Top 10 Món xôi ngon nhất ở Hà Nội 2022

Sticky rice with perch

In Hanoi, every street and alley sells sticky rice, but sticky rice with perch in the field must be strange to many people. And the place that specializes in selling this dish is probably only a small shop located on Nguyen Chi Thanh street. The bowl of sticky rice is medium, the perch is not much, if you want to have your mouth, you will have to pay for it, order a more expensive bowl. But in return, the food seems quality. Sticky rice is very delicious, whether it is still hot when the staff brings it out or when you let it cool, the rice is still soft, not dry. The same goes for field perch, no matter how long it is left, it will not cause a strong fishy feeling, difficult to eat but still fragrant. Perhaps the fish has been carefully processed, not only rich but also very fragrant with onions and pepper. Processing this dish takes the most time in the fish-making part. Scalloped perch, boiled, cooled, and then removed the flesh. Then, marinate the fish with fish sauce, add a little pepper to taste. Wait for the fish to soak in the spices, fry until golden brown. White sticky rice served with fish with a little fried onion. But this dish is not for those who are afraid of spicy food, the dish with a lot of ginger, especially the bowl of cabbage soup, is really delicious. Every street in Hanoi has countless shops of all kinds of sticky rice, but it’s not easy to find a shop of sticky rice with perch. The shop with perch sticky rice at 1 lane 107 Nguyen Chi Thanh is very crowded even on cold winter days.

Spicy rib sticky rice

The most famous sticky rice dish on this list is probably sticky rice with spicy sauce, sticky sticky rice, not dry at all, delicious and fragrant roasted ribs. What makes this dish so “divine” is the spicy sauce sprinkled on the sticky rice that is unmatched. In addition, the shop also has chicken sticky rice, xeo sticky rice, corn sticky rice, char siu … also very delicious, the chicken is seasoned with flavor. When you hear “spicy rib sticky rice”, many of you will be quite interested, but many of you feel embarrassed because of the word “spicy”. Even if you are a fan of this soft “glutinous food”, if the taste is too spicy, it will not be appetizing. Spicy sticky rice from the ribs to the gravy. Even if you are a good spicy eater, you will be quite surprised with the spiciness of this sticky rice restaurant because just tasting the gravy or ribs will make you “hot”. Spicy rib sticky rice is sold with slanted sticky rice, a bowl of sticky rice has about 4-5 pieces of ribs cut out and served with cucumbers, dried onions and a little coriander. The ribs are soft, the meat and sticky rice are also quite flexible but the gravy is super spicy. A bowl of sticky rice with ribs will be a big piece of ribs sprinkled with gravy and served with papaya and carrots. The special thing is that the ribs are marinated quite strongly, it feels like the ribs are marinated very well before processing. The ribs clearly have a deep taste in the meat, moderately spicy, the sticky rice is soft and clear. Overall, the bowl of sticky rice is quite good and satisfying. You can also choose to eat with braised meat and grilled pork ribs which are delicious and rich.

Mushroom sticky rice

Particularly, sticky rice with mushrooms will certainly not be picky, for breakfast it is also delicious, but making lunch or dinner in the afternoon will warm the stomach. The bowl of sticky rice with mushroom meat just brought out was attractive. The bowl is small but full of roasted pork belly mixed with the strange mushroom sauce. When enjoying this sticky rice dish, you remember to turn it up a bit, just to let the roasted meat infuse evenly, and to find a lot of delicious fried mushrooms “hiding” below. Eating mushroom sticky rice with meat, you will have the opportunity to compare and realize that sometimes the sweetness of mushrooms is not inferior to pieces of meat, but in terms of strangeness, it is definitely better. Mushrooms are a rich source of protein, full of essential amino acids, low in fat and unsaturated fatty acids. Mushroom sticky rice can be eaten with meat, traditional shiitake mushrooms, vegetarian sausages, grilled pork belly or chicken liver pate… A plate of mushroom sticky rice will definitely be suitable for mushroom followers, both delicious and easy. eat. Stir-fried mushrooms are both flavorful and retain their nutritional value for a perfect meal. You can find sticky rice with mushrooms at 76 Lo Duc or 1B Le Ngoc Han.

