Top 3 món ăn miền tây “lạ miệng” nên thử ở TPHCM 2022

Silkworm cake originated from the West, is a breakfast dish favored and loved by Saigon people. Many people believe that the long, white bread is like a silkworm, eaten with the skin, so it is called silkworm cake.

Coconut milk and skin create the soul of the dish. Pork skin is cut evenly thin, mixed with rice ear, minced meat for crispy, fleshy skin. The accompanying coconut milk has a smooth consistency, a rich, salty, and sweet taste that blends together. A few sprouts, cucumbers, herbs help the dish not to be too boring.

When enjoying, you sprinkle more sweet and sour fish sauce on top so that the ingredients are absorbed. Rich fish sauce, combined with fragrant fatty coconut milk, crispy skin and cool green vegetables create an unforgettable taste.

Price: About 35,000 VND

Silkworm cake
Photo: Co2kristy.

Diners commented:

Hoa Ngan: “Our customers have been here for a long time, but only now have the opportunity to comment. There are two types, salty and sweet. If it’s salty, the chewy silkworm cake is eaten with fish sauce, and when it’s sweet, the cakes are mixed with coconut water. The price may be a bit high, but you get what you pay for, the service is lovely, and give me extra packages every time. Still supporting the shop.”

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