Top 4 tiệm bánh mì phá lẩu mang hương vị đặc trưng ở TPHCM 2022

Referring to the unique dishes of Saigon, you cannot ignore the delicious banh Lau that makes Saigon’s young people crazy and “fever”.

The charm of Break Lau Bakery lies in the mild sweetness of the accompanying dipping sauce, the chewy, chewy texture from the pig’s ears, a little bit of fat from the stomach pieces, the pho… Paired with cucumber, onion with the pungent taste of chili. Take a bite and immediately feel the rich flavor of this unique bread.

The price of banh Lau will fluctuate from 15,000 to 25,000 VND/loaf. The shop is open from 1:00 am to 0:00 pm to serve diners.

Bread 179
Photo: My Tran

Diners commented:

Mr. Thi Cao: “The bakery near the alley turned inside 200 Xom Chieu, it was quite crowded and she sold her hand. The bar counter is eye-catching. I ordered a large loaf of bread of 20,000 VND, full of eggs, pork ears, sour food, chili and a rich sauce. This dish depends on the taste of each person, to me it is delicious, strange but a bit boring.”

My Tran: “Walking around the Xom Chieu market, I saw a bread stall full of delicious food, so I immediately bought a baguette with boiled egg for 20,000 VND. Delicious bread, fragrant filling and lots of meat. This place sells from afternoon until midnight.”

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