Review tinh dầu dưỡng tóc Moroccanoil có tốt không? Giá bao nhiêu?

Moroccanoil is a brand of hair oil favored by prestigious salons and hairstylists around the world. To help you better understand this product today I will Review Moroccanoil hair oil is good? Who should and shouldn’t use it. How to use Moroccanoil M Treatment for best results.

Review of Moroccanoil hair oil is good?

Soft, smooth, soft hair in a natural style without styling will be what many of you expect. However, not everyone can afford it, because every day the hair is subjected to a lot of bad factors from the outside such as sun, heat, dust, curling, pressing, drying, dyeing…

But today, nothing is impossible as long as you invest time and effort to take care of it, you can still own beautiful healthy hair thanks to hair oils.

Personally, I am also not lucky to have soft silky hair like other friends, but when I grow up, I am aware and close to daily hair oil, my hair has become much more beautiful no matter what year it is. Also bend, dye, change the style a few times.

My companion is Moroccanoil Treatment hair oil, a name that is no stranger in the world of famous bloggers.

Moroccanoil® Treatment is a pioneer in the use of Argan oil extracts (which are rich in antioxidants). Therefore, your hair will quickly be provided with enough nutrients to become smoother. Visible results with each use.

If you want to have beautiful, healthy hair or are in need of restoring dry, frizzy hair, Moroccanoil hair conditioner will be the perfect choice for you.

About the Moroccanoil brand

Carmen Tal, co-founder of Moroccanoil brand, used to have severely damaged hair from hair dye. After that and went to the hair salon and used hair conditioner to restore her hair. The results were amazing as her hair quickly got rid of damage and became soft and shiny.

Understanding the feelings of those with damaged hair, she created Moroccanoil a hair care product that made a splash in the hair care industry and was embraced by people around the world.

Moroccanoil is currently divided into 4 product lines, each of which will be suitable for a specific hair type or customer need as follows:

  • Moisturizing for dry hair.
  • Restores moisture to dry, frizzy hair.
  • Increase volume for thin, flat, oily hair.
  • Silky smooth for dry, frizzy hair.

Review of Moroccanoil M Treatment hair oil

About the design:

Moroccanoil Treatment hair oil is contained in a thick yellow-brown glass bottle, on the body is a turquoise sticker with the product name and brand, and the outside comes with a paper box. The design is simple but modern and sturdy, creating a feeling of high-end product, worth the money.

The bottle has its own plastic screw cap, and the smart pump nozzle is kept separate and installed when used. When not in use, you can turn the pump nozzle counterclockwise, the faucet will be locked, not afraid of overflow. Quite impressed by the meticulousness, the product is not afraid to be spilled even when taken out.


Moroccanoil balm is divided into 2 lines:

  • Moroccanoil Treatment Original is the original line for every hair style
  • Moroccanoil Treatment Light for light colored hair.

The product is also divided into 3 sizes for you to easily choose: 25ml, 100ml, and 125ml.

About scent and texture

Moroccanoil treatment is dark yellow, iridescent, has a luxurious aroma very typical of argan oil. The subtle scent is both sweet and powerful, ensuring that anyone who has smelled it once will be impressed.

The texture of essential oils is quite light and easily absorbed into the hair, so it does not feel heavy or sticky. So if you have curly or thin hair, you can use it with confidence.


Argan Oil from Morocco: Main ingredients of the product. Argan oil is very good for hair and skin, contains many antioxidants and fatty acids that not only help fill in the holes in the hair shaft, making the hair soft and smooth, but also protect the hair from the sun and the effects of heat.

Milk Extract: Provides good amino acids that promote hair health, making hair smoother and shinier.

Fish oil: Contains a lot of vitamin E, nourishes strong hair from deep inside.

Other components: Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (Argan Oil), Parfum (Fragrance), Linseed (Linum Usitatissimum) Extract, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Benzyl Benzoate, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, CI 26100 (Red 17), CI 47000 (Yellow 11).

In the composition of Moroccanoil contains Cyclomethicone and Dimethicone – 2 types of insoluble silicone. However, please do not understand that shampoos with silicone ingredients will be toxic to the hair. That is not correct.

In fact, silicone appears in most of the hair care products that you are using every day from shampoo, conditioner, conditioner, conditioner… Controversy about whether silicone is harmful to hair or not I think It completely depends on the usage and dosage of the product for each person.

Cyclomethicone and Dimethicone in Moroccanoil are substances that work to coat the hair, giving it shine. However, its disadvantage is that it can irritate the scalp, causing itching, dandruff. Therefore, the best way is when using it, you should avoid sticking to the scalp, only use it for the ends of the hair.

These 2 ingredients give a silky feeling to the hair, but because of this ingredient, I recommend that you do not let the product stick to the scalp to limit the greasy, clogged scalp.

