Top 3 món tráng miệng từ trân châu đang gây sốt giới trẻ ở TPHCM 2022

Milo pickled with pearls is the perfect combination of milo and pearls in a dish that makes Saigon snack saints enamored. Jelly, milo, pearl, shaved ice are indispensable ingredients in this cool dish. You can enjoy each cup of these “full topping” milo cups.

Milo is mildly bitter, mixed with the sweetness of milk, mixed in the aroma of pearls soaked in sugar water with a variety of chewy, lumpy jellies. The dish is sold at a price that is quite suitable for students and students.

Milo beams
Photo: Momentoffood, chanlovessaigon.

Diners rate:

Luu Ly: “Here the staff is enthusiastic, the menu is diverse and attractive, the food is delicious. Rice cakes, sausages on skewers must be eaten, seasoned to taste, HQ fish cakes are also quite ok, and kimbap is Korean standard. Craving is to stop by here to eat!”

Nguyen Tran: “I’m a person who doesn’t like sweets very much, but when I heard that this place was delicious, my friends had a good time, so I’ll give it a try. But it’s delicious, my friends. Milo is just right and not too sweet, enough topping, can’t eat it all. This is the coolness of ice, the slight bitterness of milo, and the sweet taste of milk. Indeed, on a hot day, or sitting around with friends, I feel ok. Will definitely be back.”

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