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Damaged skin is something that no one wants. Before the beauty ads with medicinal alcohol, many people mistakenly believed and now have a headache to find a way to restore the skin after using medicinal alcohol. Understanding your worries, Shynh Beauty will immediately share 5 ways to restore skin after using alcohol effectively.

How to restore the skin after using alcohol
Alcohol is a wrong, unproven beauty method (Source: Internet)

Skin condition after using alcohol drugs

According to a group of experts, dermatologists, beauty tinctures are made from herbs, have the function of whitening skin, treating acne is unscientific. This is a beauty method that leaves many harmful effects, causing direct damage to the user’s skin. Before learning How to restore the skin after using alcoholwe need to know how the skin condition has used medicinal alcohol:

  • Thins the skin’s epidermis, making it easy to catch the sun.
  • Appears red, easy to appear skin inflammation, allergies, causing burning, itching.
  • Facial swelling, pain, discomfort.
  • Dry, flaky skin that causes itching and burning pain.
  • Hospitalization due to burns, facial disfigurement, large scar formation, tanning.
peeling skin
Alcohol makes the skin deeply damaged and requires hospitalization if severe inflammation (Source: Internet)

5 fastest ways to recover skin after using medicinal alcohol 2020

Here are 5 ways to restore skin you should refer to if your skin is damaged by the use of medicinal alcohol.

#1 Stop using alcohol

The first thing to do is to stop using this toxic drug immediately. Because you have used medicinal alcohol, your skin layer will be weak and thin. Therefore, your skin needs time to clean and detoxify. At this time, the facial skin needs a new skin care process to provide nutrients deep into the inner cell layer. The product lines with natural ingredients will support the purification and regeneration of the skin safely.

#2 Detoxification is a way to restore the skin after using alcohol

After being thinned by alcohol, the skin will become sensitive and susceptible to damage from the effects of the surrounding environment. Before this sign, How to restore the skin after using alcohol Urgent is You need to quickly detoxify the amount of alcohol used on your face by the following 2 ways:

  • Drink lemonade/green tea

Drinking lemon juice or green tea water every day can help your body get rid of harmful wastes from deep within the body. At this time, you should drink these 2 types of water a little more than usual to speed up the elimination process.

Facial steaming with herbs is also a way to eliminate toxins underneath the pores. Raw materials for sauna should use herbs such as lemongrass, ginger, perilla leaves, oregano. You can use this method just like how to steam face to treat acne Twice a week to filter toxins on the face.

facial steaming
Herbal steam is a way to detox your face (Source: Internet)

#3 Proper skin hygiene

In addition to detoxifying on the face, one of the How to restore the skin after using alcohol You also need to practice proper facial hygiene. The first days, you should use physiological saline or green tea water to clean the skin. Remember that you are not allowed to wear makeup these days. After the skin condition is more stable, you can apply skin care steps Standard includes:

Step 1: Start removing makeup with specialized products.

Step 2: Use a good face wash.

Step 3: Use a toner to balance the skin.

Step 4: Use a special serum to solve the problem.

Step 5: Use face moisturizer.

Step 6: Use a layer of sunscreen to protect your skin before going out.

Wash your face properly
Proper facial hygiene will help skin quickly improve (Source: Internet)

#4 Use products that restore and regenerate skin

Serum is a solution containing effective skin care or special treatment essence. There are many types of serums with different properties and effects. Special treatment serum is considered a How to restore the skin after using alcohol It’s quite good because the serum has a thin, light texture, has the ability to penetrate quickly, helping to treat the skin more deeply and comprehensively.

When using nourishing mask To restore the skin after using alcohol, the mask sheet will absorb the old horny layer, dead cells on the skin layer, helping the skin to breathe more. Besides, the mask also provides nutrients, moisturizes, and treats damage to soothe sore spots on the face.

Masks can be applied 1-2 times per day (Source: Internet)

#5 Protect skin from bad effects

Your skin is subjected to a lot of environmental influences every day, directly affecting your skin and specifically your face. With facial skin in the process of treatment, these effects will be more harmful than you think. They can make skin conditions worse. Therefore, after performing the How to restore the skin after using alcohol then you need to create an extra layer of protection for the skin.

If just covering your face with a mask is not enough, you should use more sunscreen to keep the skin condition under treatment stable. Most of today’s sunscreens use natural hyaluronic acid, organic essences that help maintain moisture, hydrate and protect the skin effectively. You can use skin care sunscreen After using a special treatment serum.

How to restore the skin after using alcohol
Use sunscreen to protect your skin before going out! (Source: Internet)

Things to do when applying how to restore skin after using medicinal alcohol

  • Limit touching and strong impact on the skin

Frequently touching your face is a bad habit that you need to quit immediately. Touching your face not only makes you susceptible to the risk of colds, flu, Corona virus, but also easily makes the facial skin strongly affected, irritated, causing inflammation for existing wounds. In addition, bacteria in the jewelry you carry on your hands will also easily reach and cause disease on your face.

  • Eat scientifically and regularly cleanse the body

Next to the How to restore the skin after using alcohol, you also need to apply a scientific eating method to purify and supplement nutrients for the body. Performing a detox or eat clean not only helps you stay in shape, purifies toxins in the body, but also helps increase the body’s resistance and immune system. Don’t forget to add functional foods such as collagen, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc.

  • Use only benign, thin-textured products

Cosmetic lines with benign ingredients, derived from nature will help you feel more secure after going through the process of skin damage from drug alcohol. Products with a thin texture such as acne serum/ melasma,… will help the skin to absorb easily, penetrate each epidermis and effectively treat the skin.

light texture
Skin restoration products have thin texture, easy to penetrate deeply, bring high efficiency (Source: Internet)

Recommend Revital Cooling Ampoule Recovery Serum

Shin Nee Restorative Serum is a really necessary choice when you find out How to restore the skin after using alcohol. With natural ingredients and essences, researched by a group of famous dermatologists in Korea, Shin Nee always updates advanced beauty methods and formulas for each product hit the market. Therefore, you can rest assured and experience the product lines for your skin care routine.

Benefits of Serum Revital Cooling Ampoule:

  • Adenosine: Visibly brightens skin, improves skin smoothness, restores fine lines, creates gloss.
  • Niacinamide: Produces ceramide to create a moisture-retaining film, anti-aging, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory acne.
  • Glycerin: Nourishes the skin to be tight, elastic, thickens the epidermis, reduces dark spots and scars. Besides, it also makes the skin more white, pink and radiant.
  • Dimethicone: Limiting acne, anti-inflammatory, preventing signs of wrinkle formation.
  • Beta Vulgaris (Beet) Root Extract: Radish root extract Anti-oxidant ability on the skin, deeply moisturizing.
  • Serum forms a barrier to help the skin avoid bacteria from dust in the external environment.

Reference price: 490,000 VND/30ml

How to restore skin after using alcohol
Serum Revital Cooling Ampoule is the timely solution to restore your skin (Source: Shynh Beauty)

Hope you can find yourself through this article How to restore skin after using medicinal alcohol. And if you are still confused with too many optionsApply Shin Nee serum immediately into your skin care routine. To buy Shin Nee revitalizing serum, you can go to official website cosmetic pharmacy – clinic Shin Nee company in Vietnam. In addition, at Shynh Beauty you can see more ways skin care after squeezing acneskin recovery after treatment,…

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