Top 10 Món ăn vặt ngon nhất có giá dưới 10.000đ tại Đà Nẵng 2022

Rice paper sandwich: 5,000 VND/piece

Da Nang is famous for its delicious rice paper sandwich, which is one of the top snacks in the most attractive street foods. Regardless of the rainy or windy weather or hot, rice paper sandwiches are always loved and enthusiastically enjoyed by a large number of young people. This is a street food, not a delicacy, but it is already one of the famous brands here. If you miss this cake, you will regret it.

The cake is made from soft rice paper, not as thick as other cakes. The way to make the cake is quite simple, you just need to spread the filling evenly on the cake, then fold it and then bake it on a low fire. Usually, the cake also has some additional ingredients such as pate, quail eggs, fried onions.

It can be said that the highlight of Da Nang rice paper is the dipping sauce, many places call it sauce to dip with the sandwich. It can be said that this cake dipping sauce has a hidden recipe, people only know that it is made from dried beef, sate, but do not really understand why it has a rich taste, the sauce is thick, but spicy. delicious barrel.

Reference location: Cay Bang Yogurt – Son Tra District, Aunt Hoang’s Pancakes – Thanh Khe District, Ba Nam Sandwiches – Thanh Khe District

Grilled banana tea: 8,000 VND/bowl

Tea is a favorite snack of most people, from office workers to students, from adults to children. Even when traveling far away, many people are always looking for the best tea shops to enjoy and explore. Da Nang is a tourist destination that not only owns many beautiful landscapes, but also many attractive tea dishes waiting for you to discover such as: Xuan Trang tea, pomegranate seed rub, Thai tea, hot tea, and special. Especially the grilled banana tea in Da Nang.

Bananas will be baked when eating, you will feel the banana taste that is both soft and sweet, and also the suppleness of sticky rice. Coconut milk, if bought elsewhere, is always bought at the grocery store, but in Da Nang it is much more meticulously handcrafted. Each old coconut will be scraped all the inside, chopped and then put in the blender. Next, pour into the filter to get the juice and then add a little more sugar and cook until it thickens slightly. Just eat and feel the coconut milk has a fatty and sweet taste, plus the aroma of roasted peanuts is sprinkled on top. Some shops also add a few more strands of filter powder to look very attractive, just looking at it makes me want to eat it!

Reference location: Grilled Banana Tea 384 Hoang Dieu – Hai Chau District, Ong Ich Khiem Grilled Banana Tea – Thanh Khe District, Grilled Banana Tea 78 Nguyen Chi Thanh – Hai Chau District

Banh beo, banh can: 10,000 VND/plate

Banh beo Da Nang is made from rice flour and coated in small cups and steamed. After serving, sprinkle on shrimp meat, onions, garlic, and fat. Banh Can Da Nang is poured into a cake mold coated with oil, creating a crispy, golden crust. The cake has 2 types of fillings, which are shrimp and quail eggs poured on top of the cake, rustic and simple but still equally delicious and attractive. Banh Can is also known as banh khot of the South. They are round, golden cakes, topped with red shrimp or quail eggs that look extremely eye-catching. To keep the cake hot and crispy, the owner only cooks it when customers start ordering. The flour used to make banh can is rice flour, so although it is crispy on the outside, it is very soft and smooth on the inside.

Reference location: Banh Can & Banh Beo Thanh Khe District – Banh Can & Banh Da Do Quang – Thanh Khe District, Banh Can & Banh Beo Xuan – Lien Chieu District

Salted yogurt: 1,000 VND/cup

Heard the name and saw… wrong, right? But it’s real, it’s real. This snack is probably only available in Da Nang. Usually, salted yogurt is homemade yogurt, with some basic ingredients such as condensed milk, yogurt pot, boiling water… When a customer calls, the owner will bring out dozens of small jars of yogurt. on a plate of salt. As much as the customer eats, they will be charged. Each jar of yogurt costs only 1k, eating enough is only about 10k.

Yogurt inherently has a soft sweet and sour taste, but when adding a little salt, it is much richer. A little salty taste makes the yogurt flavor linger longer on the tip of the tongue. I thought it was not delicious, but it was incredibly delicious. In Da Nang, salted yogurt is very popular and you will not find it difficult to enjoy this strange snack.

