Top 10 Món ăn ngon nổi tiếng nhất của xứ Huế 2022

Hue silk rolls

On the current market of spring rolls, the two types of rolls with the most distinctive flavor are Saigon sausages and Hue sausages. Saigon sausage is thick and salty, while Hue sausage is sweet and has a more pleasant salty taste. To cook Hue beef noodle soup, you must use Hue spring rolls to be delicious, Southern spring rolls, no matter how high-end, cannot be substituted with the right taste. This is also a very popular gift for people who come to Hue.


As an ideal gift from a trip to Hue, sesame has become a dish representing an entire region to other provinces and even international friends. Sesame is not as sweet as malt, because there is also a combination of sesame and peanuts. There are two main types of sesame: soft sesame and hard sesame. Soft sesame is usually for sweet lovers, just peel off the outer layer of glass paper and immediately taste the soft sweetness of the malt covered with lots of sesame seeds. Hard sesame will have an extra layer of thick, crispy rice paper, covered with a thin layer of malt inside, along with whole peanuts, which are very popular with those who rarely eat sweets.

Scrambled eggs

This is considered the ideal dish of Hue people in the rainy season because of its salty and spicy taste. Scrambled eggs are very easy to prepare, just beat the eggs and mix them with fish sauce, add sugar, paprika, grease and green onions to have a great dish for a cold dinner. Scrambled eggs are very attractive to rice, the more you eat, the harder it is to stop even though your stomach is full.


Orchid fish is a type of fish that lives in brackish water often found in Thua Thien – Hue. This is also considered one of the famous fish typical of this country. The brackish orcas are not as big as the sea orcas, a large one is only about 2 to 3 fingers, clean intestines, eat fatty flesh and have a sedative effect, so housewives will not need to remove it. Orcas are processed in a variety of ways, but the most typical are two dishes: banh Khoai and fragrant soup with chili and fish sauce.

Rice wrapped in lotus leaf

If in the flood season there are barbs sucking rice, in the hot summer, Hue land is filled with a fragrant lotus scent. Lotus is grown a lot in Hue because the Nguyen lords are very fond of lotus flowers and are devout Buddhists. In particular, rice cooked with lotus leaves is one of the dishes that create the culinary brand of Hue. Lotus rice in Hue has two types of vegetarian rice and salty rice. The rice is steamed with vegetables and diced rolls, but it’s not fried like yangzhou rice, but steamed in lotus leaves is both fragrant and fatty.

Tea, lotus seed cake

Lotus seeds are a product that was used a lot in the ancient Hue royal court. Cakes and lotus seed tea are still preserved and handed down by Hue people to this day. The Hue people cook lotus seed tea with alum sugar, so the tea water is pale yellow, the taste is pure, not white or harsh. Alum sugar when dissolved also creates a light, pleasant sweetness that adds elegance and class to the dish. Lotus seed tea in Hue uses only lotus seeds, not cooked with jujube or ginkgo like the Chinese.

Beef rice noodles

As a dish representing the whole Central region, on par with Hanoi’s pho and Saigon’s broken rice, beef vermicelli was born from the beautiful and peaceful land of Hue. Authentic Hue beef noodle soup must have a lot of lemongrass and fish sauce. Mam ruoc must be original, made from shrimp in Hue, to have a strong and sweet taste. Hue beef noodle soup does not use radish to sweeten the water, but only uses lemongrass, pineapple and bone broth. A good bowl of beef noodle soup is to have red water evenly spread on top, so it is beautiful and increases the fat for the broth.

Mussel rice

When it comes to Hue cuisine, we must mention mussel rice. If you don’t eat mussel rice, you have come to Hue in a meaningless way. Mussel rice is only sold in Hue, it is difficult to find in big cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Mussel rice in Hue is very cheap, processing is also very simple, just soft cooked rice, salted fried mussels, served with crispy fat top, banana flowers, raw vegetables, bean sprouts, fish sauce, creating a flavor sweet, salty, fatty, nutty that can’t be found in any other alternative. Come to Hue, try this mussel rice dish, you will easily find them anywhere from the city to the countryside.

Bread flour

Hue women are very skillful and hardworking, so in Hue, there are many famous and delicious typical cakes such as filter cake, nam cake, beo cake, … Filter cake in Hue is as small as a thumb. The people knead the dough so thoroughly that the crust is transparent, revealing the red shrimp, the filter cake is eaten with fish sauce and shredded papaya. Eating in the chewy bread dough, the shrimp shell is crispy, salty, sweet and sweet of the fish sauce, anyone who eats it once wants to try it again and again.

Barbed fish

Like orcas, barracuda is a specialty of the nervous waters. In particular, barbs are only available in the flood season, so when it rains, the sour bamboo shoot soup with barbs has become an eternal tradition that is hard to let go of the people of Hue. And many people also just want to come to Hue in the high water season to eat sour soup with barbs of the countryside here. The barracuda has the same appearance as the baby catfish but only as big as a thumb. In the flood season, which is also the spawning season of barbs, each fish has a full belly full of eggs, big barb roe, fatty flesh, fresh fish meat. , soft, mixed with the spicy taste of chili and the cold outdoor air is truly a magical meal in a destitute land.

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