Top 2 quán ăn dân dả cực ngon không thể bỏ qua ở TPHCM 2022

Spice Bistro is a tourist attraction with pure Vietnamese dishes. The space is designed simply and cozy with wooden tables and chairs. The shop uses many rustic items such as crockery cups, bamboo chopsticks, mats… reminiscent of a proper family meal. The highlight is the covered greenery to help diners feel close to nature.

You can experience many typical Northern dishes such as braised fish and fruit, noodle rolls, fried spring rolls… Gotu kohlrabi salad, field crab hotpot, and sour cotton fish soup are popular Southern dishes here. .

If you want to enjoy the rich and spicy taste of the Central people, stir-fried Gia Lai forest vegetables with spicy sauce, mussels and figs salad is the ideal suggestion for foodies.

Prices range from 60,000-500,000 VND.

Spice Bistro
Photo: Spice Bistro.

Diners commented:

Diner Le Khanh Nguyen said: “Most of the dishes are delicious and satisfying, but the prices are relatively high and the portions are quite small.”

Thi Dieu” “I happened to pass by and saw that the restaurant had a pretty decor, curious to know what it was, so I wanted to drop in and try it out. Luckily everything is very good! Service staff work quickly, talk softly. The space is designed to lead the way in the ancient style of Ha Noi. The price is a bit expensive but overall the food is good quality and quite tasty. I ordered grilled pork sticky rice with tamarind sauce, the name sounds strange in tamarind sauce. Sticky rice seeds are soft, flexible, and fragrant, served with richly marinated grilled meat, sprinkled with a little sweet and sour tamarind sauce. What a delicious creation!

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