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After giving birth is the time when mothers easily fall into a state of crisis because belly fat has been accumulated during the past nine months and ten days. Therefore, mothers always want to find effective postpartum belly fat melting cream so that they can quickly restore their slim waist and slim figure in the past. Let’s explore with Shynh Beauty the TOP 7 postpartum belly fat melting creams that are most loved by mothers and how to apply them. Belly fat melting cream the right way.

7 Extremely effective postpartum belly fat melting cream that all mothers love

Let’s explore 7 products with Shynh Beauty postpartum belly fat melting cream Very effective, which all mothers love.

Vichy postpartum belly fat melting cream from France

postpartum belly fat melting cream
Vichy belly fat melting cream – the right choice for girls (Source: Internet)

Fat melting creamVichy Cellu Destock is a unique product line of the famous Vichy brand from France. Known as a great solution for the skin and figure of the girls. Vichy Cellu Destock helps to quickly remove subcutaneous fat layers while adding nutrients to make the skin soft in a short time. This must be the line postpartum belly fat melting cream suitable and safe for mothers.

Uses of Vichy belly fat melting cream

  • Dissolving excess fat under the skin, directly impacting where she wants to reduce.
  • Acts directly on fat cells and accelerates its metabolism. Significantly reduces the amount of fat accumulated on the skin.
  • Helps the skin to be firm in areas such as arms, thighs, abdomen, … No more sagging, flabby after losing weight without full exercise.
  • Your waist size can be reduced by 3-5cm, waist size reduced by 2-3cm, thigh size reduced by 3cm after 2 weeks since using Vichy Cellu Destock cream.

Cream to melt belly fat after giving birth S-White is trusted by mothers

postpartum belly fat melting cream
S-White belly fat melting cream, a product line that is always trusted by mothers (Source: Shynh Beauty)

The girls can’t skip the line S-White fat melting cream – a companion that mothers always trust. Current postpartum belly fat melting cream This not only helps to remove excess fat in areas where fat often accumulates such as abdomen, biceps, thighs, buttocks, waist … At the same time, it also helps to firm and smooth skin. The natural essence in the product also helps the product enhance the metabolism under the skin, helping to eliminate roughness. In addition, the S-White fat-melting product also helps to firm skin, blur wrinkles, effectively reduce stretch marks.

Outstanding use of S-White fat melting cream

  • Dissolves “stubborn” fat deposits and effectively prevents the appearance of new ones.
  • Stimulates fat burning and prevents fat synthesis. Help girls restore their confidence.
  • Firms the skin, fades and gradually erases stretch marks, dark spots for the skin to return to its elasticity and smoothness.

Cream to melt belly fat after giving birth Finomas removes belly fat quickly

postpartum belly fat melting cream
Finomas fat-burning cream – safe and effective with imported ingredients (Source: Internet)

Finomas cream with natural herbal ingredients is the essence of pink pepper imported from France, quinoa seeds from Canada, coconut oil … The cream supports toning the skin of the waist, lower abdomen, buttocks and thighs. For mothers to become as slim as they want after giving birth.

Finomas are produced by modern technological lines. Current postpartum belly fat melting cream Finomas is used to break down accumulated fat into energy, inhibit the formation of new fat cells, ensure to help reduce excess fat in the right place, acting quickly and effectively.

Uses of Finomas . fat melting cream

  • Help girls restore their figure after giving birth, bringing radiant confidence.
  • Inhibits the synthesis and increase in size of fat cells.
  • Get rid of rough, flabby, loose skin after giving birth or losing weight without incorporating exercise.

Cream to melt belly fat after giving birth Missha removes excess fat

postpartum belly fat melting cream
Missha belly fat melting cream originating from Korea is highly effective and safe (Source: Internet)

Missha fat melting cream comes from Korea. It has the effect of heating and melting excess fat in the abdomen and preventing the formation of new fat. It is also known as the line postpartum belly fat melting cream It has the function of nourishing the skin, removing stretch marks to make your skin smoother and firmer.

The advantages of fat-burning cream from Korea

  • Helps burn excess fat, shape and tone the body.
  • Supports to increase the metabolic rate in the body to help users lose weight effectively. In addition, it also causes the kidneys to secrete fluids, which in turn will burn fat.
  • Reduce belly fat and prevent the formation of new fat. At the same time, it helps to nourish your skin, remove stretch marks, make your skin smooth and firm.

Cream to melt belly fat after giving birth Clarins burns excess fat and increases skin elasticity

postpartum belly fat melting cream
Clarins cream – a line of fat-melting cream that helps mothers beat sagging areas (Source: Internet)

Clarins Body Shaping Cream is a very safe but extremely effective cream from France. Clarins cream with unique skin care technology accelerates the process of burning excess body fat, increasing skin elasticity, giving girls a neat and slim figure. This cream line is also known for its use postpartum belly fat melting cream. Helps to melt fat and improve firmness in areas prone to fat accumulation such as abdomen, hips, waist, buttocks and thighs.

Uses of Clarins fat melting cream

  • Melts fat and improves skin firmness.
  • Replenish moisture for smooth skin.
  • Gives you a slim, slim figure.
  • Prevents the formation of aging, sagging, wrinkled skin.
  • The ingredients are benign, safe and do not cause skin irritation.