How to use Moroccanoil hair conditioner like a salon:

I use Moroccanoil hair conditioner after every shampoo (usually 3 times a week). I let my hair dry naturally, only using a towel to absorb water, not a dryer because my hair is quite dry and damaged. Press the nozzle 1-2 times to get enough oil for the hair, then rub the palms together and apply to the body and ends of the hair.

I use Moroccanoil for dry ends (meaning it has nothing to do with the scalp, so the silicone cannot penetrate my scalp, nor can it cause itching).

Moroccanoil conditioner is directed to be used on both dry and wet hair (but I personally only use it when my hair is about 80% dry). If you want to use a dryer or in cold winter, you should use conditioner when your hair is still wet, it will help reduce the influence of the heat of the hair dryer and make your hair dry much faster.Review of Moroccanoil M Treatment hair oil: Beauty salon-like hair care - BlogAnChoi


About the feeling after about 2-3 weeks of use, I found that the hair end is also the most damaged part (dry, fibrous, split ends) most noticeable recovery. Moroccanoil not only makes hair softer, but also adds shine to the hair, making it thicker and stronger.

What I like most when using this essential oil product is that it is not sticky, the hair still has a pleasant scent. Contrary to the initial thought when thinking about essential oils, it will be greasy, viscous or greasy.

Uses of Moroccanoil M Treatment hair oil

Moroccanoil M Treatment Hair Oil has been tested and shown to work as follows:

  • Make hair smooth, shiny hair instantly, quickly improve the condition of frizzy hair.
  • Helps to quickly set hair for easy styling without stickiness.
  • Strengthens, shiny hair gradually over time.

Review whether to buy Moroccanoil M Treatment hair conditioner


  • The oil penetrates quickly into the hair, does not cause stickiness, heavy hair even though sometimes I accidentally let out a bit too much.
  • The scent is seductive and luxurious like using a perfume, using it for a while is always crushed, the smell is light, natural, and very noble.
  • Significantly reduces hair drying time compared to when I don’t use conditioner, especially in the winter, it’s always super cool, whether I wash my hair late or in the morning, I’ll blow dry it for a bit.
  • The savior for girls with thin or flat hair, apply conditioner and blow-dry hair very much.
  • With a quick effect, the hair will be less damaged, smoother, less tangled and more shiny after each use.
  • Save time, effort and money because you have to go to the hair salon less, but the result is still beautiful hair.
  • The product has a variety of capacities for you to choose from.
  • The hair is in a natural style without much need for curling or styling.


  • The ingredients contain silicones and fragrances, so if you are allergic to these two ingredients, be careful.
  • Glass bottle design should be afraid of carrying or going far, so it is a bit inconvenient to need to carry it through a small plastic bottle.

Reviews from customers who have used Moroccanoil M Treatment hair oil

Phuong Anh’s friend rated: “I’ve been using this balm for many years and I like it the most in the world <3 I have no intention of changing to any other hair conditioner yet. bought a 100ml bottle and used it forever =)))) so satisfied with this one”

Ha Nguyen’s friend commented: “Moroccanoil is the queen of hair conditioners..^^”

Khanh Huyen’s friend rated: “This is a hair conditioner from Moroccanoil, a product that probably doesn’t have to say much more about the quality when used. This friend is always at the top of the review boards of all major sales websites, selling super well but in the Vietnamese market. I have a lot of fake products, so I have to be careful when buying and selling. Another point is that this friend has a very high price, but I don’t regret using it, really. My hair belongs to the category of dry, rough bamboo roots, split ends, and then bought this girl. I don’t know, after using it, it always looks like I just got home from the salon, I still feel smooth when I touch my hair. After using it for a long time, it becomes soft and smooth. My sister’s hair dyed and bleached and used a shampoo set. After rinsing with this treatment, my hair doesn’t show any signs of damage, honey. Essence from argan oil, can be used daily on damp hair after washing, thick oil, golden drops of oil, rich in texture. Penetrates into the hair shaft, making hair softer and easier to dry. This oil can also be used on dry hair after drying to enhance nutrients, including helping to prevent frizzy split ends. many sizes from 25ml to 100ml can start from a small bottle like me to try before upsize.”


  • Packaging: 4.5/5
  • Trademark: 4.5/5
  • Price: 4.25/5
  • Experience and use: 5/5

Where to buy Moroccanoil M Treatment? What price?

Moroccanoil hair oil is currently available for purchase on Shopee, Lazada, and Lotte. This is mainly a portable product, so the price is quite cheap because it is not taxable ^^ However, you should read reviews and find reputable shops to buy to ensure the best quality.

Above, I have just evaluated in detail for you the products that are storming the Moroccanoil hair oil market. If you have dry, frizzy hair that lacks moisture, this product is well worth the investment and trial.

If you have any doubts or review Moroccanoil hair oil is good, please leave a comment.

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