Top 15 Thiên đường ăn vặt của Teen Hà Thành 2022

1000d ball donuts on O Quan Chuong street are very attractive

Donuts on O Quan Chuong street have long become an attractive dish for young people in Ha Thanh. The name “ball donut” comes from the tiny size of the cake. The dough is sticky, the shell is crispy and sprinkled with a little roasted sesame on top. Although the inside of the cake is flexible, it does not stick to the teeth. When it cools down, it still retains the crispiness of the shell, not being hard. The filling is delicious green beans, fragrant. However, the filling in each cake is not the same, if you are lucky, you will choose the right one with many very delicious fillings, while eating and enjoying.

Fried sticky rice at the intersection of Bat Dan – Hang Dieu

White sticky rice is wrapped in plastic, tightly grasped so that the sticky rice grains stick together, spread thinly and then put in a small pan to fry until golden brown on both sides. Outside, the sticky rice is golden brown, and inside, there are still delicious white sticky rice seeds. Fried sticky rice can be served with braised eggs, sausages, braised meat, spring rolls, pate…

Binh Tay wonton noodles in Hang Chieu street

Leaving Hang Bong Street, coming to Hang Chieu Street in the capital, you can relax with a delicious Binh Tay dish. That’s the delicious wonton noodles, the noodles are made from flour and eggs, then rolled thin, so the fibers are both tough and crispy, while keeping the eye-catching golden color. Vermicelli is filled with crushed fresh shrimp, shiitake mushrooms and meat, wrapped in a thin layer of flour.

Bread with wine sauce at 252 Hang Bong

Hanoi 36 streets and streets and each street brings you delicious food with the flavor of Hanoi people past and present. Coming to Hang Bong street, you can enjoy delicious banh mi with wine sauce here. The beef used to make the wine sauce is the rib rag and add a little beef tendon. The meat, after being marinated with spices, will be stewed with a little wine to make the beef tender and fragrant, creating a strangely delicious sauce.

Grilled spring rolls number 10 Au Trieu

The Cathedral is an area that is familiar to every snack connoisseur and shopaholic in Hanoi. Among them is the grilled spring rolls shop in Au Trieu street. The shop is small, simply plastic tables are placed close together, giving us a familiar feeling of closeness. Unlike fried spring rolls, which are dry and yellow in color, grilled spring rolls still retain the bright pink color of the meat along with a sticky glue covering the outside. Dipping a little chili in a small bowl, the aroma and grilled spring rolls seem to blend and melt when you bring it to your mouth.

Jackfruit yogurt number 24B Ba Trieu street

Located at house number 24B Ba Trieu street, the jackfruit yogurt shop is small but always full of customers. The sweetness of jackfruit blends in the coolness of yogurt to satisfy even the most demanding guests.

Hot cakes on Le Ngoc Han street, priced at VND 13,000

This cake in Hanoi is famous from about ten years ago, is a favorite snack of many classes of students. The dough is both soft and chewy, with a warm and greasy taste. In addition, the cake has the sweet taste of ground meat and broth, a few chewy pieces of fried beans and a little bit of herbs and coriander are also indispensable ingredients.

Fried spring rolls 36 Tam Thuong Alley, Hang Bong

The hot fried spring rolls with chili sauce are always an attractive snack for many young people. The way to make fried spring rolls in Hanoi is not difficult, but to get the delicious taste, it is only available in the alley. Goodbye to you guys.

Sticky rice with perch in lane 107 Nguyen Chi Thanh

White sticky rice served with fish with a little fried onion. A serving of sticky rice for one person is 25,000 VND with a bowl of baby broccoli soup, making guests less dry and less bored.

Grilled heart in Ma May street, Gam Cau street

Barbecue is the perfect choice for chilly afternoons and Ma May street or Gam Cau street, Hanoi is the most interesting destination for such choices. There are quite a variety of ingredients here such as intestines, stomachs, colons, tofu, beef, mushrooms… To make a little difference, the restaurant is often soaked with honey before baking, so it’s also strange to eat. with diluted chili sauce. The pieces of heart, the stomach are lumpy, crispy and have a spicy, spicy taste, it’s also good to eat.

Mixed rice paper with drum, bamboo…

Mixed rice paper is a southern dish and has now become one of the popular snacks of young people in the capital. Mixed rice paper combines many different ingredients: dried squid, dried beef, spring rolls, quail eggs, young copra, shredded mango, laksa leaves, roasted peanuts, and indispensable dry, slightly steamed rice paper. soft when drizzled with sweet and sour sauce. A serving of mixed rice paper costs about 20,000 VND. The shops often serve more buttered rice paper, baked rice paper, you can order one of each type to try with friends. Some small suggestions for you when you want to enjoy this special snack are at 3 Ly Quoc Su, 86 Hang Trong, 48 Hang Tre.

Mango tea number 2 Nguyen Truong To

Many Hanoians used to eat mango tea, some people did not know this dish. But if you have eaten and like the sweet taste of strange tea, diners all come to number 2 at the beginning of Nguyen Truong To Street, where the most crowded tea shop in Hanoi is located.

Fatty fake civet vermicelli on Thuy Khue and Kim Lien streets…

With only 35,000 VND, vermicelli vermicelli located on Thuy Khue street, KIm Lien street … is an attractive suggestion for a cold lunch in Hanoi with the aroma of galangal, the sour taste of bamboo shoots and the greasy taste of pork leg cooked fake civet.

Fried Pho 206 Kham Thien

If you have ever set foot in Hanoi, you must have once enjoyed the old pho here. But not all of us have ever heard of “Fried Pho” – a breakthrough in Hanoi’s cuisine. From the soft white noodle soup, which is crispy fried and fragrant on the edge. Like small pizzas, with the aroma of the cake, eating feels crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. Pho will be served with hot beef sauce. Every afternoon after school, each class of students in Kham Thien street, Hanoi will sit down and enjoy this special dish in a delicious way.

Pancakes on Doi Can street, Ba Dinh

For a long time, Doi Can street, Ba Dinh district has always been busy, especially in the afternoon or evening because there are many famous eateries here. Including the banh xeo shop of the Central people. Slices of yellow cake have just come out of the oven, accompanied by a plate of fresh green vegetables with a bowl of sweet and sour dipping sauce, priced from 20,000 VND-30,000 VND/plate.

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