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After taking their children to the family medical practice (FMP) clinic at 298 Kim Ma, many mothers inboxed them asking about the situation. Therefore, I will write to share my experience in detail Make an appointment to see Dr. Collin how, cost, price of examination. As well as personal reviews about service quality as well as treatment here.

Why should you book an appointment with Dr. Collins Family Medical Practice

Because my baby Moon was born prematurely, he was physically weak from a young age, his condition was as usual, he was present at the Children’s Hospital every week. It will be okay if the baby in February 2018 is constantly suffering pneumonia long duration of antibiotic treatment continuously 10 days 1 course. But the time to relapse is only a few days apart. Unfortunately, the doctor called my mother to tell me if the family wanted to admit her to the hospital. My child’s condition is not good, I also use heavy antibiotics, I also use mild antibiotics, it’s too much to change types…I’m just afraid that my baby will be resistant to antibiotics later on…. As a mother, I suffer a lot. together. That price, that price a lot from that price but it’s too late. It must be according to the medicine of the central pediatrician, not the mother who buys medicine for her child to take miscellaneous.

Persistence in the treatment of pneumonia for the second time…the baby also gradually recovered. Mom is also a little less anxious. But that joy is not complete. When I didn’t have time to respond. Only stopped taking the medicine for 2 days, then the baby fell ill for the 3rd time. The mother was at work and she called back urgently to take the child to the doctor immediately. I have difficulty breathing, crying and vomiting…And I was taken to the doctor in an emergency. In my mother’s confusion. Why, what cause? Could it be that I have pneumonia 3 times a month?????

Mother instinct saw that something was wrong. And then after half a day of reading experiences, going through all the reviews to share the mothers who went before, the newspaper. Searching and asking people which address is good for pediatric examination, which doctor is interested…And then I stopped at Dr. Collin at Family Medical Practice at 298 kim ma. Heard that Dr. Collin is very good at treating children. Especially without the use of antibiotics. Also asked a few sisters who had sent their children to the doctor there for positive reviews. So I decided to let my baby go there for a checkup once. What I want most from Dr. Collin and this FMP Kim Ma clinic is to let me know the “Cause Why”, “What disease the baby is suffering from”, and “How to treat”. Something I didn’t know at other times.

How to make an appointment to see Dr. Collins

Before coming to the doctor to save time waiting, you should call the number 024-38430748 Press extension number 112, 113, 117 (EN vs VN). These numbers will use Vietnamese and English. When you call to pick up the phone, you will see that they receive you in English, you speak in Vietnamese, they recognize you as their own, so they will only communicate in Vietnamese.

They will ask how the baby’s condition is, how is the baby. Which doctor do you schedule an appointment with? That day I said I wanted to make an appointment to see Dr. Collins, but they said he was full that day. If I want, they will schedule but at a different time. However, the situation of my baby is in an urgent situation and can’t wait anymore. And I decided to check with Dr. Marria.

Dr. Collin is famous, so when it comes to FMP, people just remember him. However, the other doctors there are all very good and have good expertise. So you don’t necessarily need to see Dr. Collin in person. Unless you want to see a nutritionist, Dr. Collin specializes.

Examination costs Is collin doctor expensive?

Fees for examination at the clinic and all services they charge in USD. But if I pay Vietnamese, it’s still ok. The fee for one-time examination until March 2018 is 960k/time Please. Pretty cheesy 🙁

Diagnosis and drug treatment there

With that price, is it good to see Dr. Colin? After going to the doctor, I found it worth it even though I couldn’t book an appointment with Dr. But there is one fact that my baby is progressing very well. Even without taking any antibiotics.

The examination process at the Family Medical Practice clinic of Dr. Collin.

After making an appointment, I need to arrive about 10 minutes in advance. Go to the front desk right at the door, read the name of their child, they will check the examination time. Then they will give out a piece of paper to fill in with the child’s personal information (I carry my husband’s son, so I don’t really care).

While my husband filled it out, I was called in for a check-up. First you will be taken into a room where there will be 2 nurses Measure heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen for you. Like my baby had an emergency that day because of lack of oxygen 🙁 Next they will measure the baby’s temperature, height, weight.

During this time, there will be a translator to record the numbers that the nurse did for the baby. Then ask about your child’s condition. Then lead to the doctor (if you have not asked outside), then when you come to see the doctor, you will tell in detail about your child’s medical condition. It’s been going on for days, how does it manifest, vomiting, not eating, how to eat. Have you had a fever, have you taken any medicine?

Then the doctor began to listen to the heart and lungs, examine the baby’s nose, throat, and ears. If your baby is normal, the doctor will prescribe the medicine and guide you on how to use it.

But my baby was seriously ill, so I had to give him a nebulizer right away. The cost is super expensive. So if it’s really not necessary, they won’t tell me to work there. So for those of you who are light and don’t need a test to wash your nose or wash your ears, it’s only 960k. No more generated. This is probably what I like the most. Because they don’t intentionally make money to force patients to test things to get a lot of money.

Is it expensive for Dr. Colin to wash his nose?

The cost of nasal irrigation and aerosol cost is 15$ 1 time everyone. No drug bill. Medicines in which the price is also extremely expensive, so calculate the cost of the drug and the money to wash the nose at the FMP clinic, Dr. 17$ to 22$ Please.

