TOP 5 Kem ủ tóc dành cho tóc khô xơ siêu mềm mượt l Shynh Beauty

Dry hair This is a condition that often occurs in both women and men, largely due to the lack of knowledge of using a hair conditioner for dry, frizzy hair. If you regularly use hair care products for dry hair, your hair will be provided with the necessary nutrition and moisture. In particular, the use of the product will reduce the cost of regular care for dry, frizzy hair

hair conditioner for dry hair
Dry and frizzy hair needs to be incubated and cared for regularly (Source: Internet)

#1 Pantene Pro-V Hair Conditioner for dry, frizzy hair

Pantene Pro-V comprehensive hair care product is made in Germany. This long-standing brand specializes in very famous hair product lines in Vietnam including shampoos, hair conditioners, incubated cream hair…and are trusted by many women because of the quality they bring.


  • Pantene Pro-V hair cream possesses many vitamins to help nourish hair from deep within, avoiding dryness.
  • The cream layer creates a protective film on the hair, helping to keep the hair soft and strong.
  • In particular, the ingredients are all natural, ensuring safety for the hair and scalp, helping to absorb nutrients quickly.

Reference price: 250,000 VND/300ml

Pantene Pro-V Hair Conditioner makes hair noticeably softer. (Source: Internet)

#2 Fanola Nutricare Restructuring Mask

Fanola is an Italian hair care brand. Fanola’s softening, detangling, and nourishing hair conditioner is the best choice for dry, tangled hair. Because of their many surprising uses.


  • Product Fanola Nutricare Restructuring Mask with a special feature of rich protein helps nourish hair with milk and make hair completely smooth.
  • Its creamy white texture blends with a relaxing, pleasant scent that makes it Fanola’s best-selling hair care product in Vietnam.
  • In addition, the product also provides the right amount of moisture to help the hair stay full of life, avoiding dryness

Reference price: 216,000 VND/1500ml

hair mask
Fanola Nutricare Restructuring Mask hair mask (Source: Internet).

#3 Dove hair conditioner for dry hair

Dove is a famous brand of Unilever that everyone has used. Dove specializes in shower gels, shampoos and especially now launches a line of outstanding, smooth, and sticky hair conditioners.

Product Good hair cream The word Dove has the following effects:

  • Leaves hair silky smooth after use and protects hair from daily damage
  • Nutri-Keratin Repair Actives Technology provides Protein for damaged hair
  • Gives hair instant strength, strength and long-lasting nourishment.

Reference price: 175,000 VND/200ml

Dove cream product line helps smooth hair outstandingly (Source: internet)

#4 L’oreal hair conditioner for dry hair

L’oreal is a famous French brand specializing in women’s beauty. L’oreal Keratin Smooth Perfecting Mask is a salon-standard hair conditioner from L’oreal Keratin Smooth Perfecting Mask that helps to fill Keratin in hair, improving damage and dryness problems.

Uses of L’oreal Keratin Smooth Perfecting Mask hair conditioner:

  • The completely new technology MICRO – KERATIN: helps smooth hair, fills Keratin into the hair cuticles and thoroughly overcomes dryness.
  • Camellia oil essence provides all the necessary substances for hair, nourishes hair, returns smooth, strong hair.
  • With a sweet, youthful scent, the scent lasts all day to help you have fragrant hair full of confidence.

Reference price: 77,000 VND/200ml

hair conditioner for dry hair
L’oreal Keratin Smooth Perfecting Mask. (Source: Internet)

#5 Watsons hair conditioner for dry hair

WATSONS, a well-known distributor and manufacturer of women’s cosmetics, has just launched this line of moisturizing hair conditioners made in Thailand. The product contains ingredients from avocado to help condition and protect hair, promoting smoother, healthier hair.

WATSONS Avocado Extract Balancing Moisturizing Cream has the following ingredients:

  • Avocado and biotin essential oils make hair stronger and smoother, and help improve blood circulation
  • Vitamin E helps prevent hair from drying, split ends
  • Protein helps hair to be restored quickly, strong, prevent dryness.

Reference price: 65,000 VND/500ml

hair conditioner for dry hair
WATSONS Balanced Moisturizing Cream with Avocado Extract (Source: Internet)

#6 S-White Peach Peach Ginseng Super Soft Hair Cream

Famous brand S-White Vietnam is currently launching a soft hair conditioner with extracts of peach ginseng, which is trending on social networks. This premium product delivers a salon-like treatment with results that exceed expectations.

Benefits of S-White Peach Ginseng Peach Super Soft Hair Cream:

  • Helps to make hair soft, strong, invigorated and prevents weak hair.
  • Helps to keep hair healthy, soft and shiny.
  • Deeply regenerates hair follicles, strengthens hair with agan oil and pro vitamin B5.

Reference price: 410,000 VND/1000g.

s white hair cream
S-White Peach Ginseng Hair Cream (Source: Shynh Beauty)

Through the above article, hope you can find a hair conditioner for dry hair that is best for you. In addition, to take care of frizzy and broken hair, you can refer to the how to reduce frizzy hair natural at home, hair growth stimulating shampoo,…and see more products hair care at Shinh Beauty!

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