Cream to melt belly fat after giving birth Outstanding 3 Days from Thailand

postpartum belly fat melting cream
3 Days fat melting cream – burn accumulated fat (Source: Internet)

3 Days belly fat melting cream is produced with natural ingredients such as chili, ginger and green tea to burn excess fat in the body. At the same time, it increases the elasticity of the skin, shrinks a lot of fat on some parts of the body, and smoothes the skin with excess fat. This is the line postpartum belly fat melting cream that you should not miss.

The uses of 3 Days fat melting cream

  • 3 Days has the ability to penetrate deep into fatty tissues, especially the wrists, arms, lower abdomen, waist, buttocks, thighs, quickly burning excess fat, increasing elasticity and firmness for the skin.
  • Effective in dissolving subcutaneous fatty tissue and effectively treating stretch marks. Gives you a smooth, bright, firm skin that clears away cracks.
  • Burn excess fat for firm skin, lean body. From the first use you will feel the heat.

Cream to melt belly fat after giving birth, make Palmer’s skin tightening

postpartum belly fat melting cream
Palmer’s postpartum firming cream helps bring back a slim figure (Source: Internet)

Palmer’s Postpartum Firming Cream tightens and slims the body. Products with formulas from natural ingredients bring high efficiency in caring and regaining the shape and beauty of the skin. This is the line postpartum belly fat melting cream no longer strange to the girls. It helps to repel the worry of rough, sagging skin, stretch marks after giving birth.

Outstanding use of Palmer’s postpartum belly fat melting cream

  • Firming and slimming the body. Repel the worries of rough skin, sagging, stretch marks after giving birth.
  • Supports the treatment and reduction of stretch marks, helps prevent and erase stretch marks during pregnancy or when losing weight.
  • Provides good moisture to help limit stretch marks.

3 How to apply cream to melt belly fat after giving birth properly for mothers

postpartum belly fat melting cream
Using fat-burning cream properly to fly away the accumulated fat (Source: Internet)

Fat-melting cream will work best if combined with the following 3 methods. Let’s see!

Combine Abdominal Massage with postpartum belly fat dissolving cream

postpartum belly fat melting cream
Massage stimulates fat-burning cream to work faster (Source: Internet)

To be able to apply cream to melt belly fat properly Women need to combine with massage around the abdomen to help the cream penetrate faster, contributing to the burning of accumulated fat.

Proper abdominal massage

  1. First, take the navel as the center, you put your right hand on your left hand and then rub it with a strong enough hand force in a circular motion clockwise and counterclockwise (Perform this movement about 10 times). Has the effect of promoting blood circulation.
  2. Next, use two thumbs to press from the navel to the hip in the shape of an arrow. This helps to stimulate the acupuncture points. Pay attention, you should perform with a sufficient force, not too strong and not too light, repeat the movement from 9 to 10 times.
  3. Then, make a fist and press gently on the mid-waist area, doing about 10 times. This skin area is easy to bruise, so you should not press too hard to avoid skin damage.
  4. In this step, pat your belly about 10 times to increase the elasticity and firmness of the belly skin. At the same time, the fat tissue becomes loose and quickly decomposed.

Hot wrap with postpartum belly fat melting cream

postpartum belly fat melting cream
Hot wrap with fat-burning cream stimulates fat burning (Source: Internet)

In addition to massage around the abdomen, you also need to know another method to be able to apply the cream to melt belly fat properly bring satisfactory results.

After applying and massaging the abdomen with belly fat melting cream. The girls use food wrap to wrap 3 rounds on the abdominal wall. Then wrap the specialized heating belt around the area you want to lose fat and adjust the temperature to suit your body. Wear the hot belt for about 15-20 minutes. After that, remove the heating pad and cover, use a clean towel to wipe the sweat from the abdomen.

Notes on using hot wraps

  • Do not wrap too tightly. Should wrap at a moderate level so that the body is not uncomfortable.
  • Should not be used more than 30 minutes at a time to avoid darkening of the abdomen.
  • Should not be used continuously for more than 45 days. Should take a week off and then use again
  • Do not use during pregnancy or menstruation.

Use postpartum belly fat melting cream with a belly belt

postpartum belly fat melting cream
Using a waist belt combined with fat-burning cream, helps mothers remove excess fat effectively (Source: Internet)

Currently, there are many ways to effectively lose fat. Then how to apply cream to melt belly fat properly? Today’s high efficiency is combined with the abdominal girdle gene.

Notes you need to know when using the belly band gene

  • Select quality reputable products. It is not difficult to find fat-burning creams available on the market. However, you need to consider and choose products of clear origin.
  • Buy a high-quality corset gene. The belly band gene is a product used to shape the abdomen, so it is necessary to choose a type of clear origin and high quality.
  • Clean the abdomen before applying fat-burning cream to minimize skin irritation.
  • Gently massage the area where the cream is applied so that the cream penetrates deep into the fat layer and burns them.
  • Use the gene to fit the abdomen to fit the body, should not be too tight or too loose, causing it to not have the desired effect.
  • Especially only wearing a belly band for 4 hours, then opening it so that the internal organs are not compressed. Limit the continuous use of the belly band gene because it can lead to bad conditions for the internal organs of the body.

I hope my mom found it for me postpartum belly fat melting cream appropriate and how to use them to get the best results. Besides, mom can also experience the lines natural products Take care of mother and baby at Shynh Beauty like belly salt, Melaleuca essential oil, etc.

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