That day, my baby had to vibrate 3 times in a row. If you calculate it correctly, you will lose 15$*3=45$ aerosol service fee. However, the nurse who worked for the baby asked if she had any insurance. I said no and she said the cashier only counts 1 time. I’m really impressed. Do not make money, do not solicit for service and do not try to hack. The clinic is mostly foreigners, so Vietnamese people are quite favored there.

Nebulizer mother should invest to nebulize the baby at home:

Most of the patients who go there for examination buy health insurance from Vinmec, Bao Viet or something else. After the examination, they took the bill back and was paid the amount back. If you do not have the conditions to buy insurance right away, you can make a healthy living card there from the 2nd visit and get a discount of only 690k (a lot softer already).

Healthy living card at family medical practice clinic at 298 kim ma

Healthy Living Cards are given free of charge to customers & patients. The only condition is only for parents with Vietnamese nationality. If one parent is a foreigner, they are not entitled to this privilege.

With FMP Doctor Colin’s healthy living card, you will have more incentives:

  • 690,000 VND/time medical examination with full-time doctors of FMP Hanoi (Vietnam and abroad) during and outside working hours (24/7; excluding holidays and Tet). Normally, after hours and Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon, if you don’t have a card, the fee is 2 million. 🙁
  • In these Holidays: examination price applies 773,000 VND/time see the doctor.
  • Specialties: Pediatrics, General Medicine, Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Hepatobiliary Medicine, Tropical Diseases, Emergency Medicine
  • 15% discount on total bill at FMP Hanoi, excluding medical examination fees and some exceptions. (For details on exceptions, please refer to Terms and Conditions that apply).
  • 15% discount on total inpatient costs (excluding examination & exception fees).
  • Discount 5% on general examination packages for individual customers at FMP Hanoi.
  • 15% discount for emergency transportation services within a radius of 15km from FMP Hanoi. Outside of the above range, regular prices will apply.

How to apply for a healthy living card at Family medical practice at 298 Kim Ma?

If this is the first time you go to the doctor and you want to receive the preferential price of 690k, you should call Family medical practice and send a message to ask them to make a card for you. Or you can go directly to make a card. Cards made after 1 day will only be valid for you (doing the day before the next day can only be used)

You only need to prepare one thing, a copy of your child’s birth certificate, a scanned copy or a photo to send via email or directly to them to keep.

How much does a follow-up visit at Family medical practice cost?

For children who have a first examination but the doctor does not have an appointment for a follow-up examination, you should just follow the doctor’s instructions to treat your baby.

For example, my baby is seriously ill and needs to be re-examined for check-ups, then according to the appointment schedule, the doctor will re-examine the baby and prescribe medicine. If you don’t buy the medicine, there will be no extra cost to you. This is the point I quite like. I thought that if I lost another half of a tuber after re-examination, my mother’s salary would be gone :(.

Should I buy medicine at Family medical practice Dr. Collins?

The truth is that the medicine is sold in it according to the prescription that my baby buys it 5 times more expensive. Therefore, I advise you not to buy drugs in it. If Vietnamese people can save, they should save. The cost of the examination is effort already.

Medicines are clearly written with the author’s name and dose

However, there are some drugs that are only sold at the clinic. Therefore, you should actively ask the nurse if there is any medicine outside, then you can buy it there. Do not go out to buy friends. They are also very happy with this so you do not need to worry.

Is it okay to not buy medicine there: It’s okay, they just wrote a message that they are not responsible for the prescription you buy outside.

Address of FMP clinic where does doctor collin check?

Currently, Family Medical Practice has 3 facilities as follows:

  • Hanoi: 298 Kim Ma, Van Phuc Diplomatic Corps, Kim Ma, Ba Dinh, Hanoi – Tel: 0243 8430 748
  • Da Nang: 96 – 98 Nguyen Van Linh, Duong Nam, Hai Chau, Da Nang – Tel: 0236 3582 699
  • HCM: 95 Thao Dien, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh – Tel: 0283 7442 000

However, to see Dr. Collin, you can only make an appointment at the Hanoi branch, 298 Kim Ma

Family Medical Practice clinic hours:

Saturday: 08:30 – 12:30

Monday – Friday: 08:30 – 17:30

If you don’t have a healthy life card to book a doctor outside these time frames, the price will be much higher, not 960k anymore.

Does Dr. Collin treat with antibiotics?

At Family Medical Practice, not only Dr. Collin, but all doctors are responsible for finding the right cause to treat, not overusing antibiotics to treat “blindness”.

Prescription details are written in 100% English

The cause of the cough is due to a lot of fluid flowing down the nose causing stagnation….=> need to wash the nose to clean the nose. However, the way to do it takes longer than usual, and even if parents are not persistent, they will give up. The duration of the illness will also be longer, but I personally still believe it. Because I know how harmful antibiotics are, I don’t want my baby to abuse it when it’s really not necessary.

The tools to wash the mother’s nose should buy:

  • Blister of 10 silicone nipples to wash the baby’s nose and install it on the cylinder for 38k (it’s cheap and convenient because Mr. Collin also washes his nose with this type):
  • NaTip nasal wash kit for babies (including cylinder and silicone tip) price 25k VND
  • Children’s Neilmed nasal wash set (1 bottle 120ml + 30 salt packs) price 230k
  • Box of 30 packs of drgreen nose wash aloe vera salt, price 115k

These are all my experiences and questions that I have wondered before before sending my child to Family Medical Practice. Hope it helps more moms. If you need to ask for any information, please leave a comment and I will share.

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