Top 4 quán Rooftop view cực chill tha hồ sống ảo ở TPHCM 2022

SMOKE ROOFTOP is a terrace cafe located at 6th and 7th floor in Binh Thanh area. Rooftop smoke is just an emerging rookie, but the attraction is abundant, not inferior to any previous brothers and sisters. From the decor, space to each melodious music here, it’s enough to make you “fall in love at first sight”.

In the distance is the landmark 81 building with luxurious lights, of a bustling and luxurious Saigon. You can also see high-rise buildings in the Vinhomes area, busy roads in the afternoon. At Smoke you can see a whole corner of Saigon. It’s so rushed, so busy, but also very dear.

Smoke on the rooftop in hcm

Guest reviews:

Anh Vu: “Cool space, beautiful view, convenient to see Landmark 81 and Bitexco. Flavorful drinks, diverse bait easy to choose. The staff here are sweet and enthusiastic. Most importantly, the price is reasonable compared to the common ground of current rooftop bars.

Nhy Phuong: “The shop is located on the 6th floor of the building at the corner of the foot of Thu Thiem bridge. You park the car, take the elevator to the 5th floor and then climb to the top floor. The view is worth it, seeing Landmark, City Garden, Vinhomes, Pearl Plaza, Bitexco, covering the whole district 1 and 2. Food and drinks are diverse, I like cocktails the most. There are many virtual living angles, you just need to bring up the device and you will have a million-like view right away.”

Van Khuong: “Every Saturday night, there is a cultural exchange program, suitable for friends, couples or relatives to come and enjoy”.

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