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It is quite important to give a good name and meaning, because the name will follow the child for life. Here are some suggestions for good and meaningful baby names, parents can refer to to have the most suitable choice.

Suggestions for good and meaningful baby names
Find out some suggestions for good and meaningful baby names

Suggestions for good and meaningful baby names, suitable for parents’ ages

A name is a way to identify and distinguish people from one another. Besides, the name also carries many meanings and expectations in life. If parents are still confused about what name to choose for their baby, you can refer to the following suggestions for good and meaningful baby names:

1. Named after family tradition

If the family has a tradition of naming, such as the same middle name, parents can use this naming to preserve the tradition as well as help the child remember the family roots.

The way to name children according to family tradition is both simple and meaningful, parents can refer to.

2. Named after parents’ memories

In the process of knowing, loving and going to marriage of parents, full of happy, meaningful and memorable memories. Therefore, naming children after these memories can help parents always remember happy times and help children feel your love.

Naming the child
Naming children after their parents’ memories can help parents remember the happy days together

Suggestions for good and meaningful baby names for parents’ memories include where they first met, places they traveled together, or certain special events, such as when or where to propose.

3. Naming Expectations

According to the old beliefs, the name can affect the development process as well as the name of the child later. Therefore, parents often tend to name their children according to their expectations in order to want them to have a better life.

Suggestions for good names for children and their meanings are often related to the personality and morality of a gentleman, such as Nhan, Nghia, Le, Tri, and Tin. In addition, some parents also name their children after the Four Quarter paintings including Tung, Cuc, Truc, Mai or Mai, Lan, Cuc, Truc. These are flowers that represent the four seasons of the year, implying good luck, sustainability, affluence and fullness throughout the year.

4. Name including father and mother’s last name

Currently, there are some parents who combine both the father and mother’s last names in the child’s name to leave a mark in the family.

5. Give your parents a suitable name

Naming according to age is a matter of concern for many parents to help the child born into the family as well as have good development in the future. According to the five elements including the par Kim, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. Based on the baby’s age and birth time, parents can know the child’s destiny and have a reasonable name.

When naming after the five elements, parents need to pay attention to naming them according to the five elements that correspond to each other and avoid incompatibility.

How to name your baby good and meaningful
Naming after the five elements of mutual birth can help children get along with their parents and have the best development conditions

The five elements of mutual birth include:

  • Kim gave birth to Thuy
  • Wood gives birth to Fire
  • Aquatic Wood
  • Fire born Earth
  • Earth Born Kim

Contrasting five elements include:

  • Wood carving metal
  • Wood carvings
  • Water and Fire
  • Fire engraved Kim
  • Earth Carving Thuy

According to the five elements of mutual birth, the naming of children should note a few issues as follows:

  • Name of father or mother of Moc par: Your name should belong to Fire, because Wood gives birth to Fire.
  • Fire parent’s name: Your name should be Earth, because Fire gives birth to Earth.
  • Name of mother or father who belongs to Turkey: Your name should belong to Kim, because Earth gives birth to Kim
  • Kim’s parent’s name: Your child’s name should belong to Thuy, because Kim gave birth to Thuy.
  • Father or mother’s name belongs to Thuy: Your child’s name should belong to the Moc par, because Thuy Sinh Sac Moc.

Some ways to suggest good and meaningful baby names according to the five elements:

