Top 8 Món ăn không cay ở Hàn Quốc mà du học sinh nên biết 2022


This dish has a strong seafood flavor. In fact, this dish is fish salad and is made from slices of raw fish. It is very easy for international students to enjoy this dish because many restaurants in Korea are ready to make this dish to serve the dining needs of diners. The dish has the natural sweetness of fresh fish, especially suitable for those who like to eat seafood, it will have a lot of nutritional value. However, if you don’t eat fishy food, don’t dare to eat raw, or rare food, then you have to miss this wonderful dish. The food is beautifully decorated, the colors are fresh, so it is very attractive, making you want to enjoy it immediately. The dish is quite sophisticated, so it may be difficult for you to make it at home, but if you can’t eat spicy, you should sometimes supplement nutrition with this dish.


If you are a fan of grilled seafood, then Jogae-gui is the right dish for you. You will get the full taste, with grilled seafood from the sea such as: Grilled snails, grilled clams, grilled oysters. The dish will be more delicious, when taken with alcoholic drinks. The most suitable place for international students to enjoy this dish is the coastal city of Incheon. This nutritious dish is completely suitable for sea lovers, who like new dishes and you will surely be satisfied with this seafood dish.


Jajangmyeon is also known as black bean paste noodles. This is a non-spicy noodle dish in Korea and is loved by many international students. The main ingredients to make this noodle dish are: Using a sauce made from black soybean flour (called chunjang) stir-fried with beef or pork, combined with onions and some other ingredients. The sauce of this noodle dish, which has a dark brown color and rich sweetness, has conquered many diners because of its cheap, delicious and extremely convenient price. This black soy sauce noodle dish has a lot of vegetables to ensure a meal that is not boring, delicious and quite suitable for the taste of the Vietnamese people.


Kimbap, also known as rice rolls, creates a harmonious combination of rice and other ingredients, making a boring rice dish suddenly become more attractive than ever. Since being imported to Vietnam, this dish has won the hearts of almost everyone from young people to the elderly and children. This is a very popular dish in Korea and even in Vietnam today. To prepare this dish you need a roll curtain, seaweed leaves, white rice, spices, assorted rolls such as eggs, sausage, meat, yellow radish, cucumber, carrot, kimchi, …or whatever ingredients you want. After that, you just need to put everything in the seaweed and you will have an attractive and beautiful rice roll right away. Kimbap dish is very easy to eat, not boring, nutritious and very easy to make, doesn’t take much time and money, especially for international students, right? Enjoying a round piece of kimbap, with rice, delicious vegetables and fragrant fish will make you love this country even more.


Kal-guksu is a type of noodle that is cooked with a broth of meat, clams, and oysters. Alternatively, potatoes can be added to the noodles. If so, you like the taste of chicken and want your stomach to be fuller. Then enjoy dak-kal-guksu (chicken noodles) with a small chicken stewed with noodles.


Bibimbap is a Korean mixed rice dish. This dish originated from royalty. Today, this dish is prepared in many new and different ways. The non-spicy bibimbap consists of vegetables, rice, and chili sauce replaced with soy or avocado sauce. Thanks to this processing, bibimbap has a new flavor, helping people who can’t eat spicy but can still enjoy it.

In addition, you can also Vietnameseize this dish by using rice, meat, sausages, turnips, carrots, cucumbers, eggs, mushrooms, vegetables,… and eat whatever you like, eat. With a little kimchi, it won’t be too spicy. This dish with rice, vegetables, and meat can completely replace the main meal if you are too busy but extremely economical for an international student. The ingredients are easy to find, the method is simple, so you can make it yourself. You just need to prepare all the ingredients, then put them in a bowl and mix, mix, mix and you’ll have an attractive bowl of bibimbap rice.


This is one of the non-spicy dishes in Korea made from marinated casserole. Ingredients include: Sliced ​​pork marinated with ginger, garlic, and pepper. Thinly sliced ​​pork is warmed up, seasoned with garlic, ginger and pepper to add flavor and then cooked in boiling water for a long time to smell the aroma. A special feature of this dish is that it takes a long time to cook to have an attractive taste. This is a dish that is both easy to make and very easy to eat. It also has many flavors similar to Vietnamese dishes. This casserole has a lot of nutrients, provides all the necessary substances for the body, for an effective working day, and is not boring when eating many times. The stew is tender and sweet, the broth is rich and sweet, and will appeal to your taste buds at the first try.


If, you want to try non-spicy Korean food at the same time, then Han-jeongsik is the right dish for you. Because han-jeongsik, which is a set of Korean dishes, is generously laid out as follows: soups, soups, fish, rice, meat… This fusion table is very attractive, eye-catching and unique. It is also rich with dishes from the mountains to the sea, extremely delicious and nutritious. You get all the flavors in just one meal, and you pay too much. This delicious yet simple and popular dish is sure to please. The fresh ingredients are meticulously processed, bold Korean flavor, you can also choose the dish that suits you without having to worry about not eating anything during the meal.

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