of foreign technology. So these waterproof gas products have both beautiful designs and good quality.

Waterproof sheets


  • Equipped with a strong elastic band to fix the mattress. Therefore, when used, it does not cause jolts or wrinkles.
  • The top of the product is covered with a high-grade TPU layer. This is a special material used in medicine. So it has very good waterproofing ability to prevent tiny water droplets from falling on the mattress.
  • The product has a high smoothness and softness when lying down, very comfortable whether in summer or winter.
  • Available in blue with many cartoon motifs suitable for children.

Defect: Do not use an iron or a dryer for this product.

7. Hoang Thien Ha cotton waterproof sheet

This type of waterproof sheet is a product of Hoang Thien Ha brand. This is a Vietnamese manufacturer specializing in providing pillow and mattress products. The products of this company are very diverse, suitable for the whole family.

Waterproof sheets

Price varies by size


  • When lying down, it creates a feeling of not rustling but very soft and smooth, bringing you to a peaceful sleep.
  • The fabric is of good quality, does not fade or change quality after washing.
  • This type of gas has good elasticity, so when lying on the gas, it does not wrinkle or move.
  • Has a modern design with blue and white stripes that is both beautiful and strong, suitable for men. This design of the station is still suitable for girls.
  • Products are available in different sizes. You can choose the option you like to fit your needs.

Defect: The price of the product is quite high.

8. Amzo Waterproof Drap

Amzo waterproofing station is a Vietnamese product, produced by the same brand name. The product will solve the trouble of dirty beds quickly. From there, it helps you dispel the worry of having to wash your sheets and mattress regularly, reducing your burden.

Waterproof sheets


  • Has the ability to fight harmful bacteria on gas. When spilled with water or dirt, just wipe it with a clean cloth, without worrying about harmful bacteria.
  • The product does not block dust, preventing layers of dust from penetrating under the mattress.
  • High durability, long service life.
  • There are many different sizes, easy to choose the right product for you.

Defect: The design of this bed sheet is somewhat cheesy, not suitable for adults.

9. Phu Dat waterproof station

This waterproof bed sheet is a product of Vietnam’s Phu Dat brand. This product is very suitable for children and the elderly. You will not need to wash many times, the bed sheet will always be clean and breathable.

Waterproof sheets


  • Has high water resistance, good breathability, antibacterial. Your sleep will always be comfortable by the soft cotton fabric.
  • With affordable prices, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to still own a good product.
  • Includes 4 colors: pink, blue, yellow, purple, so users have more choices when buying.

Defect: not as durable as more expensive products.

10. Thien An waterproof station

This waterproof blanket is made to take good care of a baby’s sleep. This is a product of Vietnam’s Thien An company, made of quality fabric. From there to help waterproof, the baby’s vomiting, eating beans, bed wetting will not make the mattress dirty.

Waterproof sheets

Price varies by size


  • It’s both waterproof and dustproof, breathable, and won’t get stuck when lying down
  • The product is firmly fixed to the mattress. So even if the baby runs and jumps on the bed, he won’t have to worry about the sheets being deviated.
  • Saves the effort of cleaning the product, giving you more free time to do other things.
  • You can use a washing machine to clean, no need to wash hands like some other products.

Defect: pink with a feminine bear pattern not suitable for men.

11. Lidaco waterproof bed

This waterproofing station is a product of the brand of the same name originating in Vietnam. This product is not only water resistant but also has a nice design. Thus, it will help to decorate the interior space of your bedroom.

Waterproof sheets

Price varies by size


  • Equipped with a TPU membrane, also known as a breathing membrane. This type of material is very waterproof and very safe.
  • High quality soft cotton fabric, so it won’t be ruffled when washed, can be used for a long time.
  • Products are available in many sizes to suit the needs of each member of the family.
  • When lying down, it feels cool, not hot or secret even when used in summer.
  • Features a blue design, elegant and trendy textures.

Defect: prone to wrinkling of other products.

Above are general reviews of the most famous waterproofing stations today. Each product is extremely high quality and easy to use. Hopefully, through the information above, you will find the right bed sheet for you.

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