  • Destiny Kim including the names: Doan, Da, My, Ai, Hien, Nguyen, Khanh, Nghia, Trang, Xuyen, Cuong, Han, Tam, Phong, Vi, The, Thang, Nham, Tam, Hien, Van, …
  • Fate including names such as: Khoi, Le, Mai, Dao, Tung, Cuc, Quynh, Lieu, Nhan, Huong, Lan, Hue, Sam, Kien, Quan, Tra, Lam, Vi, Ly.
  • Destiny including the names: Thuy, Giang, Hai, Khe, Trach, Ho, Bien, Han, Mo, Kieu, Du, Khang, Phuc, Hoi, Thuong, Luan, Nham, Nham, Trieu, Tien, Toan, Hung, Quan , Bang, Quyet, Lie, Cuong, Van.
  • Destiny of Fire including names such as: Duong, Thu, Huan, Hoan, Noan, Dan, Cam, Anh, Thanh, Minh, Sang, Quang, Hong, Ha, Binh, Linh, Can, Doan, Dung, Cao, Tiet, Nhien , Nam, Ly, Yen, Tran, Lam, Vi.
  • Par brothels including names such as: Son, Bao, Chau, Nham, Kiet, Tran, Anh, Lac, Ly, Dien, Quan, Trung, Dia, Hoang, Thanh, Vien, Cong, Diep, Vinh, Giap, Hoa, Lap , Thao, Huan, Nghi, Long, Khue, Truong.

Some good names and meanings for babies

Here are some suggestions for good and meaningful baby names, parents can refer to:

1. Good name in terms of meaning

When choosing a name for a baby, parents need to pay attention to the meaning of the name to pray for peace, health and luck in life. Parents can refer to some good names and meanings including:

Look up the meaning of Sino-Vietnamese names
Check out some good names and good meanings
  • Tu Anh: Warm, agile, smart, bright
  • Nhat Anh: Life is smooth, lucky and successful.
  • Peace: Peace, good luck, good luck.
  • Truong An: A healthy, happy and blessed life.
  • Cat Anh: Good luck, have fun and always love life.
  • Quynh Anh: Always smart, beautiful and lucky.
  • Hoai An: Always be at peace and happy.
  • Hai Binh: A generous heart, as comfortable as the sea.
  • How protected: Smart, determined, successful people in life.
  • Thien Bao: A precious gift given by God to the family.
  • Libra: Always lucky, peaceful, favorable.
  • Successful: Wishing luck and success in all areas.
  • Hung Cuong: Strong and steady in life.
  • Ganoderma: Always be happy and healthy.
  • Khanh Chau: Always meet good things, peace, luck, favorable things.
  • Hien Chau: Kind, generous, pure, always happy and full of energy.
  • Lighthouse: The light shines brightly in the dark night, firmly overcoming all difficulties in life.
  • Tien Dung: Have the will, courage, and strength to cope with life’s difficulties.
  • Heroic: Smart, strong and courageous to achieve success in life.
  • An Diep: Good luck, fun and peace.
  • Huy Hoang: Smart, intellectual, lucid and influential.
  • Gia Hung: Desire to develop and flourish the clan.
  • Manh Hung: Strong and decisive in life.
  • Tuan Hung: Beautiful appearance, talent and many successes in life.
  • Gia Han: Always be happy, joyful, lucky, happy forever.
  • Khan: Life is full of joy and happiness.
  • Thanh Ha: The river is blue, pure, calm, always peaceful, lucky and happy in life.
  • Quang Loc: Radiate aura and receive a lot of luck and fortune in life.
  • Phuong Linh: Always love life, be happy and have a lot of luck.
  • Thao Linh: Noble, proud, beautiful.
  • Tue Lam: Smart, strong and with personality, independent.
  • Quang Khai: Smart, successful and favorable in life.
  • Posted science: Fame, career development, shine.
  • Gia Khanh: Family pride.
  • Intelligent Recovery: Clever, smart.
  • Trung Kien: Having the right opinion, determination and firmness to overcome all difficulties in life.
  • Ngoc Khue: Pure, pure, kind.
  • Minh Khe: The stream is fresh and calm, I hope you are smart and peaceful for life.
  • Van Khanh: Clouds of joy and happiness.
  • Laureate: Khoi corn, handsome, good personality, smart and successful.
  • Key personnel: A noble heart, respecting the faith, having compassion for people, and being loved by many people.
  • Kim Ngan: Be loved and have a prosperous life.
  • Phuong Nha: Elegance, elegance, and wisdom.
  • Dieu Ngoc: Beautiful, gentle, lucky.
  • Dinh Phuc: Loved and helped by many people in life.
  • Huu Phuoc: Always be at peace and good luck.
  • Dong Quan: Always be strong and brave.
  • Minh Quan: Talented, intelligent, wise leader.
  • Minh Quang: Smart, bright, radiant and radiant.
  • Do Quyen: Beautiful face, proud, high bar.
  • Truc Quynh: Easy, beautiful and smart.
  • Minh Triet: Smart, intelligent, talented, wise.
  • Thanh Tung: Always upright, steady, strong.
  • Duc Trung: Decisive, intelligent, talented and strong.
  • Lucky: Always meet many good things and peace in life.
  • Thanh Tam: Pure heart, pure.
  • Heroine: Beautiful again, wise, gentle, temperamental.
  • Nam Phuong: Elegance, elegance, sophistication
  • Ha Phuong: Always bring positive energy, strong, spread positive energy to people around.
  • Mr. Phuong: Smart, sharp, steadfast.
  • Kien Van: People with knowledge and strong will.
  • Nhat Vuong: Material life is affluent, comfortable, with aspirations and passions.
  • Uy Vu: Has power and prestige.