Crab sticky rice

Quang Ninh coastal land is famous near and far with Ha Long squid and crab cakes. Selected from the freshest seafood right at the seafood market that has just been caught to create fragrant, firm patties, rich in saltiness and aroma of the sea. If you really love seafood, you definitely cannot ignore this attractive address. This is a quite new combination between sticky rice and seafood. Mrs. Thao’s restaurant is famous for its sticky rice with crab cakes and Ha Long squid cakes. Crab and squid cakes are imported from Ha Long market to ensure the integrity of taste and hygiene, with clear origins and good for health. The patties are pure hand pounded, 100% made from natural squid and sea crabs for meat, so they are very fragrant and full of the smell of seafood, the rolls are very sweet because they are pounded, molded and steamed manually to keep the nutrients intact. At the restaurant, sticky rice is served with squid and crab cakes, quite similar to the dishes of the people of Ha Long coastal area.

The goods sold out quite quickly, only sold a little, so it was very crowded. Sticky sticky rice, fragrant with pandan leaves, coconut milk in a bowl, cut a few pieces of squid cake, crab cake for a delicious taste. In addition, fried pork belly and fried onions sprinkled on top also increase the flavor of the dish, and also reduce the taste of the patties. The dish is not fishy, ​​you have to eat it as soon as the sticky rice is hot to feel its full taste. Perhaps what makes the crab sticky rice dish attractive is because the crab cake is both strange and delicious. So fragrant and sweet, the taste of crab meat, the salty taste of fish sauce, the mild spicy of pepper, is safe and nutritious. Rich crab cakes, very suitable with the fragrant plasticity of sticky rice. The heirloom sticky rice shop located opposite Mrs. Thao’s Hang Da market has become too familiar to the people of the old town with its crab cakes and strange crab fried rice. Sticky rice shop in Hang Dieu is also a good suggestion for those who love this dish.

Mango sticky rice

Mango sticky rice has long been one of the most attractive dishes in Thailand that any visitor coming here wants to taste. In Thailand, mango sticky rice is sold very popularly and in each store, the cooking method or presentation of the dish is also different. Thai cuisine will conquer even the most demanding guests and it has also spread to Vietnam, especially you can enjoy mango sticky rice at every Thai restaurant in Hanoi. Thai sticky rice often has the presence of coconut milk and familiar hot fruits such as mango, durian, jackfruit, banana, etc. In particular, the colors of sticky rice are made from natural ingredients, so they are very safe. all for health. For example, orange sticky rice is made from carrots, red is made from beetroot, yellow is made from turmeric, blue is made from pandan leaves, purple is from butterfly pea flowers… In addition, to add sticky rice attractive, this store also adds beans to the sticky rice such as green beans, red beans, white beans…

The fleshy taste of fragrant sticky rice seeds combined with the greasy taste of coconut water and the sweetness of fruit have created a unique attraction for Thai sweet sticky rice. One of the most famous and heart-warming sticky rice dishes is mango sticky rice. Mango sticky rice is deliciously irresistible thanks to the greasy sticky rice, served with each slice of Thai mango, sweet and fragrant. Hot sticky rice served with cold sweet and sweet mango with coconut milk, sour and sour taste of mango, nothing is better than that. You can enjoy mango sticky rice at Gusto Thai, Home cook BB 44 Tue Tinh Family, Thai Siam 20 or Koh Samui Hut 40 Nha Chung.

Sticky rice with jackfruit

Hanoians are addicted to jackfruit just as Saigon people are addicted to durian. Just “sniffing” to see the scent of jackfruit from afar, it was difficult for someone to hold back. Not only does it look beautiful, the ripe yellow jackfruit has removed the seed as the outer shell, the inside has a soft and fatty aroma of glutinous rice, the inside is a contrasting green sticky rice. covered with a little fresh coconut, peanuts and coconut milk look eye-catching. The taste of jackfruit is light and sweet, fragrant with tropical fruits. The most delicious part of jackfruit sticky rice is the sweet aroma. The sticky rice is cooked soft and the rice grains are glued together to create a silky feeling, combined with the fragrant coconut milk and fragrant roasted sesame, creating a completely different feeling. The dish looks beautiful: the ripe yellow jackfruit seeds have been removed as the outer shell, the inside is a contrasting green sticky rice, the top is covered with a little fresh coconut, peanuts and coconut milk for an eye-catching look. Not only satisfied with the eyes, picking up a piece of jackfruit sticky rice to try it, diners who are fond of sweet or addicted to sticky rice will surely love it. Sweet and crunchy jackfruit, soft sticky rice with the right aroma of upland sticky rice, infused with a gentle sweetness, all blended in greasy coconut milk. A dish that can be processed without being too complicated, but the way of choosing ingredients and “mixing” is really great. Sticky rice is sold on To Hien Thanh street – one of the first jackfruit sticky rice stalls to attract the hearts of Hanoians. Interior.