Reference location: Salted yogurt village near Tran Thi Ly bridge, snack shops on Phan Huy Chu street – Nguyen Thiep street – Son Tra district

Suction snail: 7,000 VND/disc

The Central region, a land known for its harsh weather, is rainy and windy all year round. However, there is a wonderful snack here: suckling snails. The pungent, sweet, and salty flavors are mixed, and the price is very affordable, making Da Nang people and tourists fall in love. Coming to Da Nang, don’t just choose seafood restaurants and expensive snail shops. Try going to the places Da Nang people come, eat what Da Nang people eat, see what Da Nang people see. Among them are the popular Da Nang snails, the sucking snails here include: Dinh snail, Da snail, Snail,….

Try to imagine a full plate of snails, the aroma of lemongrass, the pungent smell of chili, the ecstatic aroma of coconut and the very pleasant “Root Roo” sucks afterwards, that’s enough to feel interesting. How’s the taste?

Reference location: Flying Saucer Snail – Hai Chau District, Yaourt Village Smoking Snail – Bui Thi Xuan Street, Bac My An Market, Hanh Smoking Snail – Hai Chau District

Welcome: 10,000 VND/bowl

Like the “waiting” soup, the famous “waiting” porridge on Nguyen Luong Bang Street is also rumored by street food diners. The name itself says the characteristics of the porridge here, no need to ask anything more. The average wait time is about 10 minutes. It’s also simply because when you order a bowl of porridge, then the new implementation stages will begin.

It’s a bit strange that the “wait” porridge here at first glance will be mistaken for banh chung because it also includes noodles, filter powder, fish, fish cakes and boiled quail eggs. Answering questions, the owner just smiled and answered briefly: “Here it is called porridge”. The bowl of porridge has a sweet taste, is made from fresh ingredients of the day, and is hot, so it is very popular.

In the past, when it came to this special porridge, you would only encounter restaurants on the sidewalk of the household. Now, in order to serve more diners, many shops have expanded at the crossroads in the Nam O area. The shop was crowded in the late afternoon, so many shops no longer followed the old way of cooking for each person, but pre-cooked, more broth, but no longer just a bowl for each person.

The feeling of the first days of winter, enjoying a bowl of “wait” porridge or warm “waiting” soup is great. Surely this will be one of the things you remember when visiting Da Nang. Sometimes the wait makes the dish more attractive.

Reference location: Porridge waiting for Nam O – Le Huu Trac – Son Tra District, Porridge waiting for Mrs. Thang – Ngo Xuan Thu – Lien Chieu District

Chicken bread: 10,000 VND/piece

Chicken bread is half the length of regular bread, in return, it is larger in width. The typical cake’s appearance is round and flat, easy to recognize. The crust is baked until golden brown and crispy, while the inside is smooth and delicious. The main ingredients for the filling include: ham, papaya, cucumber and chicken egg sauce, adding chili sauce for spicy eaters. Egg sauce is the “soul” of the cake that determines the good / bad taste of the cake. The milky white sauce is slightly yellow, viscous and has a very fragrant, greasy taste. The combination of ingredients for filling together creates a delicious, characteristic flavor for Chicken Bread. Chicken Banh Mi is a type of Da Nang Bread that is very popular with diners, especially students of school age.

Reference location: 753 Tran Cao Van – Thanh Khe District, 1 Phan Dinh Phung – Hai Chau District, Parkson Area, Hung Vuong Street – Hai Chau District

Filtered bread flour: 8,000 VND – 10,000 VND/piece

Speaking of filter flour, visitors must have only eaten filter cake, but no tourists have ever eaten filter cake in Da Nang. It will be very surprising if visitors taste and feel this taste. The hot bread is sandwiched with flour cake filled with green beans, meat or shrimp that is meticulously and carefully molded in the shape of a fan by a skillful chef. Arrange the cake evenly on a loaf of bread with a few pieces of beef patty, sprinkle on a little spicy sauce and a little fragrant fish sauce. Grilled over hot coals, it’s tempting to use this dish right away and always.

