Top 6 Loại thực phẩm có lợi cho da 2022

Green vegetables

Green vegetables are a type of food containing a lot of water to help increase skin moisture, Vitamin C in green vegetables has the effect of preventing the creation of black pigment, making the skin white and smooth, helping the skin to be rich in elasticity, pulling. stretch wrinkles. In addition, green vegetables also contain iron and zinc to help provide enough oxygen to the skin and prevent acne.


Papaya is a beauty food from the inside out with the nutrients vitamin A and vitamin C to help prevent brain aging, help women avoid a wrinkled skin and signs of age. Papaya skin care mask helps to clear the skin and treat acne, reduce wrinkles under the eyes, giving you a youthful skin!


Avocado contains more than 14 types of vitamins and minerals, and rich in antioxidants, so avocado is not only a nutritious food for health but also a panacea for women’s skin. Avocado has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, contributing to soothing the red areas of the skin. In addition, it can be combined with yogurt to apply to your face to give you a bright and smooth skin!


It is not only a nutritious food for health, but also a food with unexpected benefits in improving the skin. This is a fruit rich in Vitamin A that works effectively in exfoliating the skin, helping to save your skin every time it becomes cracked due to the weather. In addition, the mango mask also helps the skin become brighter and smoother.


Almonds contain a lot of vitamin E, which moisturizes the skin from the inside, improves the surface structure of the skin and reduces the aging process of the skin, protects the skin from the sun to help give you fresh skin. young and rosy. In addition, almonds also have a number of effects such as: Increase immunity, fade scars, exfoliate skin, fade dark circles under eyes, prevent hair loss, brighten lip skin…
You can use almonds in the form of essential oils and almond powder to care for your skin!


In addition to being an indispensable spice in the daily dishes of families, garlic also has great effects on your skin: Garlic has anti-inflammatory effects, helps rejuvenate skin cells , anti-aging for the skin, has a very effective acne treatment and helps the skin to be bright and smooth.

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