2. Name your child after an ancient word

Here are some suggestions on how to name a child with good and meaningful meanings from ancient words, parents can refer to.

100 popular names in Vietnam
Refer to some suggestions on how to name your baby good and meaningful from ancient words
  • Tuc Duyen: Fate from a previous life.
  • Trade Frame: Blue sky, fresh.
  • Luong Thi: Good times, happy days together.
  • Hieu Phong: Morning breeze, cool, pure.
  • Hoa Ngac: Brothers and sisters are as close as flowers and calyx, I hope you love them.
  • Men’s clothes: High ambition, ambition to succeed in life.
  • Diem Thuy: Good sleep, peace, no worries, no worries.
  • Thanh Tieu: The sky is clear, no clouds, always clear and favorable.
  • Dieu Linh: Sunlight, white face, indicates magic, divine.
  • Tieu Y: Diligent at work.
  • Cuu Nhu: Wishing you peace, wishing you all the best in life.
  • Thien Chuong: Bright, beautiful things like the moon and stars in the sky.
  • Dong Quan: Indicates the sun and the lord of spring.
  • Huan Phong: The wind is cool, calm, gentle.
  • Chile: Friends, brothers love, harmony.
  • Thuy Vu: The rain is a good omen.
  • Luong Than: Good day, good day, every day good luck.

Note in naming your baby

When choosing a name for your child, parents need to keep a few things in mind, including:

  • Choose a name that is simple, clear, elegant, and easy to remember. This creates a pleasant and comfortable feeling when calling the name.
  • Avoid naming with bad connotations. This can affect several aspects of a child’s life as an adult. In addition, names with bad meanings are easily teased by friends and affect the baby’s psyche.
  • Avoid names with high expectations, which can put pressure on your baby as well as make others feel pompous.
  • Limit naming names with grandparents, ancestors, even deceased people. This can cause some difficulties as well as misunderstandings when calling your baby’s name.
  • Names that are difficult to call, hear or pronounce should be avoided. This makes it awkward for children to introduce their names as well as difficult for others to call their names.
  • Avoid naming trends, celebrity names that do not have a meaning to the father or mother.
  • Avoid naming political colors, currents, famous brands or important events of the era.
  • Avoid names with vulgar meanings according to the concept of “bad names that are easy to raise”, which can cause children to be teased and affect their future work.

Above are some suggestions for good and meaningful baby names, parents can refer to to choose the most suitable name. The naming should be clear, simple, meaningful and easy to remember. Avoid naming that is too cumbersome, contains foreign characters or sets too high expectations, which can lead to some difficulties in your baby’s life.

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