Tuyển tập 20 bài thơ về mùa thu hay và đặc sắc trong những ngày thu

Autumn brings endless sadness, making people’s hearts immersed in the scene of autumn leaves falling, creating poetic masterpieces about autumn, resounding forever. Follow us to learn more about autumn poems or special for cold autumn windy days through the article below!

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Why is autumn special in the hearts of many people?

After the scorching heat of summer, autumn is a “cooling off” month for people to relax and enjoy the cool climate. Autumn is also a great time to wear coats and scarves to go for a walk with friends. Nothing can help you relax and rejuvenate more than enjoying nature and observing the scenery with your loved ones and writing beautiful autumn poems.

Autumn is also an ideal time for classical and romantic beauty lovers to seek out beauty. With peaceful scenery and chilly weather, we will sit back and reminisce about a bygone era. Autumn is an opportunity for us to spend time caring and saying love to the person we always cherish. Express your heart with beautiful autumn poems

Nice collection of poems about autumn

If spring brings life to help trees sprout, summer brings blazing sun, winter brings numbing cold, then autumn is probably the most beautiful. Autumn brings with it the cold weather, a little bit of dryness, a little sadness, separation like a leaf has left a branch has been an endless source of inspiration for poetry and poetry about autumn. If you also love autumn then read the article below. The best poems about immortal autumn are collected and synthesized.

1. The sound of autumn – Luu Trong Lu (1939)

I don’t listen to autumn

Under the blurry moon?

I don’t hear the excitement

Image of the conqueror

In the aunt’s heart?

I don’t listen to the forest

Autumn leaves rustle

Golden deer bewildered

Stepping on dry yellow leaves?

This poem was put to music by musician Pham Duy to the song of the same name.

2. Sang Thu – Huu Thinh

Suddenly realized the scent of guava

Throw in the wind

The fog drifts through the alley

Thu seemed to have about

River is at ease

Birds start to hurry

There are summer clouds

Squeeze your half to fall

How much sun is still left

The rain has subsided

Thunder is also less surprising

On older trees.

3. Here comes spring – Spring Dieu

The willow trees stand in mourning,

The sad hair fell down with thousands of tears;

Here comes autumn – next autumn

With faded apricot woven gold leaf.

More than a flower has fallen off its branches

In the garden red fades blue;

Tremors fluttering leaves…

The dry branches are thin and fragile.

Sometimes the moon girl bewildered herself…

Foggy start to fade away…

I heard the cold in the wind…

There were no people on the boats…

Clouds are still gone, birds fly away,

The weather is sad and divided.

More or less sad girls do not speak

Leaning against the door, looking far away, thinking.

4. Autumn – Xuan Dieu

Pearl dew around the perch;

The small sun mourned the afternoon.

Void ball of smoke on top of almond;

The blue branch trembled with its feet.

Silent wind, quiet clouds, distant autumn figure,

It just stopped raining at noon, it’s already late afternoon.

Sad in the blue river heard again,

Vaguely in a passing bird.

By the door stopped the needle to embroider the brocade,

Happy female eyes like boats.

In the autumn wind, yellow chrysanthemums on hedges,

The glorious color of the poinsettia.

5. Thu Dieu – Nguyen Khuyen

Cold pond water is clear collected,

A tiny fishing boat atrophy.

The blue waves follow the slightly rippling waves,

Yellow leaves in the wind will blow.

Clouds floating in the blue sky,

The winding bamboo alley is empty.

Leaning on my pillow, I can’t let go of the rod for a long time,

Where is the fish moving under the duck’s feet.

6. Late Autumn – Han Mac Tu

Heaven’s silk who weaves with whom stretch,

Who let the birds fly to Quang Han,

And whoever carries blood on the snow,

Piece of sheepskin coat looks blooming.

Clouds draw countless tears,

A source of separation between loneliness.

Why not adorn the smog,

In my heart, the moment is faltering.

This is a cold and indifferent beach,

With a feeling of sadness, emptiness and loneliness.

What tree is slender and trembling,

A harbinger of thin golden autumn.

