Top 10 Thực phẩm hỗ trợ giảm cân hiệu quả 2022


Eggs are high in protein but very low in calories and fat. If you eat 1 boiled egg mixed with salad every morning, you will have a healthy breakfast, providing enough energy without being overweight. You should not eat eggs in the evening because the high protein content in eggs will be difficult to digest, which can cause bloating.


Tomato is a great weight loss fruit that is loved and used by Japanese women. This fruit is succulent, rich in fiber, vitamins C, A, contains extremely low calories, especially it helps you to lose at least 2kg in 1 month.
For the most effective use, you should eat 1 tomato before each meal or 2 tomatoes before dinner. Japanese experts recommend that you eat continuously for 3-6 months to maintain the effect and avoid gaining weight again after stopping eating tomatoes.


With 2 bowls of cereal a day, you will be surprised at the weight loss effects of this food. Cereal flour contains high levels of iron, zinc, and folic acid, which reduces the amount of fat in the body. The study showed that study participants who regularly consumed cereal twice a day lost up to 1.8 kg within 6 weeks.


To control their weight, many famous people since 1930 have known how to add to their daily diet half a grapefruit or 1 glass of grapefruit juice. Grapefruit contains a lot of water, fiber, vitamin C, carbohydrates, which help reduce the amount of insulin (insulin reduces fat burning) in the body.
Follow the above diet, within 12 weeks you can lose 3.5kg. However, if you have digestive problems, you should consult your doctor before adopting this diet.

Fruit juice

Fruit juice not only has the effect of cooling, reducing thirst in hot summer days, but it also has a very good weight loss effect for women. In fruit juice, there are many vitamins, minerals and natural sugars that will help you lose your appetite and fight hunger. In addition, fruit juice will release excess fat to help you have a slimmer waist.


Seaweed is very popular in Japanese or Korean cuisine, seaweed eaten with other foods will enhance the taste of the dish for your appetite. In particular, seaweed has a very effective weight loss effect because it creates a plaque on the stomach wall giving people a false sense of fullness. In addition, the fiber in seaweed prevents the absorption of fats in fast food, limiting weight gain in a short time.


Papaya has a beauty effect, good for digestion, anti-cancer, and has a surprising weight loss effect. There are less than 32 calories in 100g papaya, just 100g papaya before meals will help you feel fuller faster, reduce the amount of rice and other high-calorie dishes. In addition, the amount of vitamin B in papaya and the antioxidants will make your waist slimmer.


Spinach contains a high fiber content, a large amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You can eat as much spinach as you like without worrying about loading up on calories. Those are all reasons why you should add this dish to your daily menu, if you want to have a slim body and beautiful skin.


Apples are low-calorie fruits, when you eat a lot of apples, your body’s heat absorption will be much lower than when you eat other foods of the same volume, reducing your body mass.
You can apply a 3-day weight loss menu with apples, eat only red apples, a small amount of cereal and drink water in all 3 meals, eat until you feel full. After those 3 days, your taste buds will be very sensitive, you need to practice eating porridge, tofu, etc. to regain balance for the digestive system.

Kiwi (Li Gai)

Women who like beauty always consider kiwi to be the first choice because it contains a huge amount of vitamin C, along with a rich amount of potassium and contains the most fiber in fruits. Therefore, in the weight loss menu of women, this fruit cannot be missing. Using kiwi in combination with meat dishes is very good because the proteolytic enzyme is very strong. Kiwi has a slightly sour taste, is very beneficial to the body, easy to digest and beautifies the skin.

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