Top 10 shop bán giày uy tín trên Shopee nhất định phải ghé thăm

Online shopping is a great form of shopping because it is convenient, easy, there are many options and you can do it anywhere, anytime. Shop in bed, between meetings, or even while on the phone.

While you can buy anything from clothing and home appliances to tech products, if you’re looking for shoes, these are the Prestigious shoe shop on Shopee for reference.

Top 10 reputable shoe stores on Shopee

1. Bitis

Bitis is a reputable shoe shop on Shopee and has been around for a long time in the Vietnamese market. As a child, everyone must have owned a pair of shoes from this brand. In recent years, Bitis has impressed with the highly appreciated Bitis shoes from quality to style. Not only youthful design but also very comfortable walking.

The price of Biti’s sports shoes is around 600 – 800k 1 pair, with the common ground compared to the shoes on the market, Bitis shoes are considered as one of the must-have shoes because the price goes with them. quality.

2. Shop selling reputable shoes on Shopee – JUNO

Currently, the Juno brand has grown strongly with dozens of stores nationwide and the leading professional and friendly online sales website in Vietnam.

Juno’s products always give women the confidence and shine to succeed in work and life with a distinct and impressive fashion style.

In addition to the smoothness, Juno products are always thoughtful in every detail, diverse in design, suitable for all situations and bring a breath of domestic and international fashion… These advantages have contributed to creating a reputation for a reputable shoe shop on Shopee for Juno.

3. Prestigious shoe shop – Erosska

Erosska is a Vietnamese brand that offers a wide range of products from doll shoes, high heels, and flats made by 100% Vietnamese hands.

Not only owning products and experiencing services at a reasonable price, Erosska is rated 4.9/5 stars with 149.3k customer reviews from the Shopee platform.

4. Umi Shoes – A reputable shoe shop on shopee

Umi Shoes is a popular but good quality shoe shop on Shopee. Products of Umi Shoes are suitable for young people who like trendy, diverse designs, colors and are constantly updated.

The price of Umi Shoes’ shoes ranges from about 100,000 VND to 300,000 VND, with this price Umi Shoes is considered an ideal store for students and young people. Umi Shoes is rated 4.9/5 stars with 135.4k reviews on shopee.

5. Adidas Official Store

This is a reputable shoe shop on Adidas’ Shopee, here you can be completely assured when buying genuine Adidas products. Adidas is a famous popular fashion brand, for those who love sporty style and simplicity, this is a true brand.

For the Vietnamese market, the price of Adidas products is not cheap, but the products from this brand are famous for their durability and smooth walking. This product is absolutely worth the price.

6. Joti Vietnam – Premium Women’s Shoes

Joti shoe brand is a feminine and luxurious brand suitable for stylish ladies and office workers.

The shop is registered at Shopee Mall, so it’s a reputable shoe shop on Shopee, you don’t need to worry about product quality, the stalls here are easy to track and choose, the shoes are divided into many types. as different as high heels, party shoes, office shoes…

As can be seen, the design of the Joti brand is quite eye-catching, with many different types such as high heels, office shoes, party shoes, … many different colors, women can comfortably coordinate with variety of costumes.

The shoes here are quite sturdy and the material is genuine leather and shiny synthetic leather. The price of the product ranges from 50,000 VND to 700,000 VND. Shop is rated 4.0/5 stars with 9.5k reviews in just over 30 months.

7. bAimée & bAmor

bAimée & bAmor is a luxury, elegant yet affordable shoe brand with prices ranging from 200,000vnd to 500,000vnd. The shop has a variety of product designs from women’s boots, flat sandals, sandals, high heels, sneakers,…

Within 26 months, bAimée & bAmor received 4.9/5 stars with 13.5k reviews on Shopee.

8. Drake

Drake VN system Specializing in distributing genuine products Converse – Vans – Palladium – K-Swiss – SUPRA throughout Vietnam is also a reputable shoe shop on Shopee.

Drake has registered as a reputable shoe shop at Shopee at Shopee Mall so that customers can be assured of quality when shopping here. Drake VN is rated 5.0/5 stars with 4.6k reviews, it can be said that this is one of the shops with the best reviews.

9. Prestigious shoe shop on shopee: Min’s Shoes Official

Min’s Shoes Official not only sells shoes but also provides women’s bags, with outstanding products being high heels, sports shoes, fashion handbags, flats, square heels, and sandals. 4.9/5 stars out of 10k reviews – proof of a reputable shoe shop on Shopee

10. shoeBOM

GiayBOM has a genuine registration on Shopee Mall but the price is very student, BOM’s shoe designs are diverse and easy to coordinate, so you can choose for yourself a favorite pair of shoes at a very affordable price. GiayBOM is rated 4.9/5 stars with 21.1k customer reviews.

Above are the Top 10 reputable shoe shops on Shopee that you must definitely visit, see now and choose “shoe shop of your life” right away.

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