Thu wilted into dry sounds.

A strange star grows in the direction of the tissue?

The poet has not been born yet?

Virgin who buried in the bottom of the grave?

7. Autumn Love – Han Mac Tu

Last night, Miss Chuc and the Taurus man

Talking about love under the bridge

Tell me about a year of love

Why are you sad all the time?

That night, the autumn moon was strangely happy!

People laugh about fate

Why can’t we see each other clearly?

Meet on the side of the road also casually?

Last night I sat on the beach looking after

The moon is shy behind the pine branch

Sad, I want to go back, the moon asked:

Is autumn cold in your heart?

I’m going crazy again tonight

Forget your shame, even your shame

Standing on the porch waiting forever

The high-pitched harp on the side of the river…

And to hear who is about to leave

Do not return to Love Si

I wipe my tears, my eyes are not dry

I love the princess, curse the separation!

8. Sang Thu – Poetry

The wind may float on the bamboo bank and feel sad!

On the pond water withered water in the clouds;

The loofah flower drops scattered yellow flowers

Dragonflies miss the sun and fly.

On the dyke, the weeds are broken, and the yarn is broken,

The shepherd is bored and listens

In the village turns yellow and smokes

The wind resounds the sound of drums in the summer.

By the wharf, the ferry has not yet visited,

Afternoon blue smoke has faintly ringed the king’s bell.

Those waiting for the boat to look at each other are afraid of the dark

Suddenly shivered as if feeling a mist.

9. Catching Autumn – Nguyen Binh

Lotus lake has faded scent

The pomegranate flowers also fade away

Soon the leaves will fall one by one

Catching autumn all the way

Long red willow hair nostalgia

The moon tilted half a dreamy hair

Sadness leans with the bird leaving the nest

Know where to get lost, dear heart

Autumn in the mountains and rivers suddenly disappear

The tree is drooping, the grass is squishy

Virgo couple is sad leaning on the door

Listen to the cold wind season bite your lips

Fog covers the hills and mountains in the distance

Oh dear! Travelers miss home

Rain and wind outside the world

Is the old garden still blooming?

The old father stopped lazily reciting poetry

Keep your eyes peeled for miles

The horse-drawn carriage returns to throw the dust

My child does not have a letter to give

Thousand prostrate old father forgiving

My body is in debt to Gypsy

Lipsticks are sold cheaply in the fog

What’s the gain? How many autumns!

A bit of a very illusory reputation

And unfinished love affair

Autumn is coming, retail shop I adore

Clear shadow of the homeland with tears in their eyes.

10. Fall Falling Wings – Nguyen Binh

Autumn chrysanthemums fade again

Whose boat is tied forever by the curved tree lane!

Did the person leave the room?

Autumn leaves each wing for the love and compassion.

There is a palace maid with the surname Vuong

Go upstairs to see the Huong River and miss home.

11. Love Poems Late Autumn – Xuan Quynh

At the end of the sky, white clouds fly

Yellow leaves are too sparse

Are the leaves going to the forest?

Autumn comes with leaves

Autumn goes to the sea

Following the immense water

Autumn in chrysanthemums

Only you and me

Only you and me

It’s from the old autumn

Suddenly the wind blows

Blow about all the turmoil:

The familiar path is suddenly strange

The grass turns in the direction of the clouds

Dew at night wet cheeks

The cold in the hand

Our love is like a tree

The stormy season has passed

Our love is like a river

It’s been a peaceful day

Time is like the wind

Season goes with May

Seasonal age goes on forever

Only you and me

Only you and me

Stay with love…

– Behold new lovers

Go with the lucky pig

12. May Flower – Xuan Quynh

The sand is empty, the river is full, the trees are dumbfounded,

The fluttering space changes to the season.

Who calls my name behind the canopy of leaves,

My old way back has now been collected.

White clouds fly away with the wind,

The heart is like the sky in the primeval time.

Bitterly sending back the old seasons,

Poetry written in two lines in the wind.

