Top 5 Loại bánh đặc sản của Hải Dương 2022

Green bean cake

Green bean cake is available everywhere, but it must be mentioned that the sweet and fragrant green bean cake is the most famous specialty of Hai Duong. The cake is made from ingredients close to farmers: green beans, refined sugar, lard, grapefruit flower essential oil. The unique and attractive of the cake lies in the extremely meticulous stages, requiring the ingenuity and sophistication of the processor. When eaten, it has the aroma and flesh of beans, a little greasy but not boring of lard, a little sweetness of crystallized sugar and the cool scent of grapefruit flower essential oil. This is also the unique flavor that only green bean cake in Hai Duong has. Green bean cake is delicious, very nutritious and not expensive, just 20,000 VND, you can buy your family a package of cake. green beans now. Enjoying green bean cake while sipping a delicious cup of tea is what everyone wishes.

Ke Sat rice paper cake

In Hai Duong, almost every district has people who make rice paper, but only Ke Sat rice paper is famous. When eaten, the cake has the fleshy taste of rice, mixed with the aroma of peanuts, coconut sesame, along with the warm taste of fresh ginger that will make people feel numb at the tip of their tongue. The rice paper has the red color of gac, the fleshy taste of peanuts, sesame, coconut and the aroma of fresh ginger and new rice. Different from other types of rice paper, the famous and delicious Ke Sat Gac rice paper has become a specialty of Hai Duong. Ke Sat rice paper is as famous as the gai cake or the Hai Duong mung bean cake that anyone who comes to Hai Duong will find. Come enjoy and buy as gifts because of the delicious taste very typical of Hai Duong. Banh mi are arranged in each bag, each bag has 5 pieces, the price of each bag is 25,000 VND. So when you come to Hai Duong, buy it right away.

Gia Loc thick cake

The smooth, fragrant white rice cake has become one of the culinary specialties of Gia Loc town. Gia Loc thick rice cake has the aromatic flavor of sticky rice, the young green color of banana leaves blends together to create a very unique aftertaste. Making banh day has few stages but requires the skill of the baker to be at the artisan level. Enjoying this cake, diners will feel refreshed, feel the rich aftertaste of the sticky flavor in each piece of cake mixed with the scent of banana leaves. Banh day served with spring rolls, sticky rice served with spring rolls is a typical breakfast gift of local people. In the midst of countless breakfast gifts such as pho, vermicelli, porridge … the traditional thick cake is still chosen by many tourists as a dish full of homeland love. Passers-by who miss a meal stop at Gia Loc town (Hai Duong) to eat a thick cake, drink a cup of tea or buy a few packs of cakes as a gift for their loved ones, just once and then remember the taste forever so that the next time they have the opportunity to go. Definitely visit this place again. The delicious thick cakes are very affordable, only 5,000 VND a piece. Buy to enjoy.

Ninh Giang spiked cake

Just like mung bean cake, gai cake is available everywhere, gai cake is made from glutinous rice flour, green beans, soft and fragrant. But Ninh Giang gai cake has a very own flavor, typical of the countryside of Hai Duong. Gai cake shell is made from glutinous rice flour mixed with crushed hemp leaves, shining with an extremely attractive black color. The filling has a characteristic aroma of peeled green beans, which is both spongy and smooth. Enjoying gai cake must also have “art”, biting into small pieces so that the sweetness melts into the tip of the tongue. The faint scent of hemp leaves, the crunchy sound of pumpkin jam and lard make people slowly sip bit by bit. If anyone has tasted it once, they will never forget the taste of this delicious cake. . You only need to have 5,000 VND in hand to have the right to enjoy the wonderfully delicious gai cake.

Hai Duong roll cake

Going to Hai Duong city next to National Highway 5, passing through the center of Hai Duong city, there are many delicious cakes, but go to Bac Son street to enjoy “Ba Tham rolls”. If anyone has tried it, they will never forget the thin, smooth, transparent, yet greasy cakes that are Hai Duong’s own signature rolls. Also made with rice, the banh cuon shops in Bac Son are all very delicious. Many guests from far away, even once tasted Hai Duong rolls, every time they come here, they still have to work hard to find a good meal. Banh cuon is sold by meal at the price of 20,000 VND per serving. You only need to eat one serving and you can go sightseeing all day without feeling hungry.

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