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The condition of thin facial skin, red veins makes the skin easily irritated and significantly affects the beauty of your appearance. Therefore, restoring thin facial skin is something you should do to improve skin health. These will be introduced in the following article. Follow along with Shynh Beauty to find out what the top 5 secrets to restoring thin facial skin are!

Causes of thin facial skin, raised capillaries

The skin on the face is thin and weak, with capillaries caused by many different reasons. These are causes such as: genetics, aging, hormone changes, too much sun exposure, improper skin care…

In particular, the use of poor quality cosmetics and physical conditions are the two common causes of skin abrasion. Since then, the skin is damaged and becomes thin, weak, and prone to capillaries. Understanding the cause will help you apply the methods restore thin facial skin effectively.

restore thin facial skin
The condition of thin facial skin with capillaries is caused by many causes (Source: Internet)

5 secrets to restore thin facial skin, red veins every day

#first. Use quality cosmetics, reputable brands

This is the top skin care rule to absolutely follow, especially when you have thin, red-veined facial skin. You should avoid choosing low-quality cosmetics, floating goods, unknown ingredients… These products may contain strong bleaching agents, causing skin damage and irritation.

So when choosing skin care products and makeup cosmetics, you need to choose quality, safe products from reputable brands. Yes, the process restore fragile skin can achieve the best results.

shin nee cosmetics
Shin Nee Cosmetics with benign ingredients is the best choice for your skin care (Source: Shynh Beauty)

#2. Choose intensive thin facial skin care products (skin restorative serums)

To restore fragile skin, you should choose to use intensive skin care products. It is a line of skin-restoring serums with a thin, light texture that is able to penetrate deep into the epidermis and dermis. At the same time, the product also contains essential nutrients to nourish and restore thin, weak skin. There are essential ingredients such as: vitamins E, C, A, B5, collagen, glycerin, hyaluronic acid … These nutrients will help the skin to be moisturized, regenerate the epidermis, reduce thinning, irritation and gradually become thicker.

#3. Apply a mask to restore weak facial skin

Masking is the optimal solution to help the skin be moisturized, relax, replenish nutrients and gradually recover. However, with thin, weak skin texture, you should consider choosing benign mask products, providing collagen recovery. In particular, collagen jelly mask from Korean cosmetic brand Shin Nee will be the first choice for you to restore thin facial skin.

jelly mask
Collagen jelly mask is an effective product to help thin skin gradually recover (Source: Shynh Beauty)

#4. Use sunscreen every day

Ultraviolet rays in the sun can be considered the cure of thin, weak skin and cause more and more capillary swelling. Therefore, to take care, restore fragile skin You need to use sunscreen every day.

#5. Restore thin and weak facial skin with nutrition

Your daily diet has a big impact on the health of your skin. Good foods will help cells increase collagen and nourish healthy skin from deep within. So, let restore thin and weak skin, you should pay attention to follow a scientific and healthy diet.

Specifically, you should increase your intake of foods rich in vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the skin such as green vegetables, tubers, fresh fruits… Besides, you should also choose foods rich in omega-3 in the daily diet. Because they have anti-inflammatory effects, restore and nourish healthy skin. Foods high in omega-3 such as salmon, seafood, avocados, seaweed and nuts…

restore thin facial skin
Food group containing many vitamins, minerals and omega-3 helps the skin to be restored and healthy (Source: Internet)

Through the above article, Shynh Beauty has shared with you 5 secrets restore thin facial skin, red veins. In particular, collagen jelly mask is the leading product to help restore the best skin today. So, come to Shynh Beauty to choose to buy and try the collagen jelly mask to effectively regenerate and nourish your skin!

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