Everywhere is full of flowers and grass

My shirt was inadvertently filled with grass

Words of love are as thin as smoke,

Who knows if his heart has changed?

13. Autumn – Huy Can

Autumn just arrived yesterday,

With a broken flower branch.

Heavy dew sows bamboo heads,

Cold is carried by the wind.

Autumn comes in the side garden,

Surprised new chrysanthemum color.

Last night the neighbor,

Em is leisurely, autumn comes.

brave little girl,

Through a small flower garden.

The ground lies dormant under the grass,

Colored flowers of nostalgia.

14. Autumn Says Goodbye to You – Celebration

You go, the moon is about to be full

Autumn is over half, the leaves are crispy and dry

Goodbye in this autumn scene

My heart is full of voices, why is it full of silence?

I return. In the middle of the night sky

The rim of the moon can let your eyes light the way.

15. Golden Harvest – Thu Bon

Falling for a moment… collected like fallen leaves

When did you come outside on the porch?

The sky is blue, I’m not young anymore

Crocodile tree for summer all sour fruit

So summer was over in an instant

A drop of your holy poetry has collected gold

I came but I didn’t come

The sound of birds chirping belatedly

Staring at the stars at night

Hanoi floats on the Red River tonight

Hear the breath of heaven and earth in the sound of crickets

Raise your heart to drink to get drunk

You’re too fast, I’m back too late

The earth carelessly holds the rotation

My legs are tired and silently feel guilty

Pinch me up in the middle of my life

The sprouts sprout at night and the leaves wilt during the day

He scribbled his life on the page

Time is as cold as an eraser

The faint golden autumn is here

Don’t sing anymore, collect gold, go to sleep

Let me hear the fallen leaves brush my heart

It’s rustling, strangely quiet skies

The vague hand is touching lullabies…

16. Instant Scenery of Autumn Afternoon – Ba Huyen Thanh Quan

The Holy Spirit spent a few drops of rain,

Praise someone who is good at drawing sketchy scenes.

The old tree’s green, round canopy,

White clear white flat sheet.

Gourd of the mountain slope, drunk with alcohol,

Back pocket, heavy because of poetry.

The scene also likes people, right?

Seeing someone without being dumbfounded.

17. Rain Autumn Land – Tan Da.

It rains forever, day and night drizzle

Autumn raindrops, the stomach is full

Those who have broken face

Listening to the rain, who remembers the young water?

18. Autumn Wind – Tan Da

The autumn wind drops the yellow leaves

Leaves fall to the neighbors, leaves fly to

Yellow leaves fly a few years old

Indifferent who seduce his concubine!

The autumn wind drops the pink leaves

Leaves fly to the north wall, leaves to the east

How many leaves of the rose have flown?

Who’s still standing?

19. Autumn Rain – Ho Xuan Huong

The sky is far from the clouds, the carpet is green,

The rain in the yard is empty of sad drops.

The tips of the branches are long and wilted,

On yellow pepper leaves the sound is slow.

Singing to end the dream of thousands of miles,

Sorrow spread all around the year.

Khue is very miserable, you flower,

The sad face can’t be drawn

20. Autumn sunshine – Chu Long

Capable of collecting wind with tumultuous

The light yellow color fills the air

The boat waits for customers by the river

The water is as soft as pink silk across.

Fragrant yellow pomelo flowers and chrysanthemums

Mixed with green nuggets, gentle and lighthearted

The sound of cicadas lowers the eyes

Let the phoenix branches mourn.

Ao dai hugs a slim back

Soft and smooth with gentle lipstick

Hand picking up golden autumn sunshine

Release into the field about to plowing.

Light autumn sun, yellow leaves fly

You are the autumn sun that drunken many people

You are always the autumn sun

Sun autumn you forever my whole spring life!

There are many poets and writers who use autumn as a poetic theme about autumn. Particularly in Vietnam’s cultural treasures, poems about autumn are borrowed by many authors as a setting for creativity and composition. Above is a collection of 20 poems about autumn for chilly windy days. Hopefully, through these poems about autumn, you will hear your heart’s voice, bring in more vitality and more emotions!

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