Top 7 Quán trà sữa ngon và chất lượng nhất TP. Vinh 2022

Bobapop Vinh

“Unbelievably delicious”, “the taste of milk tea is very strange but the price is affordable”, “what restaurant has an irresistible delicious drink”, that is all that every guest when coming to Bobapop commented. Just that much is enough for us to see that Bobapop really is an ideal place to drink milk tea, not to be missed once you come to Vinh. There is also no shortage of milk tea flavors for you to discover such as: Oolong milk tea, chocolate milk tea, mint milk tea, etc., and the most outstanding thing to mention is bubble milk tea with layer of effervescent cream. Thick foam is covered on top of the tea, with a little fatty, salty and salty taste, mixed with sweet and mild tea, creating a very unique flavor that you will not easily forget. If you want to enjoy any kind, they are all here, guaranteed to meet all the needs of customers, including the most stringent requirements from milk tea devotees. As you can see, there’s no need for massive publicity, Bobapop has also made a reputation for itself by the best quality products that the shop brings to customers. It is from these, Bobapop Totally deserves to become one of the best and best quality milk tea shops in the city. Vinh.


Address: 56 Nguyen Van Cu, City. Vinh
Phone: 0238 8 71 79 79

Citea Fun

Once mentioned the best milk tea shops in the city. Vinh then Citea Fun It is also a name that should not be overlooked. As a gathering place of delicious milk tea flavors and most loved by young people today, the most prominent ones are Popping fruit milk tea and cream milk tea. Citea Fun always satisfy customers in both quality and price, make sure that once you come to Citea Fun Then you will enjoy milk tea in a full way. In addition, another important factor and at the same time an advantage that has helped the restaurant to have such a large number of patrons today that cannot be ignored is the owner of the restaurant, which is super enthusiastic and extremely indulgent. That’s why you should try once to Citea Fun, guarantee not only once, you will come back here for the 2nd, 3rd time and many more times.


Address: 159 Nguyen Van Cu, City. Vinh
Phone: 02388.929.888

Mr. Good Tea TP. Vinh

For milk tea addicts, surely Mr. Good Tea is a name that is no longer too strange. This is a famous milk tea brand from Hong Kong with more than 50 different types of milk tea, especially accompanied by more than 20 diverse Toppings to suit all tastes. In addition, Mr. Good Tea also offers fruit teas with full vitamins and minerals, ensuring not only delicious and cheap but also nutritious, in accordance with the criteria: “clean preparation” – delicious quality”. During the past time, Mr. Good Tea has continuously expanded its operation scale and currently Mr. Good Tea’s store system is present in almost all provinces and cities across the country. In Vinh, this milk tea brand was also launched and attracted the attention and positive response of many young people thanks to the excellent quality of milk teas.

On the other hand, with a space that is both airy, clean and spacious with enthusiastic and professional service, this promises to be an ideal place for you to relax and unwind. Enjoy the best quality and delicious milk tea cups.


Address: No. 53 Nguyen Si Sach, City. Vinh.
Phone: 02383733777

ChaGo Tea & Café Vinh

Come to ChaGoSurely the first thing that impresses you is an airy, spacious space with a rather fancy layout, bringing a lot of interest through paintings, photos with a little bit of abstraction, full of depth, can give you many ideas, also very suitable for virtual living. Here, milk tea is appreciated by many customers as being deliciously mixed and drinking, not too fatty, the taste is also very unique, bringing many new experiences. Besides, the service style of the restaurant is very good, polite and cheerful, from the owner to the staff, all customers are satisfied even the most fastidious people. So, if you are in the city. Vinh, don’t hesitate anymore, come to ChaGo to enjoy the best cup of milk tea right now and always.


Address: 78 Minh Khai, City. Vinh.
Phone: updating


Known as a milk tea brand that is quite popular among young people today, DING TEA Always deliver products with excellent quality. In our country, the system DING TEA expanded to all provinces across the country. And in the city. Vinh, DING TEA was also present and quickly became a familiar address for many young people in the area. Winning customers’ hearts not only by delicious and quality drinks but also DING TEA It also brings great experiences thanks to the enthusiastic service from young and dynamic staff. In addition to milk tea with all flavors DING TEA They also bring extremely delicious and unique drinks that you can’t miss such as: drinking yogurt, juice, fruit tea, coffee, etc. enjoyable experience to enjoy.



  • CS1 – 100 Nguyen Van Cu, City. Vinh
  • CS2 – 1 Mai Hac De, City. Vinh
  • CS3 – 209 Le Duan, City. Vinh

Phone: 0238 3853 636

CrownTea milk cream tea

The next destination in the journey to learn about the best milk tea shops in the city. Our honor today is CrownTea milk cream tea a milk tea shop is extremely hot for young people in this city. The attraction of the shop comes from its very own flavors, very typical thanks to the use and selection of clean ingredients, distilled from the freshest tea leaves. On the other hand, the name of the shop also tells the difference from the milk tea brands just mentioned because the most prominent main dish here is the milk tea with salty cream layer on top. The richly flavored milkfoam brings the latest variation of milk tea, promising to bring you many wonderful experiences.


Address: 279 Nguyen Van Cu, City. Vinh
Phone: 0238 3979 979

Toco Toco

Not inferior in quality and popularity, Tocotoco It is also a frequent destination of many teenagers in the city. Vinh. During the past time, Tocotoco has always impressed customers by countless unique and delicious milk teas, regularly updated, whose quality is unquestionable, outstanding. including: milk tea of ​​all flavors, pearl milk tea, Panda milk tea, jelly milk tea, etc. From natural ingredients, going through a rigorous selection process and processing process to ensure hygiene and safety. Food safety, uniformity throughout the system, TocoToco milk tea is committed to bringing customers delicious – clean – safe products – a commitment from the TAM of a leading milk tea brand in Vietnam.

Always concept “customer is king”, TocoToco has been and is constantly trying to bring not only delicious, quality food and drinks but also the most dedicated and attentive service for our dear customers. Therefore, it is difficult to ignore this place if anyone is in need of advice on where to drink milk tea in the city. Vinh.


Address: No. 2 Nguyen Van Cu, City. Vinh
Phone: 0238 6588 999

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