Bird sticky rice

Bird sticky rice is a specialty of the Northern Delta, so it is present in many rural areas across the North such as Bac Ninh, Ninh Binh, Ha Nam… The birds chosen to make sticky rice are usually pigeons, hoe or sparrows. Sticky rice is made from delicious, medium-cooked glutinous rice. Minced bird meat, marinated with oil and pepper, marinated with many esoteric spices to taste, then put in a pot, mixed with sticky rice. The fragrant sweetness from the bird will slowly permeate into each ripe sticky rice seed. At the end of the processing, the chef will sprinkle the dried onion on top to make the scent more attractive. This dish will not look special at first, but, just put in the mouth of the first piece of sticky rice, diners will fully feel the rich, sweet aroma of bird meat mixed with soft sticky sticky rice. Because of that, sticky rice can be used without, without adding any kind of dipping sauce, but still satisfying.
If you want to enjoy, you can go to Oanh restaurant on Hoe Nhai street to feel the taste of bird sticky rice.

Fried sticky rice

I don’t know where fried sticky rice originated, when and how popular it was in Hanoi, but when it comes to snacks, people can’t forget about fried sticky rice. This is a unique variation of soft, fragrant white sticky rice combined with a crispy golden fried outer shell. White sticky rice is wrapped in aluminum foil wrapped in a layer of plastic, tightly grasped until the sticky rice grains stick together, thinly spread and then put in a small pan to fry until golden brown on both sides. Outside, the sticky rice is golden brown, and inside, there are still delicious white sticky rice seeds. Fried sticky rice can be served with braised eggs, sausages, braised meat, spring rolls, pate… and drizzled with gravy. In Hanoi, the first fried sticky rice dish appeared on De La Thanh Street, eating it seems like eating the burnt part of sticky rice, only there is still a bit of fat. Even more interesting is the fried sticky rice with meat filling, convenient to eat and still delicious. Due to the large number of guests coming to eat, from early in the morning, passing through this street, you can see restaurants already fried. The pieces of sticky rice are drained of fat and stacked side by side. In addition, you can also enjoy fried sticky rice with variations such as sticky rice wrapped with chicken, fried sticky rice with cheese, fried sticky rice, … extremely new. On the old quarter, there is a row of fried sticky rice located at the intersection of Bat Dan – Hang Dieu or on De La Thanh street.

Away tea

In Vietnamese cuisine, tea is considered a typical snack. And we will never be surprised with the culinary creativity of people with dishes that are perfectly modified and made use of available ingredients. In each different region, the dish has its own variations of that region. Hanoi street food is no exception, sticky rice can be considered as one of the classic sweet dishes, because it is not only simple and frugal, but also bold in the culinary culture of Hanoi. Sticky rice cooked in a traditional way that anyone who has tasted it once, will always remember its taste. The sticky rice is very flexible, fragrant, has a really delicious yellow color and is not broken, not sticky nor discrete, you can see the quality of each piece. The accompanying tea usually has gravy and areca flower tea that are always kept hot in a dedicated pot. In which, Ba Co tea is very popular with diners. Looking at a bowl of golden brown tea like honey, mixed with a piece of yellow sticky rice, when eaten, it has the sweet aroma of tea, a little pungent of ginger, who can resist. Areca flower tea can become the first choice for you because of its sweetness, green beans sprinkled on top or thick sweet black bean tea that is just right with sticky rice.

Young egg sticky rice

Young chicken egg sticky rice is also one of the dishes with young chicken eggs that have caused a stir in recent times. Young chicken eggs are fat, but do not cause neck pain, which is also very good for health. The soft and fat young chicken eggs are fried with garlic until slightly browned, creating a complex and seductive aroma from afar. In addition to chicken eggs, there are also chicken intestines, stomach, gizzards, liver… all are marinated and mixed with burnt garlic flavor, creating a thick sweet, spicy, spicy sauce that is attractive and is a very tasty snack. interesting. Young chicken eggs are greasy, often roasted with garlic to make them fragrant. A portion of sticky rice with young chicken eggs can be served with shredded chicken, sausages, sausages, ham, onion fat, lard, thin layer of pate. The salty sticky rice is eaten with the bitterness of the chicken liver and the flesh of the young egg, delicious to eat. Each delicious box of sticky rice will have all the ingredients of young eggs, deep-fried chicken skin, shredded chicken, shumai, chicken thighs, pickled cabbage, boiled liver gizzards, dried shrimp, and onion fat. In particular, the water sprinkled on sticky rice is made from boiled chicken intestines, so it has a very special taste.

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