Top 5 Quán ăn có món gà lên mâm ngon nhất TPHCM 2022

If you are looking for a restaurant that has a central dish of chicken on a tray, then Hen It will be the most suitable choice for you to enjoy at the weekend. A plus point worth mentioning when coming to Hen It is that they own a cool space, decorated with small items that are very eye-catching.

Hen There are both indoor and outdoor areas for you to choose from, the outdoor area is very suitable for parties, gatherings of friends or gathering with friends. And the indoor area with the dining room with a cozy layout is the ideal choice for families who want to have an evening together.

Chicken on the Chicken tray
Chicken steak full of irresistible dishes

The dishes that you must definitely order when coming here are: Chicken on the tray, Chicken salad with all dishes, Chicken salad, Rice with young chicken eggs, Tuna eyes, Grilled spring rolls, Banh xeo, Banh beo, Jackfruit tea, etc. Many typical dishes of Phu Yen region for you to enjoy. option. Not only the quality of the food, but the enthusiastic and welcoming staff also make this a highlight when you come to this restaurant. Hen.

What makes the restaurant’s attraction must be in the source of very fresh ingredients carefully selected by the top chefs of the restaurant. Hen. Chicken is made from the best quality chickens, with crispy toughness, firm and sweet taste, shredded chicken pieces mixed with sweet and sour sweet and sour salad, fried chicken intestines fragrant with water. fish sauce, everything blends into one dish delicious chicken on tray to the point of guaranteeing you’ll be ecstatic in no time.

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