Top 11 Món ăn nổi tiếng không thể bỏ qua khi du lịch Tiền Giang 2022

Tien Giang shrimp paste

Referring to Tien Giang specialties, it is impossible not to mention shrimp paste in Go Cong. This is a strange dish that creates a famous brand in Go Cong. Go Cong shrimp paste has a fresh and unique flavor that is unmatched anywhere. Go Cong shrimp paste is a specialty of Go Cong that was once a precious dish offered to kings in the first half of the 19th century.

Shrimp paste is often served with boiled meat, vermicelli or rice cake, cucumber, acrid banana, sour star fruit, raw vegetables of all kinds and indispensable coriander to make the fish smell. When eating, put the vermicelli in the bowl first and then arrange the meat, vegetables, star fruit … on top, add 1 tablespoon of shrimp paste just right on top and enjoy. With the sweet and fatty taste of bacon and fresh shrimp mixed with the acrid taste of green bananas, the sour taste of star fruit, the strong aroma of raw vegetables, dipped with the right mix of shrimp paste will bring to diners a delicious meal. Taste delicious, unforgettable. In addition, diners can use it with rice paper, raw vegetables … forming a small roll and then dipping it with shrimp paste will be irresistible. The date shrimp paste is the “linking point” of reconciliation, merging all the above mixtures and then dissolving in the mouth of the eater.

Lo Ren breast milk

Lo Ren breast milk is a famous specialty of Tien Giang. The breast milk here is round, with thin skin, small seeds, thick and soft flesh, with a sweet taste, faint aroma.

If you have the opportunity to return to Tien Giang, do not forget to try Lo Ren breast milk – a famous fruit with sweet and cool taste. There are many different ways to enjoy Lo Ren breast milk. If in the rustic way, try it right at the garden house. People often choose ripe fruits, both round and squeeze their hands to soften the fruit, then pluck the milk stem, remove the pulp and slowly enjoy the milky white juice rising like “a stream of mother’s milk”. When entertaining guests, people often flap the left nipple of the milky breast and then cut the left into quarters, into six and use a spoon to eat it gradually. Lo Ren breast milk with a clear, soft, sweet white core, leaves an indescribable fragrance for first-time visitors. In addition, enjoying the breast milk also has a way to peel, remove the pulp, put it in a blender, add sugar, milk, cocoa … pureed with shaved ice will give a special smoothie. No matter how you eat it, Lo Ren breast milk still has a rich and attractive taste.

Peeled fish sauce

Usually around May, the cuckoo starts to peel and around the end of August, there is no longer any fish paste. When they were cuffed and stripped, people invited each other to catch them and bring them home to eat. Peeled crabs are brought home to marinate spices, fried with golden flour, or roasted with tamarind, eaten with vermicelli or vegetable rolls dipped in sweet and sour fish sauce, like eating pancakes, banh khot. If you can’t eat it all, bring the cuffs to make fish sauce to eat gradually.

The boiled fish sauce can be used immediately with raw vegetables, cucumbers, boiled pork belly, mango or pineapple. Mam cong can also be eaten with vermicelli and used to roll rice paper. The fish sauce has a rich taste, sour, spicy, salty, sweet, and has a unique aroma. On cool days, having a plate of hybrid crab sauce is interesting.

My Tho noodle soup

Hu Tieu in My Tho is a famous dish of Tien Giang, especially the noodles here are soft and the broth has a sweet taste mixed with frugal taste, making the dish more delicious.

The characteristics of My Tho noodles are small, dry, chewy stems, slightly sour taste, with characteristics not to be confused with noodles elsewhere. The “number of delicious” noodle shops in My Tho can be counted on the fingers.

The noodles are blanched in boiling water, then put in a bowl, a bowl of noodles or noodles, only about 1/3 of a large chunk of deliciously marinated lean meat in a shallow bowl. Then, scoop up a patch of very hot water that has been cooked with pork bones, dried squid, and dried shrimp, pour it into a bowl, then use the patch to gently beat the minced meat apart and just cooked until it’s sweet to eat. Immediately after that, pour it into a bowl of ready-made noodles to cover any surface: pork bouillon, dried shrimp, fatty shrimp, pork liver, thinly sliced ​​char siu, parsley, green onions, and cabbage when eaten. sprinkle with onion and ground pepper.

