Top 3 quán mì trộn “ăn là ghiền” được giới trẻ săn đón ở Sài gòn 2022

Noodle soup and mixed noodles are two dishes that attract foodies at QUEEN – SHRIMP SHRIMP Noodle Soup. Although the price is a bit high, the restaurant serves quality meals with many ingredients such as eggs, shrimp, beef … so many diners visit.

Beef and shrimp noodle soup
Photo: Thanh Truc


Nguyen Thanh Truc: “The shop located right in Vu Huy Tan alley is also quite easy to find, in general the shop is very clean. A normal bowl costs 45,000 VND, adding 2 fresh shrimp costs about 65,000 VND. Mixed noodles to taste, with beef, minced shrimp, spring rolls and poached eggs. The broth is fine, just to my taste. However, the price here is a bit expensive.”

Lien Mai: “The first time I tasted vermicelli noodles, there were 3 shrimps and a soft-boiled egg. Fresh shrimp, little beef. The vermicelli is big, the broth is not very rich. The noodles are a bit spicy compared to me, giving a lot of onions. Those who don’t eat spicy and onions should tell the owner first.”


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