Top 2 quán ăn Nhật ngon, nổi tiếng thu hút khách ở TPHCM 2022

Ramen Bar Suzuki is one of the Japanese restaurant in Saigon favored by many diners. The ramen here has small noodles, rich seasoning, not too fatty and greasy like in other shops. The menu is extremely diverse for diners to easily choose and each bowl costs from 150,000-190,000 VND.

The space here is impressive thanks to the luxurious layout. There is a private dining area for guests in need. When diners order, the staff will quickly write down the correct restaurant standard in the land of the rising sun. Service is rated 5 stars in a polite and professional manner.

Business hours: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 11 p.m

Ramen Bar Suzuki
Photo: Hiphipisme, imdatingfood.

Diners commented:

Duc Anh Hoang: “This ramen shop is designed in a high-class style. The location seems difficult to find but it is quite easy, go to the end of Lane 5 and then turn left about 10m to arrive. Multi-course menu, divided into 4-5 groups of ramen. Guests can choose for themselves the firmness and softness of the noodles. The meat is very thin and has a decent poached egg. For me, the price here is reasonable with comfortable seats.”

Maika Vo Tran: “The food is not too good, the broth is a bit salty. Service staff is temporary. However, the restaurant only accepts cash payments, causing inconvenience to diners.

Japanese restaurant
Maika Vo Tran

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