Grilled Rice Market Rice

Cho Gao grilled pork chop has long been a familiar dish, often appearing on the occasion of the death anniversary or Tet holiday of the people of Cho Gao district, Tien Giang province. This dish is made from freshly boiled lean shoulder meat, thinly sliced ​​and stir-fried with shallots and garlic. When the meat is cooked, mix it with duck eggs, pepper and delicious fish sauce to taste. This mixture is put into a cast iron pot lined with a layer of banana leaves underneath, then heated on the stove until the patties are dry and sticky. This dish is eaten with rice paper rolls with herbs, salad and dipping sweet and sour fish sauce

Tan Phong rice snail

Rice snail is a famous specialty of Tan Phong area, the snails here have very small intestines, the most delicious is in the breeding season, when the snail meat will be very fatty, sweet and crunchy when chewed.

From the rice snail, through the skillful hands of many chefs, it is also processed into many unique delicious dishes such as fried rice snails with garlic and chili, snail salad mixed with pomelo and coconut rice, burnt garlic rice snails, rice root with Chinese medicinal herbs, snails. Rice rolls with rice paper, boiled rice snails with guava leaves, fried rice snails with butter, rice snail pancakes… No matter how it is prepared, rice snails are delicious, crispy, fragrant, and attractive to many diners. Having tasted the taste of Tan Phong rice snail once, visitors will hardly forget the taste. Although Tan Phong rice snail is rustic, it is a dish full of country love. For expatriates, when they have the opportunity to encounter a pot of rice snails, they will always remember the delicious and famous taste in their hometown.

Cake patch (price cake).

The name “cake patch” or “cake price” so far still has many different opinions. Some people think that the cake is poured with flour and the main ingredients are bean sprouts, green beans, etc., so it’s called “rice cake”. There is also an explanation that: before frying, the dough is put into a tool like a soup scoop, so it is called a patch cake. No matter how it is called, the banh chung (cake price) has a “deep” influence on the culinary culture of the Cho Giong region in particular and the Go Cong and Tien Giang regions in general. Patch cake (rice cake) has the same shape as West Lake shrimp cake, but the ingredients are somewhat richer. The main ingredients to make a special delicious patch cake include lean pork, ground shrimp, bean sprouts, black fungus, straw mushroom, bok choy, rice flour, tapioca starch, green beans, pork brain, vegetable oil or lard. The price cake in the Southern language is called banh mi.

Cake patch (rice cake) is delicious, crispy, and delicious when eaten hot. Served with rice cakes, it is indispensable to have raw vegetables, vermicelli or banh cuon, bean sprouts, cucumber and chili garlic fish sauce. When enjoying, put the vermicelli into a bowl, put the raw vegetables in, cut the bean sprouts into small pieces, add the raw vegetables and then add the fish sauce to taste. The strong smell of garlic chili fish sauce and the crispy fat of the bean sprouts, plus fresh vegetables, make a dish full of flavor that is extremely delicious and attractive.

Banana with coconut

For the people of Tien Giang, banana with coconut is not only a snack to eat when “happy” but also helps to fill the stomach on rainy days. For tourists near and far, the dish of banana with coconut is both strange and familiar, strange because many tourists have never tasted it and are familiar with the familiar and rustic name of this dish itself.

Banana with coconut is made from old green porcelain banana and shredded coconut. After boiling the ripe banana, let it cool, mix it with grated coconut, season with spices including salt, sugar… and then pound it in a mortar. After pounding the banana, scoop it out onto a plate, sprinkle crushed roasted peanuts on top to decorate and increase the fatness of the dish. Served with coconut bananas, there are also other garden vegetables such as cassava leaves, guava leaves, crab claws, lettuce, herbs, basil… Besides, there are also rice paper and especially indispensable bowl of sour dipping sauce. sweet. The delicious coconut-banana dipping sauce is made from fish sauce, lemon, garlic, chili, and coconut milk so that it has a moderate sweet and sour taste.

