Top 3 địa điểm thử đồ ăn Ấn độ chuẩn vị ở TPHCM 2022

With space designed cozy and luxurious Indian style, Indian restaurant This is the perfect choice for foodies. The food is presented in an eye-catching and harmonious manner, which is the plus point of the restaurant. Besides savory dishes from chicken, goat, fish, the restaurant also serves Indian vegetarian dishes.

Photo: Iamfoodtester

Diners rate:

Ansapsaigon: “Our group ordered a lot of dishes, but the most delicious and easy to eat was goat curry, which did not have a bad smell. Grilled chicken is also delicious, succulent, tender meat, not dry. I was quite impressed with the fragrant cheese cake. Indian fried rice cooked with long, spongy rice, although a bit difficult to eat. Grilled fish is a bit salty.”

Iamfoodtester: “I am used to Vietnamese and Chinese food, but after a while, if I want to change the taste, Shanti is very good. The dish is made by an Indian chef according to a recipe from Dubai, so the taste is quite good.”

Mydailyballoon: “The restaurant looks elegant, the menu has a variety of up to about 100 dishes, the spicy and spicy style is quite suitable for my taste”.

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