Review kem trị mụn Ciracle Red Spot Cream có hiệu quả không?

Ciracle Red Spot Cream is a line of Korean acne cream, effective in treating acne, especially for red, inflamed acne and pustules. Ciracle may still be a rather strange name to the Vietnamese market, not appearing much in cosmetic stores. However, this is a popular acne treatment line in Korea. Let’s find out more about this baby in the article below!

About the brand of acne cream Ciracle Red Spot Cream

First, I affirm that this is NOT a MIXED CREAM, everyone. Many people see the company’s packaging and doubt the quality.

Second, Ciracle Red Spot Cream originates from Korea.

Third, this is a high-end product line, belonging to the special treatment category, of the Korean COTDE Biological Research Center (CBRC). Perhaps you don’t know, CBRC has long been famous for its success in anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and acne-fighting research. Currently, they are the supplier for more than 200 Korean dermatology hospitals. So everyone can be completely assured of the quality of the product.


Detailed review of Ciracle Red Spot Cream for acne

About packaging:

Ciracle Red Spot Cream is designed in the form of a cute white compact plastic jar, on the lid is printed with a funny chibi image.

The information printed on the box is in English and Korean, mainly about ingredients, weight, origin, product barcode…

About ingredients:

In this ingredient list, I will not talk about each ingredient in detail, but only mention the outstanding ingredients in this table, everyone. These are all ingredients, which I know, are very effective in treating acne.

  • Vitamin B3 (Also known as Niacinemide): effective in treating acne, lightening, darkening.
  • Tea tree oil + Gotu kola extract: anti-inflammatory, heals scars.
  • Add a few moisturizing ingredients such as Glycerin, Dimethicone, .. and fermented essence to help brighten and soften skin.

Uses of Ciracle Red Spot Cream for acne

  • Reduces inflammation and redness of acne spots.
  • Treatment of whiteheads, blackheads, acne bran, pustules, red acne.
  • Quickly heal the skin damaged by squeezing acne.
  • Effectively fade dark spots, improve acne scars, bring brighter, smoother skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

About texture, scent:

This “baby” has a thick white cream, everyone. Not exactly thick, I don’t know how to describe it. But this baby has a thin layer of cream like Innisfree’s cream. About the scent, this baby only has a light scent of tea tree oil, very pleasant.


Inside the ice cream jar


Real experience when treating acne with Ciracle

First of all, I want to say that I have a pretty healthy skin, but because I often stay up late and have an unhealthy diet, I often get acne. But it’s not small acne, every lump is all big, so it’s still red, both unsightly and painful.

During a trip with friends, my friend let me try this Ciracle acne cream, my friend reviews it so godly. So I try to use it too. And surprise, it’s really surprising, no acne, everyone. But this cream is not to flatten acne, everyone.

If anyone wants an acne cream to make it flat, this is probably not the product you need. But I still highly recommend everyone to read on to consider whether to buy it or not.

I started using Ciracle when the acne started to appear, then the acne started to appear, but not the severe swelling, redness and pain. Perhaps there was no acne at that time. I use this cream as a dot for acne, do not rub it for the cream to melt on the skin, everyone.

Dot on that pimple, cover the entire surface of the pimple. Surprisingly, everyone, 3 days later the kernel was pushed up, on the 4th day, the kernel was ripe and there was a phenomenon of dryness. I manipulated the machine to squeeze, but according to my friend’s words, if I leave it alone, it will fall off on its own.

Conclude: Ciracle acne cream is really effective, everyone. This is considered a Korean acne medicine, so everyone can safely use it without worrying about breaking out or allergies. Sensitive skin can also use.

But I also want to add that this product is very good for treating dark spots, everyone. If everyone used to squeeze like me, then after squeezing, you can put some cream on this acne. I think because it has gotu kola extract, it is quite benign and heals easily. After squeezing, I often get bruises, persistently dot every day and it goes away very quickly.

But I still advise everyone to let it fall off on its own, everyone, but it’s both painful and bruised, very miserable huhuhu.

Objective assessment:


  • The material of this girl is very strong plastic, everyone, it is not easy to break, but it can still be broken, everyone. (When I was traveling with my friend, I accidentally dropped it from above, so my friend’s lid was cracked). So it’s okay to drop lightly, but if you drop like a force, you can crack.
  • The packaging of this baby Ciracle for acne is also very cute, you can see in the pictures I took.
  • The capacity is large, one jar is so small, but there are many people, the ice cream is always full. And our acne is small, each time we use a little dot. So it’s been a long time
  • Reasonable price with quality.

In short, this girl effectively treats acne. If someone asked me if I would buy it again, I definitely would.


This cream only treats acne swelling, inflammation, pus, everyone. But it is not very effective to treat blackheads and whiteheads.

Instructions for using effective Ciracle Korean acne cream

I use it in the evening, I also encourage everyone to use this Ciracle cream in the evening, after all the steps of the cream (to avoid the acne ingredients being diluted with the nourishing ingredients).

Step 1: Makeup remover, face wash (Cleansing).

Step 2: Moisturizing (If you have acne, don’t let it dry out, tight skin will make acne worse, so everyone remember to properly moisturize the skin, can be with toner or cream. thin).

Step 3: Dot acne, cover the entire surface of acne. Only dot on acne spots, avoid applying cream to melt evenly into the skin. Don’t apply it all over the face, everyone, applying it on the whole face can easily make the skin clogged, and it’s easier to get acne.

The next morning, everyone wash their face as usual.

How much does Ciracle Red Spot Cream cost? Where do you buy it?

Currently, you can buy Ciracle cream easily at e-commerce sites, but you need to pay attention to choose reputable shops to avoid buying poor quality products. You can refer to the suggestions of Fresh Lemon below. The selling price of the product ranges from 175k – 230k


Above is my entire share, learn very carefully about the acne cream Ciracle Red Spot Cream. Hope everyone has a healthy and beautiful young skin.

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