Go Cong sea buckthorn

Go Cong sea area is home to a lot of fish and shrimp, but the best is still sea sam, around October to February is the spawning season, so the eggs are greasy and very delicious.

Among the dishes made from sam, the most attractive and popular with many diners is grilled egg sam. The way to make grilled egg san is quite simple. Ignite the embers, put the sam horse, and then return until golden brown. Prepare ingredients to eat with sam such as sour grapefruit, pickled vegetables, herbs, basil, laksa leaves, pounded roasted peanuts, fried onions, lemon garlic fish sauce, chili… Put it out on a plate, turn the hot sam over, separate the bib, remove the intestines, use a sharp knife to cut the abdomen, you will see the eggs are full, golden, very eye-catching. The meat on the back and close to the sam’s tail is tough, sweet and sweet. Sam’s eggs are fatty, fragrant, high in protein and very nutritious.

If you don’t want to use it right away, you can dry it in the sun for a few days, then hang it on the kitchen rack to save it, when you need to bake it, it’s still delicious. Some people also boil the sam, remove the egg, add the onion, mix the salad, keep the shell of the sam, and paint it with varnish to decorate the house. Go Cong sea buckthorn cut its big mouth and cook sour soup with mint, spinach or dragon beans, add some delicious glutinous rice wine in the right way. No matter how it is prepared, sam meat is fresh and retains its unique flavor.

Banh beo at Hang Bong market

Banh beo at Hang Bong market is a famous dish of My Tho. Banh beo at Hang Bong market is rustic from the name to the way to make and then to the way to eat.

The ingredients for making banh beo consist of three main parts: the cake is made from rice flour, the filling is made from dried shrimp, green beans, pork skin, fried onions, and bread; The dipping sauce is made from sugar, garlic, minced chili… The baking process is quite simple, but it also requires the maker to be proficient and know “the profession”. Usually, people use drunken rice into powder. After the rice is drunk, soak it in water so that the dough has a moderate plasticity. Then, mix a little more fat and pour into small, shallow bowls or round molds to make the cake just right. When pouring the dough, the chef must be very skillful to make the cake very thin, round and square. After pouring the cake, put it in the steamer until the cake is cooked, then turn off the stove and take out the cake.

There are two types for diners to choose from: savory and sweet pancakes. Salty beo cake usually has green beans, and shredded pork skin, diced fried bread, and a little fragrant fried onion. Banh beo is sweet and greasy by fresh coconut milk. The owner often serves banh beo with a bowl of chili sauce and a little pickle to invite guests.

My Tho old noodle salad

Old rice noodle soup is a specialty dish of the people of My Tho – Tien Giang in particular and the people of the Mekong Delta in general. This dish has the typical flavor of shrimp, sour tamarind and ground soy sauce. To make delicious vermicelli salad with My Tho old people, it also takes a lot of effort. The ingredients to make vermicelli salad include vegetables, bean sprouts, vermicelli, broth, roasted peanuts, ground soy sauce, grated desiccated coconut, tamarind juice, seasoning sauce, coriander, bacon, fresh shrimp or silver shrimp. Broth is considered to determine the quality of this dish. The broth must be stewed with pork bones with shrimp and bacon, seasoned with a little sugar and sour tamarind juice… My Tho old vermicelli salad is eye-catching with white vermicelli, milky white grated desiccated coconut, red boiled shrimp au plus more ivory white color of boiled meat, green color of vegetables, bright red color of chili and other additives.

Want to enjoy My Tho old noodle salad, just put in a bowl some vermicelli vermicelli that has been blanched in boiling water, pour the broth into the vermicelli, spread shrimp, meat, fried garlic, peanuts, raw vegetables, herbs, bean sprouts, chives, banana or morning glory. To make the noodle dish more delicious and right, there must be a special dipping sauce that is pure fish sauce, very fragrant and has a sweet taste. Visitors do not need to add anything to the bowl and still feel very satisfied

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