Filtered flour bread attracts diners because the crispy taste of the cake crust blends with the very special soft and chewy filling. Instead of bread with familiar fillings such as spring rolls, pate, etc., the bread here has only one type of filling, which is flour cake. This dish is extremely special when there is a contrast between the crispy outer shell and the soft and chewy inside. Filtered flour cake with green bean, shrimp or fan-shaped meat filling is arranged evenly into the loaf, then the owner sprinkles chili sauce and fish sauce on it, adding a few stalks of coriander and basil and it’s ready to go. The bread dough is absolutely delicious.

Reference location: No. 73 Huynh Thuc Khang – Hai Chau District, 93 Ly Dao Thanh – Son Tra District

Butter cream: 10,000 VND/cup

Avocado ice cream is probably no longer a strange name for locals and visitors to Da Nang. Especially on hot summer days, eating a glass of avocado ice cream is cool from the mouth to the stomach. Da Nang avocado ice cream is one of the dishes originating from Da Lat. But in Da Nang, avocado ice cream gradually started to become popular and became the most popular snack. The fatty, aromatic, cool, and crispy taste of coconut creates an irresistible symphony.

Ms. Van’s avocado ice cream is actually just a small corner shop located in the “food paradise” area of ​​Bac My An market (Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang). However, the restaurant is known and loved by many people. Ms. Van’s avocado ice cream shop was opened in 1992. At first, it was just a shop selling water, but then, she created this divine avocado ice cream. In Da Nang, she was the first to sell avocado ice cream, that’s why many people jokingly call her “the ancestor of avocado cream” here.

It’s still butter and cream, but Ms. Van’s avocado ice cream still has a unique and distinctive flavor. The ice cream is homemade, using freshly grated coconut and finely ground cream to blend. Thanks to that, the cream has a fatter and more fragrant taste. In addition, she also combines some other ingredients such as desiccated coconut, milk… Butter is selected fresh and shipped from Dak Lak every day. Avocado is green and thick. All contribute to the delicious and attractive avocado ice cream that many people love.

Reference location: Co Van Avocado Ice Cream – Bac My An Market – Ngu Hanh Son District, Co Cuc Avocado Ice Cream – Bac My An Market, Pham Tu Avocado Ice Cream – 195 Pham Tu – Cam Le

Pork skin salad, mixed jackfruit: 5,000 VND – 10,000 VND/plate

Pork skin, mixed jackfruit are always listed on the menu of Da Nang people as a delicious and cheap afternoon snack. From the elderly to middle-aged people or even young people are also attracted by this familiar popular dish. When eaten with pork skin, the softness and fat are added to make everyone fall in love. In addition to mixed jackfruit, the shop also has filter cake, pork skin salad … all made at home. The price for each dish here is very affordable, only 5,000 – 10,000 VND for each plate of delicious salad.

For Da Nang people, mixed jackfruit is too familiar and the way to make mixed jackfruit is quite simple. First, people remove the skin of young jackfruit, boil it until it is cooked, and then tear the fibers to mix the salad. In jackfruit salad, there is also a little thinly sliced ​​boiled pork skin, you can add a little chopped boiled bacon and steamed or boiled white shrimp until the shell is removed but keep the tail to make the salad more beautiful. Seasoning for mixed jackfruit is sweet and sour fish sauce mixed in the very own style of Da Nang people, pungent and extremely rich. In addition, in the mixed jackfruit dish, there must be non-yellow purple onions, pounded roasted peanuts, and some finely chopped laksa leaves and basil. Eating mixed jackfruit is indispensable for crispy grilled sesame rice paper. Break a piece of rice paper, scoop out a piece of mixed jackfruit, the crispiness of the rice paper, the fleshy and sweet taste of the young jackfruit, the crunchiness of the pork skin, the flavor of peanuts, fried onions and a little spicy chili. , herbs… All mixed together, creating a wonderful dish, attractive aroma and eye-catching color.

The ingredients to make this rustic dish are also very simple. First, choose a young jackfruit without pests, peel off the outer green skin, remove the pulp inside, cut it into pieces with an adult’s fist, then boil it, cut it or tear it apart to mix the salad, mix it with the pork skin. Cut the yarn, add crushed peanuts, fried onions, sweet and sour fish sauce with some laksa leaves and basil.

Reference location: Fried Wonton Pork Skin – Nguyen Gia Thieu – Thanh Khe District, Bac My An Market Food Court, Lan Diep Restaurant – Bui Thi Xuan – Son Tra District

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