Top 3 quán hủ tiếu Nam vang ngon nhức tiếng tại TPHCM 2022

Nam Vang Phu Quy noodle soup Located in Ho Thi Ky market, district 10, has become a familiar culinary address of many generations of Saigon people. When enjoying, you will feel the rich flavor from the broth combined with the clear and chewy noodles.

A bowl of noodles here will be full of topics such as: shrimp, minced meat, lean meat, stomach, tongue, quail eggs … creating an extremely attractive color, sold with price 37,000 VND, quite popular compared to the common ground of other Nam Vang noodle shops.

The shop is open from: 5:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Diner Dong Tran commented: “Delicious food, no smell. Although the restaurant is crowded, the staff is enthusiastic and fast. However, there are few vegetables here.”

Vietnamese noodle soup with Phu Quy wine
Vietnamese noodle soup with Phu Quy wine

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